Rosanne Dornan Week 3 of Sit-in Greg Kerr’s office


Monday, March 14 will be the beginning of week three of Roseanne Dornan’s sit-in at my
Member of Parliament Greg Kerr’s office in Wilmot, Nova Scotia.  Steven and I would like to
let you all know how much we appreciate all your phone calls and emails.  Last week I had
visits mostly from Veterans wives.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Please note #4 below….
Greg will be at the office personally on Monday!!!!!

Highlights this week…

1.    We have heard from the Ministers office at least three times last week and have
received much cooperation regarding some legal questions we had for them.  Our questions
were answered fully when the Ministers office asked our lawyer to call their lawyer and
then our lawyer called us with the answers.  I guess getting permission from VRAB to have
the Minister review a Veterans file DOES NOT happen very often, if ever and so much
needed to be discussed and clarified so that Steven’s rights were being protected.
2.    Greg Kerr called us at home on Thursday night and I talked with him for about 30
minutes.  He assured Steven and I that the Ministers office is working very hard to make a
thorough review of Steven’s very thick file and that he has been personally involved
in finding a solution to our situation.
3.    MEDIA coverage has been outstanding again this week in addition to the many
Veterans Blogs and websites below.  We need to keep Veterans issues front and centre
because any win for any Veteran is a win for us all.
Veterans Ombudsman
4.   Greg Kerr will be at his Wilmot, Nova Scotia office (where I am doing my sit in) on
Monday, March 14 from 9am to 1pm.  If you would like to phone him, the office number is
902-825-2320 or perhaps you could send him an email at Remember
Mr. Kerr is the Parliamentary Secretary for Veterans Affairs and holds the second most
powerful position in the Department. This could be a great opportunity to tell him your own
personal story or to let him know what you think about Veterans issues. If you are local and
would like to drop in, both Mr. Kerr and I will be there.


Blackburn, Jean Pierre, Minister Veterans Affairs
Office:  613-947-2744
Blais, Mike, Canadian Veterans Advocacy
Home:   905-357-3306
Dornan, Steven and Rosanne
Home:  902-765-6541
Downe, Senator Percy, Charlottetown, PEI
Ottawa: 613-943-8107
Toll Free: 1-800-267-7362
Duncan, Kirsty, Liberal Veterans Affairs Critic/Chris
Office: 613-995-4702
Kerr, Greg, MP/Parliamentary Secretary for Veterans Affairs/Angela
Office:  902-825-2320
Ottawa:  613-995-5711
Larlee, John, Chair, Veteran Review and Appeal Board
Telephone :  902-566-8796
LeBlanc, Arnold, Regional Assistant, Greg Kerr Nova
Office: 902-742-6808
Toll Free: 1-866-280-5302
Manuge, Dennis & Tracy
(902) 889-3230
Parent, Guy, Veterans Ombudsman
Phone:  613-943-3027
Toll Free:  1-877-330-4343
Stoffer, Peter, NDP Veterans Affairs Critic/Holly
Ottawa:  613-995-5822
Local:  902-861-2311
Toll Free 1-888-701-5557
Tinning, Susan, Deputy Minister, VAC/Valerie
Ottawa:  613-996-6881
PEI Office:  902-566-8666
Home:  902-626-3703
Veterans Affairs Canada
1-866-522-2122 (English)
1-866-522-2022 (French)
Veteran Review and Appeal Board
1(800)450-8006 (English)
1(877)368-0859 (French) (make note of this e-mail as it’s not posted anywhere on their website)


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