Wally’s condition is at the point where the neurologist can’t perform any more magic. His combination of diseases have taken over—Dystonia and Peripheral Neuropathy together with the Parkinson’s. His poor body is so twisted. The picture on the left was taken in 2006, on our 25th Anniversary when we returned to the Old Mill Inn in Toronto where we were married in the Chapel and held the reception in the wonderful restaurant after. In the past three years, his body has doubled over so that he is much shorter than I am, and he has lost even more weight. Only his legs have not shrunk in length.

One night in the past month, when the drugs did not kick in, I found him with his feet facing each other, and he was quaking from his waist down. He couldn’t stand. Eventually the meds did kick in, but it was scary to see and scary for him to experience. We have now fitted him for a wheelchair, and we’ve signed papers to admit him to a long-term care facility near me as soon as a room becomes available because the assisted-living home can no longer handle his needs. If he catches the swine flu, he won’t make it. He’s already having problems breathing because of the way the Dystonia has twisted his body to bend over his stomach. This deformation compresses his chest so his heart and lungs have to work harder. Eventually his heart will give out. He already experiences many “cold” sweats, which is indicative of heart trouble, and I’ve observed his breathing is more labored, though he never complains. The Peripheral Neuropathy actually numbs the terrible pain the Dystonia normally causes. Not to panic. This is not the typical path of Parkinson’s Disease. Wally has inherited his peculiar “cocktail” mix of conditions. I just haven’t had the heart to keep up the Parkinson’s blog. Frankly, for me, it is not cathartic, just plain painful to go over what we live with every day.


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7 Responses to SAD AND TIRED

  1. My mother had Parkinson's on top of her own cocktail of conditions. God will Bless you for your faith in Him, your perseverance, and your unconditional love. ((hugs))

  2. Bernie says:

    Dear Bonnie, As I sit here at my computer screen and type this I want you to know how much you're blog has come to mean to me.You Are Someone Special.Special people have the ability to share their lives with others. Your blog is honest, sincere and compassionate. I admire your goodness of heart. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being a truly special person who gives to others and helps them with the changes that come their way.Bonnie, I wish I could make everything ok. Please know we are thinking of you and wishing you moments to connect with others who are full of smiles and hugs and stories and laughter to share.

  3. wyn says:

    Dear Bonnie, You have my deepest sympathy. I know the trauma and distress involved with caring for a Parkinson sufferer. My husband has had Parkinsons diabetes and gastroparesis for ten years now. He can still walk around on his meds but in the evening and night he freezes and can often not even get on to the commode at the side of our bed, and all the cleaning up involved in this is taking its toll on me too. I am 81 in a few days.I will pray for you both. We can rely on God's mercy to see us all through this terrible time.Blessings,Wyn.

  4. Bernie says:

    Dear Bonnie,Please write a few lines to let us know that you are ok (I have being checking on your blog every day).Please know that we are thinking of you and wishing you well.

  5. Bernie says:

    Dear Bonnie, We hope this finds you well.Please let us know your doing ok -just a few lines is sufficent.Best wishes, Bernie

  6. Bonnie Toews says:

    Dear Bernie, Wyn and Catrina,Forgive me. I did not look at this blog until today. I truly love you all and appreciate your thoughtfulness, also for sharing what you are experiencing in the care of the ones you love. In the New Year or mamy be sooner–after the Christmas Holidays, I will get back reporting on this blog to you.All my love and hugs, Bonnie

  7. Bonnie Toews says:

    Bernie and Catrina, please go to Wyn's blog. Wyn, thank you for your loving inspired outreach. Not only your poems bring us closer to God and peace but also the background music. I play it while I work. We are never alone.

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