NEW SERIES: The Canada our Vets Want to Build — Their Fight for Rights and Compassionate Treatment POST TWELVE

When is contempt, CONTEMPT?

by Kenneth H. Young CD

I keep watching and hoping for Canadian politicians to get a clue, to start understanding Canadians and maybe for them just to step back a bit and listen to themselves. I mean for the past couple of months, we have been forced to listen to the bitching and moaning from all parties about who is in contempt and who is showing more contempt then the next.  When all is said and done — just like the infamous 54 VAC bureaucrats — no one is punished, censured or even scolded. Now we’re off to the elections, yet we’re watching party leaders allow the Media to trample over more Canadians rights.

What am I talking about?

1. For the first three days of the election campaign, the Media zeroed in on one topic — Coalition. They beat it to death in their panel discussions and in their scrums with the contesting leaders.

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada

2. But then the Media eliminated Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party of Canada, from participating in the televised national debate among the national political leaders because currently the Green Party has no seats in the House of Parliament.

The Media is showing its complete contempt for one million Canadian voters who support the Green Party by shutting down their voice in these leadership debates. The Green Party has 308 candidates represented across Canada. It’s serious about winning your vote. I guess, however, freedom of speech and freedom of the press only count when someone tries to control the Media’s message, to keep them quiet or shut them up. They certainly see no need or responsibility to provide the same courtesy to the Canadian public.

Going one step further, I’m having trouble understanding why the other party leaders have not challenged this decision unanimously. Do they not get the Media’s contempt, its outright lack of democratic principle and its erosion of our long-established Canadian value of fair play?

If the Green Party scares the big four political parties so much that they will be part and parcel to what amounts to Gagging the Green Party Message, I believe that Canadians really need to take a second and maybe even a third look at what Ms. May, the Green Party and its candidates have to offer.

Maybe it is just me, but, if I were a party leader, I would like to think that I would have sufficient integrity to withdraw from the debate in protest. One might say the Canadian Democratic Political System has been shown enough contempt for one year.

I honestly do not think that it matters what you think of the Green Party. It has a right to be heard. Elizabeth May has a right to be heard, and we, the Canadian Voter,  not the Media, have the sole right to accept or reject Elizabeth May’s message.


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