Canadian Veterans organizing their own support groups for those suffering from PTSD

Robert Simpson in Wallaceburg, Ontario, is organizing a veterans support group in  collaberation with his church. The idea is borne from a great need to bring together vets who, because of the lack of government counselling services, feel that no one cares about their suffering. They have felt quite isolated and hopeless until Rob Simpson decided he was fed up fighting PTSD on his own and invited other vets like him and his dear wife, Debbie, to form their own support group. Here is his latest report. BONNIE

Enduring sand storms in Afghanistan

Well, the Wallaceburg Support group held their first meeting on April 27th at 3:00pm at the First Baptist Church on Thomas Ave. There were three other Veterans as well as two of their wives. Also present was Padre Horrobin and myself.

Before we knew it, two hours had passed, some good stories told and some bad memories shared. The important thing was we came together as one to share a common wound. So the good news is on May 12th at 7:00 pm we will hold another meeting at First Baptist Church in Wallaceburg. I hope that more will come to this meeting. I received some wonderful comments from those who did come. They promise to spread the word.

So, please Veterans, come out and bring that special person in your life. We talk and we support each other as we come to grips with the Operational Stress Injury that we are suffering from. As well, if you need help from doctors, we know who you need to call to get that help. First and foremost, we are here to help each other cope and learn how to deal with this wound.

If you wish more information, please call me at 519-627-4037. My e-mail is

If you feel that you cannot take it anymore, then please go to the local hospital or call 911 so you can be helped.
The down side is the OSISS Peer support group has asked us to not refer to ourselves as an OSISS group as we have not gone through their training system. That is no problem. I admit I did jump the gun with the naming of this group. We will find a new name for ourselves at the next meeting when we come together to help one another learn how to cope with our Operational Stress Injury, which is what this condition is called in many countries. I do hope that OSISS will assist us in our efforts to heal and to get any help needed for group members.


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10 Responses to Canadian Veterans organizing their own support groups for those suffering from PTSD

  1. Robert Simpson says:

    The sad part is they are trying to start new clinics, but you have to train people etc and of course you need a building. I’ve heard of some reserve units where those who have been overseas have setup their own groups. This helps short term and maybe an effective way to deal with PDST. But you still need Doctors etc to truly help. I personally know of Veterans going to local a Canada Mental Health office for help only to be told that they don’t know how to treat this wound or where to go to get that help. Sadly there are only a few clinics and the demand is high. You have to go through Veterans Affairs Canada and that’s only for the Soldiers and Veterans. But there is nothing for their Wife, Husband, the boyfriend, girlfriend or family members of the person suffering.
    Sadly there are too many headstones of those who tried to ” Suck it up and be a man, who tried the Army’s advise back in the day of…. if you’re having trouble dealing with it drink more beer at the mess.” They could not deal with it and the beer helped only while you are passed out and then when it gets too much, you take the short cut and kill yourself. All of us think about it. Some of us say no way I’m going to try to help the others to live. There’s no shame in saying help me I’m hurt. There isd too many tears and not enough hugs for those who suffer from PTSD.

  2. Tamie Towers says:

    I would like to share with you a music video dedicated to our soldiers called

    I’ll Go (A Soldiers Oath) by Kelly’s Lot.

    It is a tribute to our military & veterans and is well worth watching. Please feel free to share it anywhere you’d like.

    Here’s the link:

    I’ll Go (A Soldiers Oath) – Kelly’s Lot – @ Cahuenga General Store

    Or copy & paste the link below into your address bar:

    Thank you for your time.

    Hope you like the video,

    Tamie L. Towers

  3. Thanks, Tamie. I have shared it on Facebook as well. A very touching tribute.


  4. Mike Harvey says:

    Howdy, is this site still active? Just trying to find some help for some military things, retired after 26 years. Having the devils own time trying to get help. First, I tried everyone from the PMO on down. Tried DND, tried the ombusmans office….local and national press… Please, if anyone has another idea, I’m open. Thanks much in advance.

  5. Bonnie Toews says:

    Mike, if you are talking about Robert Simpson’s volunteer group in Wallaceburg, Ontario, still open to helping vets suffering from PTSD, yes his group is quite active. You can email him at

    There are other PRSD programs you can look at by browsing down the right sidebar of this blog and clicking on them but talking with Rob is probably the best first step.


  6. Dave Charnley says:

    Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) now meets APA Standards:

    A historic moment has arrived, that marks the fruition of an enormous amount of work and persistence by many, many people. This week we changed the EFT Research page to read as follows: “The current status of EFT as an “evidence-based” practice is summarized in this statement in the APA (American Psychological Association) journal Review of General Psychology: ‘A literature search identified 50 peer-reviewed papers that report or investigate clinical outcomes following the tapping of acupuncture points to address psychological issues. The 17 randomized controlled trials in this sample were critically evaluated for design quality, leading to the conclusion that they consistently demonstrated strong effect sizes and other statistical results that far exceed chance after relatively few treatment sessions.

    Criteria for evidence-based treatments proposed by Division 12 of the American Psychological Association were also applied and found to be met for a number of conditions, including PTSD.’ (Feinstein, in press)” This is sober academic language for a seismic shift in the geography of healing. For the past five years, we’ve worked incredibly hard, through unbelievable obstacles, to complete the research required to meet APA Division 12 standards. This milestone, published in an APA journal, marks a tipping point in EFTs credibility. You can now confidently present your EFT Universe certification in Clinical EFT as training in an “evidence-based” practice.

  7. Are there any support groups in the Winnipeg area for those loved ones of Veterans with PTSD?

  8. Theresa says:

    Hi I am wondering if there is any PTSD support groups for my husband and us in the Peterborough On area. My husband is recently retired Oct 2012 and lacking DVA support. He is trying to transition into civillian life but his PTSD (Afghan vet) and no longer having commadre of the base and his military family he is suffering.

  9. I am a former Native Community Worker who has helped many people with emotional trauma issues. I also utilize the teachings of Tai Chi. I am trying to locate a group of homecoming veterans to offer my healing program. Can you please help me? 519 798 1114. Thank you.

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