When Wally first tried to help me understand what Parkinson’s was doing to him, he said,”I feel discombobulated.”

Not only was his balance affected, he also experienced a sudden reflex motion that reeled him backward. It was like being hit in the chest with a giant sling shot.


About Bonnie Toews and John Christiansen

Bonnie's Blog Posts invite our readers and free spirits everywhere to share life's adventures with us. I talk about writing my novels, reading books, chatting with other writers and John's and my journeys around the world. We welcome your anecdotes to our experiences and discussions.
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  1. cda25 says:

    Bonnie, Thank you sooooo very much for taking on this task. I will look forward to each and every blog as it will give me comfort and support. I pray that during the process of helping others, you will find comfort in your own words and a "cleansing of your heart."Bonnie S. Edwards

  2. Bonnie Toews says:

    Hi Bonnie, thanks for your wishes and wee push to get me started. I've decided to tell our story first and what we've experienced before I concentrate on "tips" to caregivers. I do welcome questions because it will help me focus on what readers need to know, so step up to the plate any time.

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