In writing this blog over the past few months, I have mentioned how Wally occasionally becomes quite anxious over what seems to be quite simple events, especially in the early stages, and how unusual this has been for him when you consider the man was Mr. Slow and Easy himself. This video created by a psychiatrist, Dr. Hopwood, explains what happens to the person and the brain in the early stages of PD. The more you know about the disease, even if it is not pleasant, the better you can cope with it–as a caregiver and as person with the disease.
Psychiatrist’s Video on Depression and Anxiety Disorder


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  1. K. Lonopin says:

    The doing today is also making bread for my family (thank God for my bread machine), smoothing makeup over my face to make me prettier than God made me, which I always try to get done before my husband comes home from work, laundry, and the myriad of other chores that the rapt housewife finds herself in the midst of.

  2. K. Lonopin says:

    olks with anxiety live in a different world almost to people without general anxiety. Because they are continually aware of their condition and continually internalizing everything, they can feel cut-off from ‘normal’ everyday life.

  3. Bonnie Toews says:

    Yes, this is true, but people with Parkinson's disease also have to contend with their brain actually being damaged in such a way that depression is a result of how the damage occurs. Panic attacks due to anxiety are quite common, and this is because of the loss of dopamine to their brain. It's important for caregivers to be aware of this because the PD person is struggling to hang on to 'normalcy' and can be in a state of denial.

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  6. Bonnie Toews says:

    Thank you, Ana and Phillip, for pointing out to blog followers that chronic pain and other adverse conditions are associated with Parkinson's that affect the administration of drugs prescribed to a PD patient. Only your Parkinson's specialist or neurologist can assess how drugs will interact with each other according to your personal expression of symptoms. Any of the drugs can become toxic to the brain and body and must be carefully monitored and observed by the caregiver to make the doctor aware of adverse changes such as burning red rashes, hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, obsessive behavior or episodes of violence.

  7. That's why caregivers are very essential to these kind of people. Much care and love is all they need to cope with this dreadful disease.

  8. Kim says:

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  9. Jeffrey says:

    Friends suffer 4 years of Parkinson therefore turn to drugs as hydrocodone, norco since they are the ones who soothe the excruciating pain I feel, a few weeks ago I visited a specialist and indicate that I have to take this medicine, I'm taking hydrocodone, because that is what my body responds better and the doctor prescribed that I take it in moderation and my question is, I can take another daily dose to feel better because in findrxonline indicate that the dose can go up, but I feel more calm the pain I get for 5 hours and I must take medicine every 8 hours, units. that opinion can give me? …

  10. Bonnie Toews says:

    Jeffrey, you need to ask your doctor this question. We aren't qualified here to answer it.Bonnie

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