How Vets can use Facebook effectively for broadcast messages

This is a special message from one of our vets, Kenneth H. Young CD. Please read carefully and follow his directions. BONNIE 

If you already know this, please disregard. I wish to explain why it is important to repost and share posts which you find interesting or vital to your way of thinking on Facebook.
Much of the Problems we have when concerning Veterans issues and Veterans Affairs Canada (and it will be the same for other countries like the US VA services) is secrecy, the lack of information and I guess you could also say because Military personal come from all over the place and often return to all over the place when they retire or are push out due to medical conditions. This give the Governments and their Veterans affairs departments an unfair advantage, both because of the divide and conquer but also because Veterans will remain in the dark on issues of what they can claim for, how things are affecting their comrades in arms and believing that they are the only ones experiencing the symptoms they have. Basically you are completely alone against a very large bureaucracy who have the complete resources of the Federal government including your own tax dollars. to use against you.
The Internet and Facebook has changed this and we can now be as one with many voices as it was demonstrated in Egypt, Tunisia and in five other Middle East countries right now. But there are a few things we have to learn about Facebook and postings. What ever you post will show up on every friend you have, Facebook page. But if they do not share or repost (or you if you are reading this) it will stop there and go no further. The only people who can read your posts are your own friends. It needs to be shared or reposted to go to that persons friends or the next group of friends, and so on, sort of like a virus or the common cold. Any break in the chain is the end of the chain and the end of the message.
We as veterans fighting for Veterans issues, need to get organized into groups who are dedicated to Veterans issues, not those who continue to take our dues or are more of a cheep booze drinking club and then vote on Veterans issues depending on grants received and tea parties which government invites them to. This was demonstrated when the Veterans organizations that Ottawa bothered to ask all voted in favour of the New Veterans Charter. It must be noted that the Military personal who are today stuck with this Charter and the reduced monies which they receive from it, were never asked for their opinions.
But we have a tool today which may well put us on the same footing as the VAC, the Internet. With numbers we can prevail on issues which were never spoken about before, on Veterans issues which many of us didn’t even know affected others also and even on issues which many of us would find difficult to talk about face to face, such as erectile dysfunction, miscarriages and minstrel problems.
But in order for the word to get out there we need to understand the limitations, the proper use of and functions of Facebook.
If you receive a post which you believe needs to be passed on to your friends on Facebook, share, or repost it. This one included.
If you want to see exactly what others see when they visit your Facebook, push the profile at the top. That is all your friends will be seeing from you. If you want to keep the issues alive and working for us you have to repost or share the important ones.
Thank you.
Kenneth H. Young CD
3205 Telescope Terrace
Nanaimo, BC V9T-3V4
Phone: 1-250-758-8837

Destroying Chemical Use – Before Chemical Use Destroys Me.


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