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Today Kenneth H. Young talks about media bias. BONNIE 

Re: Is it true? Is the media now controlled by Mr. Harper???

by Kenneth H. Young CD

Media. It certainly seems as if Ottawa controls all media. And the party that looks as if it will win the election seems to get the most attention. 

It wasn’t always like this. In fact, during the sixties and seventies, I have to admit that I was very proud of our media and the shows which gave Canadians a voice like the CBC ombudsman and so on. It was also a time when reporters were actually investigative reporters and not just what I like to call to a relay station for Ottawa or another cog in the propaganda machine for the party .

 It didn’t happen slowly either. When Brian Mulroney was prime minister, he warned the media not to badmouth him “or else,” and once he was elected, they found out exactly what “or else” meant. $450 million was cut in funding to the CBC. Other media, which he felt maligned him, were excluded from Government advertisement contracts and program funding. He put the media in its place, where it remains today.

Most people didn’t even notice the difference. Mainly because most men were watching hockey, baseball and football, while most women were glued to the TV screen either watching Oprah, Jenny, Judge Judy, Dr. Phil  or game and reality shows.

Newspapers depend on advertising revenue. Unfortunately the government is one their largest advertisers so topics such as Gagetown and Agent Orange that make the government look bad are discouraged. 

Has anybody else noticed that ever since the French debate all the news has centered on Harper and to a lesser extent on the Liberals? By the way I said Harper because there doesn’t seem to be anybody else in that party or at least not on TV.

 Basically you will have to use your computer and research on your own if you want to see what is actually going on. Just type in the name of the party you wish on Facebook and you will go to their site. But remember, each party slants everything to their way of thinking. Have fun. You will have to make up your own minds. BUT VOTE. Don’t throw away a right many have died on your behalf to keep.

Kenneth H. Young CD

Canadian Veterans Advocacy
Agent Orange Association of Canada


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