Please Canada, honour us and defend us by attending the demonstrations as we cannot protect you anymore.

Yes, this statement appeared at the end of David Pugliese’s DEFENCE WATCH blog yesterday for the Ottawa Citizen online. That is not what I’ve heard veterans say or even suggest that the Canadian Armed Forces should withdraw their services to defend Canada because of the government’s poor treatment of our vets. His invitation to Canadians to join tomorrow’s national protest rally at 11 a.m., however, does reflect our vets’ true feelings and wishes. Excerpt posted below.

PRINTED NOVEMBER 4, 2010, Ottawa Citizen online — David Pugliese

What has been a recent awareness for Canadians has been a long-standing and painful experience of neglect and indignity for Canada’s bravest men and women who sacrifice their once proud and healthy lives so that Canada may prosper.

Fifty years of Veterans’ silence has ended. The first nationwide demonstration of veterans, injured soldiers, RCMP and their families as well as Canadians who honour their sacrifices will be held throughout Canada between 10am and 12 noon on November 6, 2010. This is the first peaceful demonstration of its kind since the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike.

The peaceful demonstrators will be demanding fundamental changes to how Canada must treat our brave survivors of uniformed service and their families. They will be calling for a powerful legislated and fully independent ombudsman as well as a Judicial Royal Commission into how Canada must improve its care, treatment and rehabilitation of its veterans and their families.

Every year on November 11, Canada remembers with dignity the sacrifices of the fallen. It is those who return home broken whom Canada has to learn to treat far better than we are doing now.


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