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Kenneth H. Young comments on the anti-democratic practices we’re seeing in this election campaign, and now young people get no respect. What is happening to this country? Wake up, Canada. This is you we’re talking about. BONNIE

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For years all we’ve heard coming out of Ottawa from all political parties has been that they are worried about the apathy of Canadian Voters and the seemingly ever continuing and decreasing turnout of voters for Federal elections, here in Canada. Most notably of the absent or reluctant voters are Canada’s youth, who only had 37% show up and vote at the last Federal election. But, are our political parties really worried?
Yesterday, at Guelph University, students tried to vote. A Conservative staffer actively tried to prevent people from voting, tried to confiscate the ballot boxes and was seen recording students who were trying to vote. All highly illegal activities and something all Canadians should not tolerate. Conservative officials then tried to have the votes already cast, nullified. The angry, overly aggressive Conservative official–who shouted, illegally filmed many of the voters and grabbed election boxes–succeeded in getting Elections Canada to ban student voting at all colleges and universities. 
I repeat–ban student voting at all colleges and universities. 
“While the initiative at the University of Guelph was not pre-authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer, the Canada Elections Act provides that electors may apply for and vote by special ballot. A special ballot coordinator, appointed by the local returning officer, oversaw the activities at the University of Guelph. All information at our disposal indicates that the votes were cast in a manner that respects the Canada Elections Act and are valid.”

I must remind everyone that this was more successfully done in a past election by the Liberal party of Canada, and so it is not the isolated incident claimed. Only the NDP have called for an inquiry or investigation into the matter. This leaves me wondering if students aren’t absolutely correct when they say they do not believe their votes count for anything, that they don’t make any difference.

What I would like to know is why are these Election Canada officials not demanding that the people who tried to prevent the students from voting, who filmed voters and who tampered with Ballot boxes–why aren’t they immediately jailed and prosecuted? Why are these people still allowed to be working for this election in any capacity?
If our election laws are so meaningless that any political party can tramp all over the rights of our Canadian youth as they vote–and now have in effect changed the rules concerning student voting halfway through an election–are any voters actually safe from intimidation, bribery and the fear of voting?
 How long before we are filmed voting, before there are cameras actually in the polling booth with us and before there are gangs of thought police with baseball bats waiting outside of the polling stations to advise you before voting and to correct your thoughts after, if you didn’t vote the prescribed way?
We continue to hear from all political parties that they want our youth to vote, but in action it seems more likely to only youths whom they control.
 This week in Canadian Politics, has not been a good week for Democracy, freedom of speech or freedom of expression. Big brother is watching and the thought police are working over time. Are you worried yet?

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