PATRIOTS’ CALL: Pennies for Veterans Campaign – 2011 We need you!

Canadian Veterans Advocacy Homeless Veterans Program

Pennies for Veterans Campaign – 2011

Greetings fellow veterans and patriotic Canadians.

My name is Michael L Blais CD.

I am the founder of the Canadian Veterans Advocacy, a modern veterans organization supported by thousands of Canadian soldiers, veterans and patriots who believe that supporting our troops during these times of war often means more than just wearing Red on Friday. It is our patriotic duty to advocate on behalf of Canada’s Sons and Daughters who serve today and equally important, stand diligently on guard to ensure that our disabled veterans are accorded the very best in quality of care and financial compensation from our parliament should they be injured or wounded in the course of battle. Last year, on November 6, the 1st Canadian Veterans National Day of Protest, a nationwide event where in thousands of veterans participated, was organized through this advocacy.

Vets are selling posters to promote penny campaign.

It is also the CVA’s mandate to champion and advocate for all that is good about the Canadian Forces and the courageous contributions and sacrifice of Canada’s servicemen and veterans. This summer on July 8, 9 and 10th, the Advocacy will be coordinating a nationwide series of Support the Troops Rallies designed to facilitate the celebration of the end of the combat mission in Afghanistan, to welcome home those who serve within our communities and to raise money for the Canadian Veterans Advocacy’s Homeless Veterans Program. Tragically, there are many veterans living under extremely adverse conditions or in abject poverty, hardships exacerbated by addictions, undiagnosed psychological illnesses, the financial inadequacies of the New Veterans Charter and the extreme climate conditions most Canadians cities experience in the winter.

The Canadian Veterans Advocacy is determined to rally Canadians into providing hope where there is no hope through a campaign of awareness, decency, compassion and, through our penny drive, action! Veteran Jim Lowther has identified a serious homeless veterans problem in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the very real need for mission-specific facility designed to restore dignity, hope and reintegration into a productive life. Dan LaForte, president of the Veterans of UN-NATO Association, has advised me of a similar project requirement in Montréal. The Pennies for Veterans program has been designed to present a nation-wide, community-friendly program where individuals, service and social clubs, schools, businesses and veterans associations can demonstrate their patriotic commitment to Canada’s veterans simply through collection of pennies in their respective spheres of influence. The object is to raise enough pennies to purchase or build veterans-specific facilities in these communities and if there is enough, financially support various programs in other communities.
To easy, right?

Everybody has some pennies around somewhere?

Now is the time to put them aside for this most noble gesture! I am currently speaking with a national bank and will soon announce an arrangement wherein they will accept the pennies, process them and act as caretakers in reference securing the funds in a special CVA Homeless Veterans Program account until we are ready for disbursement.

I trust veterans, veterans organizations and patriotic Canadians will see the merit of this program and will participate on an individual and group basis in order to facilitate our success. I would encourage you on an patriot level to exercise civic leadership, approach your schools, religious institutions,. social and sporting clubs knowing in your hearts that the pennies collected will be put to good use providing a home and a future for veterans who have tragically lost hope. BTW, it was -20 yesterday in Halifax, colder in Montreal. Hopefully, we can have something in place by next winter, an objective that can only be attained with your help!

Will you step up for these veterans as they once stood up for you?

Will you answer the patriots’ call?

The collection of pennies can start immediately.

I believe that in six months Canadians can raise a substantial amount of pennies both on an individual and a collective basis. But it is everybody’s duty to spread the word, only through a general awareness can we succeed. The Pennies for Veterans Program will conclude on the Weekend of July 9-10th, 2011, a period wherein Canadian Veterans Advocacy will be encouraging Canadians across the nation to host Support the Troops Rallies within their respective communities to coincide with the National Veterans Rally 2011 that I will be hosting in Niagara Falls, Ontario.The objective it to raise sufficient money in time to have a program in place by the time it snows next winter.

Together, Canadians can make a profound difference!

Individually, YOU can make a profound difference.

Answer… the… patriots’… call!

Pro Patria!
Michael L Blais CD

Founder, Canadians Veterans Advocacy.
6618 Harper Drive, Niagara Falls, Ontario. L2E-7K6 – 905-357-3306!/home.php?sk=group_157936137592240&ap=1;;


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  1. Monique Neilson says:

    A huge thank you, Mike! God Bless you!

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