CVA plans move forward for Canadian Veterans National Rendezvous in Niagara Falls July 8-10

Mike Blais Rcr Cfds gives an updated situation report below. Thanks, Mike, and to everyone at CVA that are building this group into a great voice for today’s veterans. BONNIE

Situation report, Canadian Veterans Advocacy

May 18, 2011

Fellow veterans, ladies and gentlemen.

First on the agenda is the Canadian Veterans National Rendezvous that will be held this year in Niagara Falls on the July 8 – 10 weekend. We have prepared an exciting and fun-filled weekend for our troops and veterans as we gather together to celebrate the end of the combat mission in Afghanistan. I am pleased to say that the city of Niagara Falls, led by Mayor Jim Diodati and council, has provided extraordinary support and we now have a venue large enough to accommodate several thousand participants. Better yet, we are not at the mercy of the weather for we have two large arenas to use in conjunction with scheduled outside activities. Please forward this e-mail to as many troops and veterans that you know for we have assembled an extraordinary package that will only be provided to our troops and veterans for this celebratory weekend.

As you can see our website under accommodations, many of the major hotels have come on board and are offering winter-like rates at peak season, something that I do not believe has ever happened here before. We are also working hard to bring on the moms and pops establishments and bed and breakfasts. Special fireworks at night, bands, romantic rides through the vineyards or tours of historical forts with the kids…

Such is the support Niagara Falls is offering to our troops/veterans and their families and as such, I would heartily encourage you and your families to take advantage of these special rates. Travel to Niagara Falls for the weekend to join us.

There are many things for your children to do and we are purposely orchestrating conditions that are favorable for the family unit to re-establish bonds that have been severely tested by the ongoing war in Afghanistan. There are so many things for families to do, such as going to Marine Lance or one of the famous water parks Tao by the false, Fort George, a helicopter ride, jet boats, nature trails… And on Saturday, Tim Horton’s will be sponsoring a special children’s area at the rally that will be fun for ALL ages.

For the teams, a special game zone compliments of Sony PlayStation will be set up. We have not forgotten the adults and have included special wine-tasting events, a variety of vendors with foods and special condiments, a beer tent and several bands that will be playing music from all eras on two stages, one inside, one out!

Secondly, I have been asked to provide nominations for the Ombudsman’s Advisory Committee. If you feel you have something to offer, contact me personally and I will send you the details. Be advised, this is a non-paying position.

Thirdly. The future! I believe that it is our duty to adapt to the current political situation and that a new approach may be required. It is my intention to approach the government with suggestions that now that a majority government is in place, now that the minority government does not have to pander to NDP, Liberal, or block demands every year once budget time comes around, the conservative government of Canada may be very well inclined to address the deficiencies in what Minister Blackburn told me once was a Liberal bill. So it was. Now there is a Conservative majority, let us lobby them to restore the life-time obligation to Canada’s sons and daughters prior to 2006. We must offer solutions!

We must also be optimistic yet prepared, should our approach be rebuffed, to protest once again this November on Saturday, the 5th… Nationwide.We must stand resolute, now and in the future.Hope to see you in Niagara. Don’t forget, Via Rail is offering twenty-five percent discounts on all train travel for veterans, a deal we hope to sweeten if you are traveling to Niagara for the weekend….

Meet the new Minister for Veterans Affairs, Steven Blaney.

Michael L Blais CD
Founder, Canadian Veterans Advocacy
6618 Harper Drive, Niagara Falls, Ont, Cda.
L2E 7K6 // 905-357-3306 <http://goog_773246416/>


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