Pat Stogran joins forces with PC party

This just in courtesy of the Canadian Veterans Advocacy web site. BONNIE

By Kris Sims, Parliamentary Bureau

Col. (ret.) Patrick Stogran at press conferenceOTTAWA – Former veterans’ ombudsman Pat Strogan is joining forces with the small but insistent Progressive Canadian Party.

Strogan is endorsing the PC party and its leader, Sinclair Stevens, because of the party’s stance on assisting Canada‘s war wounded.

“They want to develop a platform to eliminate the insurance company mentality that grips Veterans Affairs Canada.” said Strogan.

The office of the veterans’ ombudsman was created by the Conservative government, but Strogan’s contract was allowed to lapse last fall. The retired colonel slammed the door on his way out, accusing the Conservatives of abandoning young soldiers wounded in Afghanistan by enacting the New Veterans Charter in April, 2006, drastically reducing disability payments.

The changes were initially introduced in the House of Commons by former prime minister Paul Martin’s Liberal government.

Strogan said he initially blamed only the bureaucracy, but says his cries for reform fell on deaf ears.

“The shame lies with the Harper government ” Strogan said. “What the Harper government did was a deliberate act to cheat veterans and hold them hostage in this election. That is an error of commission.”

Stevens, a former cabinet minister under Joe Clark and Brian Mulroney, insists his small party can still have influence without a seat in the House by using online social networking.

“It is unbelievable how different communication in politics is today compared to what it was when I was running.” Stevens said with a smile. “We’re gonna be tweetin’ a lot more.”

The PC party is what remains of the original Progressive Conservative Party, after some members opposed the merger with the Canadian Alliance in 2003. The party was forced to drop the word “Conservative” from its name after a ruling by Elections Canada.


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