One vet defends the Canadian Legion

Although many vets have expressed strong concerns about the value of the Canadian Legion and its apparent lack of sympathy with the Legion Command’s efforts to endorse their requested amendments to the New Veterans Charter or to  fight Bill C-55 now in the Senate, Rob Simpson defends the good work they do. I’m sure others will also add their comments because his experience is not isolated. One has already made the point that if you want to change something, you have to join to make a difference. BONNIE

12:47pm Mar 21

I want to try and clear up a point. The Royal Canadian Legion has been knocked around a lot lately. Now I do agree with some of those knocks; however, the Legion has done great work and still does do a lot of great work today.

I know from personal experience that the worst problem is a lack of Veterans taking part in the running of the Legions. “Too many civilians” is the complaint:

Many of them don’t know jack about the military.

While they pay a lot of lip service to Veterans, they do little in the way of helping Veterans, their families or their Widows. This is a direct result of these people not knowing or understanding what the Legion is about.

As I have explained in other correspondence, I have been on the Executive of Branch 18 and on District A council. At District level, I see many people trying to make a difference. In the case of the Branch, it is too bad that people don’t know or want to stand up and work towards the Legion’s four cornerstones and their reason to exist. These are: Serving the needs of Veterans, their families, their widows and lastly of Community Service.

The only way this gets changed is if New Veterans join the Legion and take part in the Executive. I have noticed when trying to get Veterans to come to any type of meeting, they don’t want to do it at the Branch, which is why with the support group we will try via a Church.

Lest We Forget

Rob Simpson

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One Response to One vet defends the Canadian Legion

  1. I want to comment on Rob’s point about the Legion.
    There are a lot of great Legions out there, but the problem is, in every branch the rules are different. The Legion in B.C. help the homeless Vets in a BIG way. In Nova Scotia I went to the Legion Command for help and support and I was told we didn’t have homeless Vets in Nova Scotia and that was it. The VAC has come out and said that yes there were homeless Vets but the Legion says no. We would love some support from the Legion to help our great cause. You can reach me at

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