Free Novel to Veterans Only

Jeff Rose-Martland wants to give back to the vets he admires and supports. In this generous contribution, he is making his award-winning novel available to all vets interested in reading it. BONNIE

Set against a backdrop of current news stories, Game Misconduct by Jeff Rose-Martland follows the daily lives of seven Canadians in five separate cities. Each has their own problems, challenges, and goals. They live their lives in the shadow of the Stars and Stripes, searching for pride in their homeland, until the unthinkable happens.

America invades.

Winner of the 2005 Percy Janes First Novel award

“This story is a clever and funny spoof on how news covers world events… fascinating and fun to read… an exciting and well-paced novel.” – Helen Peters

About the Military Download Edition: This version of Game Misconduct is offered free for serving members of the military and to Canadian veterans.  I hope you enjoy it!  Should you wish, hard copies of the novel can be purchased via your favourite online retailer.  Feel free to share this link with other service members.  I ask that you not share it with civilians outside of your families: the novel is for sale (bound or electronic) to the general public.

Thank you for serving. – Jeff Rose-Martland

Download the free Military Edition (pdf)

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5 Responses to Free Novel to Veterans Only

  1. Thanks for posting this Bonnie.

  2. David Triff says:

    Could not download the file from Lulu. Got this message from the site. “We’re sorry, the item you requested is not available.” I would love to read this book. Any help please.

  3. Bonnie Toews says:

    David, please email Jeff at to get your copy.

    Thanks, Bonnie

  4. Hi Bonnie – sorry for the muck-up. The publisher changed the page on me. I had to find a new host site:

  5. Bonnie Toews says:

    Jeff, I’ve changed the link. Thanks.

    You’ve generated 168 views and possible downloads so far. Congratulations!


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