Thursday, November 4, 2010
Three Solutions to ‘Make it Right’ and Fix Veterans Affairs

(Calgary, AB) – – A Community for Canadian Heroes is calling on the Government of Canada to implement the following three solutions to fix Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC):

  1. Government must order a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Veteran Affairs and follow up on the recommendations made through this investigation.
  2. Government needs to legislate the Office of the Veteran Ombudsman to be a Parliamentary Officer and report to Parliament in order to restore confidence in this position.
  3. Government and Veterans Affairs needs to treat all veterans the same and not in segregated groups.

“Veterans Affairs Canada is broken. Veterans are taking extraordinary action on November 6, 2010 with the VNDOP – Veterans National Day of Protest. Enough is enough! Stop the abuse and mistreatment of ageing and injured Canadian Heroes. It is time that this Government show support with more than a poppy, pin or decal ,” stated Donald J. Leonardo CD – Veteran / Founder / CEO

Canadians should be angry at the treatment of our ageing and injured veterans by an unaccountable bureaucracy named Veterans Affairs Canada. For example, no bureaucrats have been fired as a result of the illegal access and distribution of Sean Bruyea’s confidential medical files is a “national disgrace.”  Furthermore, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Forces veterans can not be treated as many other workers in Canada that come under the Workers Compensation Board. These uniformed heroes never refuse to do their duty no mater what the risk is. This unlimited liability of our military and RCMP must be respected with dramatically expanded and generous government support for our injured, their families and survivors of our fallen.

“It is time for the Government of Canada to show how they support our Canadian heroes. Mister Prime Minister; our veterans need you to ‘Make it Right’, make these three solutions happen now!” stated Donald Leonardo. has been asking the Government of Canada to order a Commission of Inquiry for several weeks now and to legislate the Office of the Veterans Ombudsman for several years. ‘Make it Right’ for Canada’s heroes now!

– 30 –

Donald J. Leonardo CD
Veteran / Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Direct: 403-980-4376

National Headquarters
304 – 800 Veterans Blvd., Airdrie, Ab. T4B 3G9
Tel: 403-980-HERO (4376) Fax: 403-980-4377


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