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What Kenneth H. Young CD writes today is reminiscent of Jack Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” BONNIE


Show Canada You Care!

How relevant is your VOTE?

Vote. Don’t vote. There are differing opinions on this point. All I know is that it would only take one election in which the 41% of people who didn’t vote in the last election, were to organize and all vote for one party regardless of which one, to stop the total disrespect being shown to the Canadian tax payer and voters by every party in Ottawa.

We wouldn’t allow our children to behave the way most Members of Paliament do during Question Period, so why do we stand for it?

Let’s be honest here.  If the Canadian voter doesn’t care, why should the government? If we can’t be bothered to spend a few hours of our time to voice our preferences, why should government bother to ask us for our opinions? Why should they do what is right for us if it doesn’t make a difference? They might as well spend money where  the votes are, not where they aren’t. You get out of Canada what you give back to it.

Last election, 41% of Canadian Voters couldn’t be bothered to vote. They gave nothing back, and in effect told government, “Do whatever you want. We the people don’t care and couldn’t be bothered.” And that is exactly what the government has done. It has ignored the issues that matter to the non-voter.

Take this election. You can bet that every corporation, everybody who earns more than $150,000 per year and every bureaucrat who has just been promised a 50% raise in severance pay, will be voting.

In most cases, it is the young voter, the less fortunate, the lower-income voter, the voter who believes they have been disenfranchised and the voter who believes his or her vote doesn’t count who make up the largest part of the 41% of non voters. If you look at most parties’ promises, you can clearly see that, to a great extent, their election promises are made to satisfy those who DO VOTE, not the 41% of non-voters.

One party in particular has promised to decrease corporate taxes, increase the amount of tax-free savings allowed to $10,000 per year and to allow income splitting. These measures are all well and good if you own a corporation, have $10,000 spare money lying around and earn in the neighbourhood of $150,000 per year to split in the first place. But, these promises are of NO VALUE to most of the 41% non-voters.

If you ask them (the 41% non voters), they will tell you that this is why they do not vote, why they refuse to give credence to the electoral process and why they do not wish to be part of the election scam.

Herein lies the reality. This is the exact reason many of the election promises are slanted towards the rich and well-to-do because political parties can count on this group to vote.

Really, can you blame them? Think about it from their point of view. Like everyone, they will vote for what is best for them and the political parties know it and show it and use it to get elected. Only the voter can stop this process.

With 41% of the voter staying home and elections won with as little as 33 or 34% of the vote ( of those who actually did vote), political parties only have to please somewhere in the neighbourhood of 19 or 20 % of the Canadian voter, in order to be elected. The less these Parties have to please, the easier it is for them to target given groups who DO VOTE. And, this is why Parties cater less to our identified non-voting groups.

If you cannot support a Party, support the issues. Find out what the parties are offering and vote for whatever issue is good for you.

 Show Canada that you care. Show the Political Parties that they do not run the show without our consent.

If we the voter don’t shake up Ottawa, who will?

Kenneth H. Young CD


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