VAC minister overrules Review Board’s denial of vet’s disability pension

Congratulations Steven and Rosann!! Your persistence is astonishing and admirable. I am reposting the article that appeared in the Chronicle Herald about your fight to have a decision by the  Veterans Review and Appeal Board reversed. It’s alarming that it took nine years for Steven to have his case recognized. You have not only won attention to your own rights but also benefited all vets in the same plight. BONNIE

Cancer-stricken N.S. veteran wins health benefits

Wed, Mar 23 – 3:37 PM

KINGSTON — Canadian Forces military veteran Steven Dornan has won the battle in his nine-year fight to get a disability pension from Veterans Affairs Canada.

Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn has granted a partial pension, overruling a decision by the Veterans Review and Appeal board, which denied the claim several times.

The minister said in a letter delivered to Dornan late Tuesday that he will also be entitled to receive health benefits, including medication and treatment for his cancer.

He will receive a 20 per cent disability pension, for about $700 per month.

Dornan, 45, said he’s happy that he will receive full health care coverage for his treament of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which can run in the tens of thousands of dollars.

“That’s huge and it’s really what we were mostly after,” he said.

Dornan, a 25-year veteran of the Canadian Forces, is battling cancer that doctors say resulted from exposure to depleted uranium dust while he served as a weapons inspector for the NATO Multinational Force in Bosnia in 1996.

He also served in Afghanistan in 2002 while undergoing cancer treatment, and is currently being treated with drugs and chemotherapy. But doctors say the treatments will eventually stop working. When diagnosed, he was given 15 years to live.

His wife Rosann staged a sit-in for several weeks at West Nova Conservative MP Greg Kerr‘s office in Wilmot, Annapolis County, to draw attention to the case.

That ended Tuesday. [March 22, 2011]



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