Somalia Vets — Pay Attention

Dr. Remington Nevin has posted a most important blog talking about the adverse effects of the antimalaria drug beginning with the UN mission to Somalia. If you are a vet who served in Somalia, whether Canadian or American, you need to read this blog in full. I repeat his conclusion here:

In light of how much has been learned about the drug’s dangers, it seems perfectly reasonable for Somalia veterans to demand that DoD publicly acknowledge its historical errors in misusing mefloquine, and commit to a full accounting of the harms associated with its use.  

One thing seems perfectly clear: if and when U.S. forces return to Somalia, they will certainly not be using mefloquine again, and for good reason. The veterans of Operation Restore Hope, among whom this dangerous drug was recklessly and even negligently used, deserve better than to have this inconvenient but important fact ignored.

Read the full blog here:

 For Canadian vets who have not read the full “Report of the Somalia Commission of Inquiry,” you can read it here.

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