Sun TV’s Mercedes Stephenson rallies around vets and Steven Dornan

Posted on March 6, 2011 by Mike L Blais CD

Steve and Rosy Dornan continue to wait for the results of their case and word is expected tomorrow. The file was presented to the Minister of Veterans Affairs last week.

I would note that Mercedes Stephenson has a clear commitment to addressing the injustices veterans have been subject to and her bold flair certainly compliments the urgency of the situation. She will, as identified at the bottom of the article, appear regularly on the new Sun TV network and I am confident she will continue to champion necessary reforms to the New Veterans Charter and improvement to veterans services that reflect the Canadian Veterans Advocacy’s One Veteran, One Standard principle and our quest to seek justice on behalf of veterans on a variety of fronts, including Depleted Uranium or other toxins Canadian soldiers, RCMP officers or Police Service Officers may have been exposed to while serving in former Yugoslavia.

The consequences have been profound, not only in Steve’s case, but many, many others. I have a friend who died from the same cancer, his widow was not compensated, his sacrifice was not attributed to his service abroad. This is fundamentally unfair and I would encourage you to add your voice to ours on this issue and the Lump Sum Award, the SISIP Clawback, the Widows tax.

The Canadian Veterans Advocacy is organizing a national data base and is looking for those willing to participate in our campaign to attain justice for all veterans and the widows/families of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of this nation.



Veteran thrown into new battle

Soldier who fought Taliban while fighting cancer now being nickel-and-dimed on disability pension

By Mercedes Stephenson, QMI Agency

Last Updated: March 6, 2011 2:00am

Steven Dornan battled two monsters in Afghanistan: The Taliban and his cancer.

Dornan, a 25-year veteran of the Canadian Forces, volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan in 2002, where he bravely fought the Taliban, all the while taking a brutal regime of oral chemotherapy to control his incurable cancer.

Today he is fighting a third battle — for his dignity and what Canada owes him: A veteran’s disability pension.

Dornan suffers from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is believed to be the result of exposure to toxic substances during his military service.

Dornan served as a weapons inspector in the former Yugoslavia, where he came into contact with sites and weapons that were highly contaminated with depleted uranium.

In a phone interview from his home in Nova Scotia, Dornan explains that he didn’t know depleted uranium was a dangerous substance at the time. No one did.

Today, soldiers doing Dornan’s job would wear protective equipment and have their urine samples monitored routinely to look for depleted-uranium contamination.

Depleted-uranium readings more than 1,000 times the level considered safe for human exposure were found by a UN agency at the sites he inspected a decade after the contaminated equipment was removed, Dornan said.

No less than five doctors, medical experts in the field, wrote letters supporting Dornan’s case for a pension, stating the cancer was caused, or at a minimum aggravated by, his exposure to the uranium.

Yet Veterans Affairs Canada and the Veterans Review and Appeal Board have poo-pooed the experts’ opinions to deny Dornan his pension.

Welcome to the twilight zone where a quasi-judicial body of political appointees can refuse to compensate the injuries of a wounded veteran because they read something in a book. The appeal board didn’t even present dissenting medical opinions to say Dornan’s cancer wasn’t caused by his exposure to depleted uranium.

The board simply pulled quotes from books in the library and studies found on the Internet to disqualify the medical experts’ testimony. Therefore, one of Canada’s finest didn’t qualify for the pension that would pay for his cancer treatments. A cancer caused by service to his country, according to medical experts.

Dornan took his case to the Federal Court of Canada, which balked at the appeal board’s way of doing business, basically saying it has no authority to rule on the validity of medical evidence without, you know, real live medical experts.

The bureaucracy has not backed down.

The good news is neither have Steven Dornan and his wife Rosanne.

They are fighting the insurance company-like mentality that treats a man who went to war with cancer like a mooch trying to max out the system.

Perhaps Veterans Affairs is worried about setting a precedent where other soldiers with cancer might try to seek a disability pension, too.

I fail to see the problem.

Nickel-and-diming a veteran on a disability pension is disgraceful.

When public money is wasted daily on red tape, long meetings and bureaucratic ineptitude in Ottawa, I am sure taxpayers would rather see their hard-earned money go towards a disability pension for a veteran like Steven Dornan.

“The Canadian public thought if you were injured while on duty in the military, you’re looked after. Well, that’s not the case,” Dornan says.

The disappointed words of a man who is slowly sacrificing his life for his country.

What sort of moral integrity do we have as a nation if we do not care for our wounded, no matter what form those injuries come, when those wounds were sustained serving our interests?

Stand up for your veterans, Canada. They protected you, now it is your turn to protect them.

Mercedes Stephenson will appear regularly on Sun News Network. Make sure you watch her. BONNIE


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  1. To whom it may concern,

    Due to the inability of this respondent to obtain justifiable retribution to this applicant’s claims to date against the CPP / Old Age Security, this applicant continues to search for a justifiable recognition of this applicant’s claims to date. Over the past 5+ years of this applicant’s claims for entitlement to disability to pensions’ advocates to date, there has been no support to date concerning a viable support of this applicant’s claims to date.

    Your intervention of this applicant’s claims to date are in critical condition to date today, and your reply on this claim is urgently needed for a near future reply to this applicant’s claims to date.

    Thank you very much for your attention to this reply.


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