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In this posting, Kenneth H. Young carries on asking the country how you can turn your eyes and ears away from what is going on in front of you. BONNIE

Contempt of Parliament and now an outright insult to the Canadian public’s intelligence.

I do not believe that I have even seen an election campaign quite like the one being presented to the Canadian people by Stephen Harper. I am not exactly sure if I should admire the audacity of the Conservative Party or to abhor their suggested and implied gullibility of the Canadian voter. In either case, it is shocking.

How can a Political Party expect to get elected by promising nothing and nowhere soon? An old Army saying comes to mind, “I’ll take you nowhere, give you nothing, and kick your teeth in when I get you there.” 

Harper is making promises usually with a, “ If I have a Majority,” and/or, “when the Budget is Balanced,” as if he were actually making bonafied and quantitative campaign promises. He rarely mentions the costs involved nor a firm date for implementation, except if the budget is balanced and if we have the money.

A small problem I see with these so called promises is that, if he is elected with a majority, only he will decide when or even if the budget is ever balanced. If He doesn’t have a Majority, he has not made any promises and he can always blame the opposition for the Budget not being balanced. And if he is not elected to lead at all, I guess it is just a case of nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

What is bothering me is that some people are actually listening to this equine organic fertilizer and are further passing it on as if there were genuine promises made. They forget to mention the preconditions associated with them. 

Wake up, Canada! Harper has no campaign and he is not promising anything, to anyone, anytime soon, except to big business. 

I do not care who you vote for, but Vote and be smart about it. 

Kenneth H. Young CD


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