Elizabeth May thanks veterans advocates for supporting her in debate

The Green Party has posted the following on its web site. Neither Kenneth H. Young nor Homecoming Vets expected this acknowledgement for supporting Elizabeth May‘s right as a Canadian citizen to be heard as the leader of a viable federal party in a national debate. All vets stand by Elizabeth May’s right to free speech. BONNIE

SIDNEY, B.C. – Elizabeth May is expressing her appreciation to veterans’ advocate Kenneth Young, C.D., and the Homecoming Vets blogging web site for speaking out in favour of her participation in the national leaders’ debate.

Green Party of Canada“We’ve had former Prime Ministers, the CBC Ombudsman, the former head of Elections Canada, and a host of other high-profile Canadians speak out on behalf of my participation in the debate. I value the opinions of veterans like Mr. Young and others, who risked their lives for democracy abroad, only to see it deteriorating at home. Are the TV company executives listening?” asked May.

“The Media is showing its complete contempt for one million Canadian voters who support the Green Party by shutting down their voice in these leadership debates,” Mr. Young stated in his blog. He calls on the other party leaders to boycott the debate unless May is included.

“Maybe it is just me, but, if I were a party leader, I would like to think that I would have sufficient integrity to withdraw from the debate in protest. One might say the Canadian democratic political system has been shown enough contempt for one year,” said Young.

If Ms. May participates in the debate, veterans can count on her to address their issues.

“It’s not just our democratic process that has been shown contempt in recent years. Our veterans have been shown contempt as well. Vets who were exposed to the chemical Agent Orange have been denied compensation. The government has spent nearly $8 million to fight veterans’ legal attempts to get fair treatment. When veteran advocate Capt. Sean Bruyea spoke out too loudly, his private medical records were accessed and shared by government officials in an attempt to discredit him. Who will talk about that in the national leaders’ debate? I will,” said May.

Mr. Young’s blog can be read at: https://homecomingvets.wordpress.com/2011/03/31/new-series-the-canada-our…

Kieran Green
Director of Communications
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Deputy Director of Communications
Green Party of Canada
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