NEW SERIES: The Canada Our Vets Want to Build — Their Fight for Rights and Compassionate Treatment POST NINE

Ken’s introduction says it all. BONNIE

Hey Candidate, what is your position on Veterans issues?

Hi all, I sent this to every candidate in my federal riding. If you wish to do the same, please feel free to take some or all of what I have asked and add to it your own questions. But get informed before voting. Get it in writing so you can call them on it if you have to. I have made it as a-political as I can and a lot more then I really wanted to. LOL Pass it out, guys and gals. Can you imagine what will happen if every politician is asked this ten or twenty times?


Dear political candidate for Parliament, wishing to represent …………………..2011,
First of all welcome to the May 2nd, 2011 election.


I am a Voter who has never missed an election vote, ever. I once had to vote early and once when in college I had to ( with considerable time and effort) arrange for someone I trusted beyond any doubt (my wife) to have my proxy vote, but my vote has always been counted. I surround myself with like-minded people, and in many cases with other veterans who like me take issue to the way Veterans are being treated or, more often then not, ignored by VAC, VRAB and Ottawa.
I and many more of the over 700,000 Canadian veterans have come to the point of realizing that our votes and loyalty for political parties have been taken for granted and expected by parties, who in most cases have not had our best interests at heart, as was well demonstrated by every party in Ottawa when the New Veterans Charter was unanimously passed without any debate and without actually understanding what they were actually voting on even though forewarned by many veterans, in 2005. And again with the recent Bill C-55, when veterans for the most part were again ignored and serving members of the forces were never even asked, before it too was shoved down our throats as a better then nothing or a take it or leave it, last-minute bill and again with no meaningful debate in the house.
Most of us have vowed never to make that mistake again. We have made a conscious decision to vote only for Candidates who come out publically in favour of and have some idea on how they would like to tackle veterans issues. We do not care which party they belong to, if they do not wish to vote in favour of correcting veterans interests, veterans have no interest in voting for them. It’s a simple as that.
In the light of what I have stated above, I am writing a series of question which I will present to each and every candidate for this riding and will await their written answers, which will be posted on Veterans sites all over Canada and passed on to as many veterans in this riding as possible. I said in Writing because we no longer accept telephone or private meeting, verbal promises, where a plausible deniability can and often will be maintained.
The Questions;
  1. What is your position on – the New Veterans Charter?
  2. What is your position on – stopping the lump-sum payments and revert back to the Pension for life for veterans disabilities?
  3. What is your position on – the SISIP claw-back?
  4. What is your position on – Veterans loosing their disability pensions on reaching age 65?
  5. What is your position on – 54 Bureaucrats being rewarded with a three-day paid vacation and promotions, for invading Veterans private medical and military files?
  6. What is your position on – the hiring of more veterans for both VAC and the VRAB including executive positions?
  7. What is your position on – The CFB Gagetown toxic chemical defoliation program and its victims?
  8. Would you support a public inquiry on the use of Toxic chemicals in CFB Gagetown?
  9. What is your position on – The hiring of more medically trained people (possibly ex-military medical staff) to sit in the VRAB?
  10. What would you suggest for homeless veterans across Canada?
  11. How would you correct the need for veterans and even families of current serving members forced to use food banks in Canada?
  12. What is your position on – The CFB Gagetown toxic chemical defoliation program and its victims?
  13. Do you believe that a disability pension should be tax-free? 
  14. Do you believe that when a soldier is injured to a point of being 100% disabled that it is the correct thing to cut his salary to 75% when, in most cases, they will never be in a position of being employed again?

Do you have anything to add concerning Veterans issues which you would like us to know?

Thank you for your time and effort.
Kenneth H. Young CD

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One Response to NEW SERIES: The Canada Our Vets Want to Build — Their Fight for Rights and Compassionate Treatment POST NINE

  1. Kenneth H. Young says:


    I understand your concern that some candidates will just answer what they think we want to hear with no intention of carrying through on any of them. But I am not actually looking for the answers so much as the numbers.

    There are 308 MP’s so 308 ridings with more then four candidates at each, so at least 1,224 letters will be received if there is only one veteran in each riding sending them out.

    Anyway— if only 5% of veterans or 35,000 were to actually send a letter to every candidate that would equal an average of around 114 veteran related question letter per riding and therefore per candidate.

    The answers themself will help many veterans make up their mind of who to vote for, after a while there will be a pattern as to which party have some good ideas but that isn’t even the point. What matters is that every candidate, every soon to be MP and every party weather in charge, in opposition or one of the others, will know that Veterans issues are something they will need to deal with and that Veterans are more organized they they thought. The senate committee doing bill C-55 seemed to say they we veterans do not understand the NVC, I think that it is time we let them know that it is they who do not understand the anger we veterans have and that we are not going to go away.

    I believe that this could be better then any protest march in Ottawa and it is something that no MP will ever be able to ignore again.

    By the way if only 5% of veterans do this 140,000 veterans email letters containing question related to veterans will have been sent out. That aught to shake the foundation of Ottawa’s apathy.

    Well that was my thoughts Robin.

    Pat Stogran, what do you think of this idea?

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