There is hope for Canadian vets suffering PTSD

If you have not visited the blog, Healing Combat Trauma, you are missing out on one of the most progressive approaches to help vets suffering from PTSD. There is a way that does not rely on drugs, and this video shows a Vietnam vet, Marine, with 40 years of chronic, severe PTSD as he goes on a journey to help him heal. Once you have watched it, our vets need to put on your thinking caps to figure out how we can fund a way to bring Lily Casura to Canada to conduct healing camps for our vets.The video


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2 Responses to There is hope for Canadian vets suffering PTSD

  1. Lily Casura says:

    Just to be clear, the combat vet in the short film IS taking his medication, and that turns out to be an important part of recovery. BUT, there are many other healing approaches possible, and combining the two — true healing work with appropriate medication — turns out to be a winner. Thanks, Bonnie, for your support…

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