Canadian Veterans Advocacy is galloping ahead with projects and website

My home computer has been unstable for most of this week and I am behind in posting Mike’s update for the Canadian Veterans Advocacy, but he et al deserve tremendous kudos for the strides they’ve made towards the group’s progress. Here’s his most recent report. BONNIE

Announcement from Michael L Blais CD
Founder, Canadian Veterans Advocacy

First, the Canadian Veterans Website is fully operational! You can find details of the CVA Pennies for Veterans Campaign, ongoing CVA operations, news that pertains to Canadian veterans and their fight for justice. Links are also provided to our satellite web-network, which currently included Facebook, Twitter, The Canadians Veterans National Rendezvous Site and the CVA discussion forum, where Sylvain has done a remarkable job and has been maintaining updates and providing information on a variety of issues, re: VAC. There is also some great and ongoing archival stuff on Afghanistan and Libya for those who are following the missions, kind of one-stop read based on date time… Check it out as we have had more than twenty thousand page views in about a month.

Election 2011. Once again, I would encourage you to exercise your duty to vote on May 2nd. Information relating to the parties promises re the issues the CVA was created to address, or lack of, have been posted at our discussion site for those who are out of the loop in reference on how this election will reflect upon your, our troops and veterans lives during the next parliament. I would also encourage you to vote with your conscience, patriotic Canadians eager to do what is right for our nation. We are Canadian, let us stand up like Canadians to ensure the democracy we have served to protect is supported by our participation.

Canadian Veterans National Rendezvous July 8-10 2011, Niagara falls, Ontario. Once again, I would invite you to join us for the weekend here in Niagara Falls. My community has really rallied to the cause and our production team has performed wonders in their quest to ensure that this weekend, a weekend wherein we shall unite to celebrate the end of the combat mission, is family friendly and memorable. Special thanks to Veterans Advocate Blake Gamble for providing his considerable skills to create and operate our website and for being patient as we put everything into place. Check out the poker run and Support the troops rally pages, or look for accommodation. More will be forthcoming soon.

I would also note the efforts of VA’s Jim Lowthers, Gary Zwicker, John Percy, Eric Rebiere and Derrick Zimmerman since the last situation report. Gary and Jim were denied access to Prime Minister Harper‘s rally while in Halifax after attending the liberal and NDP rallies during the previous week. They only wished to speak of the homeless veterans situation… as they did with My Layton and Mr Ignatieff. Gary Zwicker is the CVA Team Leader for Halifax and Jim is the president of VETS, a proactive veterans group leading the mission to create a mission specific homeless shelter in Halifax and working with Veterans affairs Canada, create an opportunity for a future. Please save your pennies and encourage others to do the same. Mission specific bank accounts have been created by VETS, the UN-NATO Veterans and Constable Langford’s Back in Step program in Calgary, Alberta. We are attempting to coordinate sponsorship for the CVNRV and national penny drive in the sense of setting up an on-site penny collection site and a place wherein organizations collecting pennies currently can cash them in and present a checque in a public forum. As defined, we have pledged 5000 dollars to support outreach operations in Calgary and Montreal with the remainder dedicated to the Halifax mission. I have spoken with Joseph Sweeney in Toronto, at this time, they are adequately sponsored in TO. Be advised that the Canadian Veterans Advocacy will receive NO financial compensation and on a personal level, as with ALL Advocacy affairs, my efforts are voluntary in nature. It is our duty to serve those who are in desperate need and this is a great opportunity for each of us to make a contribution by donating our pennies and encouraging our friends and social networks to do likewise.

Team Kingston, led by Eric R and Derrik Z conducted a protest/rally in Kingston on April 14th. The primary object was to draw attention to the issues confronting disabled veterans and to this end they were very successful. I am pleased to note all candidates participated and there was a great deal of support from the passing traffic=pedestrians. Special thanks to DAB MacDonald, RCR, it was good to see you again, old friend. Specially carrying that CVA sign! Pro Patria. Video is available here.


Canadian Veterans Advocacy websites
CVA Primary
CVA Facebook
CVA Blog
CVA Discussion Forum

Keep well, soldier on!

Michael L Blais CD
Founder, Canadian Veterans Advocacy


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  2. Fed. Gov’t (i.e., “Veterans Affairs”) letter received within the past 48 hours in reply to requests submitted by this veteran via a letter dated September 7, 2016 & faxed on or about that date:

    Despite several rulings, from the Fed. Ct. of Canada, which support this veteran’s claims (refer to Fed. Ct. case #’s T-167-98; T-2137-99[x2]; T-401-05 & T-617-09 cited in this veteran’s “bio” cited below the signature block of this msg.) our Fed. Gov’t departments, which have legislated obligations to this veteran (….. along with several thousands of other veterans, and/or their spouses, and/or dependants), have historically proven themselves along their established mo (i.e. absolutely nothing at all);
    For government (i.e., Federal &/or Provincial) employees incapable of reviewing the precedent rulings of the Hon. Justices concerned, exact URLs are provided to permit online viewing of the rulings concerned with the URLs supplied in the second paragraph of the aforementioned letter dated September 7, 2016;
    To clarify the exact rulings of the Hon. Justices, this veteran re-supplies the various internet URLs involved: a) T -157-98, Bradley v. Canada (Attorney General), 1999 CanLII 7476 (F.C.) or;
    b) T-2137-99, Bradley v. Canada (Attorney General), 2001 FCT 793 or http://;
    c) T-2137-99, Bradley v. Canada (Attorney General), 2003 FCT 12 (CanLII) or;
    d) T-401-05, Bradley v. Canada (Attorney General), 2005 FC 1470 or http://; and
    e) T-617-09, Bradley v. Canada (Attorney General), 2011 FC 309 or http://
    4. While the rulings of all of the aforementioned Fed. Ct. cases and the presiding Hon. Justices clearly support this veteran’s claims and provide all but a specific Legal Order, assisting this veteran towards physical recovery, the blatant lack of doing something
    5. While the aforementioned and established mo if characteristic of cited Federal Government offices/departments, the inordinate practice of irresponsible delays on the part of Provincial Government offices/ departments

    Given that all Canadian residents are obligated to paying taxes, [which are allegedly assigned to various government departments who, among other obligations, are expected to maintain both the law and order legislated by honest governments and/or honest politicians (refer to footnote #2)] how can anyone expect the legislators (as previously identified as unlawful in their various mos) even approach the ideal model of both law and order in allegedly utilizing our tax-paying dollars?

    This veteran continues to await something even resembling actual justice with respect to both his claims and identifies the sole centre (in Beijing, China and on this planet earth), with more than 50 years of successful experience in both identifying and treating spinal cord injuries (as identified in the Applicant’s Records of the aforementioned Fed. Ct. cases.

    While all of the Fed. Ct. Trial Division decisions (refer to paragraph #3 above) support this veteran’s claims, successive Canadian governments (i.e., Fed. Dept. of Veterans Affairs) have yet to even demonstrate just support for this veteran’s physical assistance. How can this leave the unanswered question of: “How much law and order can we expect in return for our tax-paying dollars when all government departments fail to recognize the authority of Fed. Ct. justices endorsed by such governments?”

    Yours truly,

    Brian Bradley
    911 Robert Rd.
    Calgary NE, AB T2E 5N1
    Ph.: (403) 455 – 9353
    Blood Pressure & related physiological readings for Brian C. Bradley

    above readings (i.e., those after Apr. 13/16) are averages unless noted otherwise

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