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Today Ken wonders aloud thoughts that are bugging many of us. BONNIE

What the heck are we doing?

I am more then concerned with some voter trends, which seem to be a Canadian norm, and although I am not one to tell anybody what to do with their vote in an election, except tell them to Vote, I feel that I need to point something out.

Now please remember that my prospective on politics and political parties is mostly based in general on Veterans issues and more specifically on CFB Gagetown and the use of the toxic Rainbow Chemicals for more than 29 years, reportedly for defoliation, most notably Agents Orange, Purple and White.

The spraying of toxic chemicals in Gagetown began in 1954 under the Canadian leadership of Louis S. St. Laurent ( L ) and continued in successive Liberal and conservative governments including John G. Diefenbaker ( C ), Lester B. Pearson ( L ), Pierre Elliott Trudeau ( L ),  Charles Joseph Clark ( C ) and only ended in 1984 with Pierre Elliott Trudeau (  L ), John Turner ( L ) and  Brian Mulroney ( C ) splitting the position of Prime Minister that year.

But further to that when the story finally got out, Paul Martin ( L ) and then Stephen Harper ( C ) denied Veterans a full public and judicial inquiry into the use of chemicals in Gagetown and by extension have denied veterans any chance of achieving a VAC Pension related to chemical contamination at CFB Gagetown.

Canadians should realize that ever since the formation of Canada there have only been two Political Parties who have even run the country. The Liberals (Grits) and the Conservatives (Tories), so in effect anything that is wrong in Canada or Canadian politics, all the corruption, disrespect for Canadians, the condition of our economy, Medicare, the deplorable condition of our military and the even worse treatment of our Veterans, can and should be laid entirely at their feet.

I fail to see how changing a leader but keeping the same principals and goals would mean that all is forgiven and let’s give them another chance to kick us in the back sides, another chance to disappoint us and yet another chance to give us another four years of the same as we have been receiving from day one of the formation of Canada. Remember the, “if elected we will abolish the GST,” the, “I will not tax income trust accounts,” and the, “I will insure that every veteran hurt by Gagetown chemicals from 1954 to 1984 will be compensated,” and all together too many more such falsehoods given the Canadian public by these two parties.

Do we have such a short memory span that it only takes four or five years to forget why we threw the last set of bums out and replaced them with the bums we now want to throw out?

Coalition isn’t a dirty word or is Harper saying that he would not even consider a coalition when he has just committed our forces to an international coalition in Libya and who is more then egger to join a U.S. coalition for border control.

 Almost nobody likes what is going on in Ottawa these days. Very few are happy with the corruption, lobbying, patronage appointments, patronage contracts and the dysfunction of the House of Commons (well unless you are with the in crowd). Heck, we no longer even see the reason for a senate other then to reward political buddies for past favours.

Canada is broken, and we sit here discussing voting the same Butt holes that brought us to this point,  back into power. Why are we so afraid of the other parties? Is it because everything the two parties (we already know are corrupt) say is the truth? Can they do much worse then what we have?

We are told that the NDP will bankrupt us ~~~ well we got dammed deep in debt without their help. We are told that the Bloc will destroy the country ~~~ yet here we are decades later still here. We are told that the Green Party will paralyse business with their green demands ~~~ when many businesses are moving their businesses off shore and taking the jobs with them, often with our own governments help and using our own  tax dollars to pay for it.

How can any of the fringe parties possibly do much worse?

Kenneth H. Young CD


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