NEW SERIES: The Canada Our Vets Want to Build — Their Fight for Rights and Compassioned Treatment POST FIFTEEN

Prime minister visit

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Stephen Harper was anxious to win a majority through the first two elections. In March, he set up the opposition deliberately to force a non-confidence vote that has called the upcoming election because this time he is even more anxious to win his coveted majority government

In a CBC Radio interview on “The CURRENT,” Hillier, the outspoken former Chief of Defence Staff, routinely said he was “puzzled” over the relative silence from the campaign buses as Canadian involvement in Libya enters its third week. “Here in Canada, right now, it’s actually silent on what is happening in Libya.”

Lest you forget, days before Parliament dissolved, Parliament voted unanimously to support the UN-sanctioned mission in Libya, to which the Canadian Forces sent six CF-18s and HMCS Charlottetown as part of the multilateral action against Moammar Gadhafi’s regime. Parliament, however, will review the mission once the House of Commons resumes sitting after the election.

Today, Ken asks key questions for the voting public, and especially our vets and armed forces, to think about. BONNIE

Do we really want to find out?

by Kenneth H. Young CD

I keep talking about remembering our own history, or at least when it comes to our Government and the Canadian people‘s expectations for each Party should it form our next Government.

Today, while watching the News, something bit me in the behind. I smacked the palm of my hand on my forehead and declared, “Eureka! How the heck did I miss that point?”

Attention all Military and Veterans:

  • It wasn’t Harper who kept us out of Iraq. It was the Liberals and NDP.
  • It wasn’t Harper who wished the combat role in Afghanistan to end. It was the rest of Parliament, who forced the issue. 

But, it IS Harper, without any debate in Parliament who has involved us in Libya.

I wonder what Harper will do to our military if he no longer needs the votes from any other party when it comes to re-evaluating our missions, repositioning our forces, expanding our military missions or even to march us off to yet other wars and conflicts. Just how long do you think it will take him to put boots on the ground in Libya, (to fix a political nightmare for his buddies in the US) if he no longer has to ask for permission? How long will the Canadian forces remain as a training mission in Afghanistan?

If Harper has been able to extend the Afghan mission, send a naval vessel and six jets to Libya and God only knows where our Special Forces are while being hindered by a minority government, exactly how many more Canadian military will have to die for his international  positioning and war games, if he obtains a majority?

Do we really want to find out?

Can we afford to?

Kenneth H. Young CD

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One Response to NEW SERIES: The Canada Our Vets Want to Build — Their Fight for Rights and Compassioned Treatment POST FIFTEEN

  1. Kenneth H Young CD says:

    When you think about it Canada had a ship and over 200 military already on the way to Libya, even before the question went before the UN.

    Harper seems to like using the military to pay for Canada’s place at the table for international discussions.

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