New perception of PTSD

What Robert Simpson describes here is based on new scientific information that has found that the human body cannot sustain repeated long bouts of adrenaline rushes without short-circuiting the brain. So, every time we send our troops in repeated rotations of exposure to high-adrenaline conditions, we risk higher and higher incidents of soldiers returning with PTSD. Robert’s doctor describes what happens in laymen’s terms to make the phenonemon easier to understand. BONNIE

A Veterans Point of View

by Robert Simpson
The doctor I see at the OSI Clinic told me of a theory of his which he calls date stamping. What it is, is that normally when something happens your brain records the event like a VCR and then stamps the date and time on it so that when you remember you can know this happened on so and so date at such and such a time. In time you are able to cope more easily with the reliving of this event. Stamping the event, also makes it easier for the memory to fade over time.
However, with soldiers and other people who experience very traumatic events and with repeated exposure to these events the brain records, but it does not stamp the time and date on this. So when we have it played back in our brains, it’s like it just happened each time.
I find this to be true. Each flashback or nightmare is like it is happening in real time and is so vivid. I think that hopefully I might be able to learn to stamp a date and time so that it can fade so to speak and not be so hard to endure. Time will tell, but I must say it makes perfect sense and explains a lot to me. So when I flash back or have a nightmare about overseas I will try to remember what he said. I hope it will work since a lot of this happened in 1978 and 1979. Other veterans I have talked with stay it is true about the events we remember always seem to be so real each time it happens. Time will tell.
I had a call from a Lady in St. Anne’s Quebec who had read a Veterans Point of View By Robert Simpson. She was glad to see a group like ours as it seems most support groups do not include wives, husbands, boy- or girlfriends or any family. Our group does and I feel it is only right as they suffer along with us. They need to speak of their hopes, fears, concerns , things they’ve noticed which may help others, etc. I feel that it helps all of us to heal together since we suffer together. We spoke for a good 45 minutes and she was thankful for the talk, advice and importantly the listening of her concerns for a Loved one. I am always happy to speak to anyone with questions or needing help or advice. My ear is open to you and I’ll help you if I can. As for fellow veterans, it goes without saying, as we have walked the same path in life. It is where Angels fear to walk. For only God goes where we have been, some He takes with him, some He saves for something else in life. LEST WE FORGET

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