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Kenneth H. Young CD wants the media to focus on the real issues in the upcoming election, not on smoke and mirrors. BONNIE

Is the Media trying to shape the next election? Why is it focusing on a COALITION issue?

Exactly when did “Coalition” become a dirty word in Canada, and why?

There are other questions that bother me too. For example, why are the media only asking questions of the Tories and Grits? After all, they each only entered into a (so-called) coalition once when the Bloc and NDP were involved in two each. What were they promised? What was in it for them or do they actually expect us to believe that they signed on the dotted line out of their love and respect for either of the Tories or the Grits?

So far we know that the Liberals offered six seats on the cabinet to the NDP, but why did or better said what was the cost for the Bloc support? And when Stephen Harper got signatures from Jack and Gilles, what was the price of their Conservative party support?

There is no doubt that there is little love lost between all four parties. Witness the name calling, shenanigans, and lack of respect running rampant in the House of Commons by all concerned. It seems everyone is more interested in making a good sound bite and/or video clip than providing Canada with good government and an example for our children to follow. Sadly, one channel that needs to be parent-locked is CPAC. Political news isn’t far behind it.

Can you just imagine what school would be like if our kids got the impression that this is normal, proper or acceptable behaviour? And could we even blame them when their government carries on the way they do?

Let’s stop BS reporting.  If reporters are going to flog a story to death like the one about the coalition issue raised by Harper himself, do some research first. Tell us the story, the whole story and nothing but the story, so help you whatever.

The National Post, for instance, claims that “Tory support is largely unchanged, bringing into question the opposition’s early emphasis on ethics.” Public perception may appear to be skewed or even desensitized because of the media’s preoccupation with the coalition question rather than on Canadian issues or the fact that Canada now has a prime minister convicted of a contempt of parliament actually still running for office. 

Every Facebook poll I have seen on the subject so far shows close to 90% or more respondents believe Contempt of Parliament is indeed a very important issue and that Harper should be yanked from running for re-election.

We Canadians must remember that in most of our families, both parents work while the children are looked after by strangers. Canadian adults do not have the time to watch the media feeding frenzy all day.  Let’s face it. If every rally held had a thousand people attend, Party leaders couldn’t hope to speak face-to-face with more than fifty or so thousand people throughout the campaign. So, in most cases, what joe-public hears about the issues are whatever the media lets them hear. Nothing more. Nothing less.

For the past three days, I have watched the CBC, CTV and Global news, read dozens of newspaper clippings and keep an eye on Facebook for political news. To be honest, I was a bit surprised at what I saw. Although Michael Ignatieff , Jack Layton and to some extent Gilles Duceppe spoke clearly on the issues confronting Canadians, most if not all questions the media asked after their speeches were about the “Coalition.” Mr. Duceppe decided to fight back by bringing out the 2004 coalition paper signed by Stephen Harper. Even Jack Layton has been forced to address the coalition issue and accusations.

I may have missed something here but the media is repeating Harper’s known lie. Harper is stating or implying that his government was brought down on the budget. To my knowledge, no one has even bothered to ask him about his conviction for Contempt of Parliament, which I consider to be Contempt of Canada and also Contempt of our Canadian Democracy. I have to ask: Why is he even allowed to run for re-election? Isn’t this the question the media should be hammering on? 

This brings other questions to mind as well. For instance, why have the Bloc and NDP not been grilled as to what they were getting out of both Coalition attempts depending on which major party wins a minority — the Tories or Grits? Let’s face it. Neither opposition has signed its undying love for either the Tories or the Grits, and they, unlike the Tories and Grits have signed two coalition agreements in the past.

Not that I mind a coalition. Most good things given to Canadians like EI, CPP, Medicare and Old age pensions came about because of a minority government compromising with an opposition party in order to pass a budget.

There are two things that must be in place in order to guarantee a Majority Government

  • you must have two parties.
  • you must have an odd number of seats in the House of Commons.

Once a third party enters into the picture, you can be stuck with an minority government.  Adding forth and fifth parties and independent candidates, especially when one party only runs in one province and takes about 66% of the seats, there is very little chance of one party gaining a Majority.

An outright loss or formal coalition is, in my opinion, the only way to assure that we do not have to keep going to the polls every six months. This gives the media its only justification for harping on how a coalition may be formed.

 A true Government, one which has the best interests of Canadian citizens at heart should see this and make all efforts to achieve enough MP support to pass a budget before it is introduced in the first place. Otherwise, we only have a four- or five-year elected Dictatorship, which makes all these silly (and expensive) elections meaningless.  

This might change, but so far, we are being treated to an election by the Media, where they decide what we should and will see or hear simply by the quality of question they choose to ask or choose not to ask our politicians.

Kenneth H. Young CD

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