Feds’ package does not treat all vets equally–must stay vigilant for Nov. 6 protest rally

I am reposting the message sent out today by the Veterans Canada group. Our government is issuing more smoke and mirrors to mask its irresponsible lack of equal treatment for ALL vets who have served under wartime conditions as peacekeepers in places like the Congo, Somalia, the Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo and Rwanda. This is morally wrong and clearly illustrates the shallowness of our political leaders, particularly the prime minister. If our former governor general really was our leader, you can bet she would have corrected the whole shameful miscarriage of vets’ treatment. Maybe our next lobby should be to bring her back to Canada to run as prime minister. Her problem would be in selecting a political party she could trust because vets have been treated terribly by all governing parties over the years.

Today’s message:

Donald J. Leonardo
Today (September 28, 2010) the Minister of National Defence and the Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada stood up and made announcements that will help the most severely wounded Canadian Forces Members and veterans who were injured after 2001. The big winners in this announcement were families and spouses and I applaud the Government on these changes.

The new services include barrier-free transitional housing for soldiers being treated at a military hospital, wheelchair-accessible transportation for medical appointments and other errands, up to $100 a day for family or close friends who have to leave their job to tend to the soldier during rehab, improved access to education upgrade programs, and enhanced case management support.

Of course as with the last announcement, this one also leaves dozens of questions. There was one question that was answered and that was that this program is only for veterans of Afghanistan. (2001 – Present)

This is the second announcement that the Government has made that basically says “Not on my watch, the first was Canada’s version of the Purple Heart.” The Sacrifice Medal was created to provide a tangible and lasting form of recognition for the sacrifices made by members of the Canadian Forces and those who work with them who have been wounded or killed under honourable circumstances as a direct result of a hostile action or action intended for a hostile force. The medal is also awarded posthumously to any member of the Canadian Forces who served on or after 7 October 2001, and dies under honourable circumstances as a result of an injury or disease related to military service.

When will this Government start treating all veterans the same and not in categories and classes of veterans. When will this Government start showing recognition for the Veterans that served in the Gulf War, Yugoslavia, Somalia and Rwanda. The veterans who served in these conflicts also served in a WAR? Where is the thank you for your service for these veterans and especially for those that were injured as of the result of these wars.

To Stephen Harper: You were the Member of Parliament for Calgary West when Canadian Forces members from CFB Calgary went to these wars. It was on your Watch, it’s time to show recognition for these veterans also.


Donald J. Leonardo
Veteran / Founder / Chief Executive Officer

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