Afghanistan Vets need your support now — ONE VETERAN, ONE STANDARD

Mike Blais calls everyone to address the needs of our Afghanistan veterans. This is an advocacy that we have to support day in and day out until we see actual change, not a promise of change. Mike explains it better than I can, and he is right.  We can’t relax. We need to recruit more vets and supportive family members or sympathizers to the Canadian Veterans Advocacy group to keep on protesting against the callous treatment our younger vets are being subjected to since the introduction of the 2006 New Veterans Charter. It doesn’t matter which party introduced it. It is how it is being implemented now that’s at issue. The Harper Government with its majority could wipe the slate clean and restore the provisions that our older vets enjoy… if it has the gracious will to look after our younger vets whom they have sent into harm’s way under the horrendous conditions of modern terrorist warfare. BONNIE

Who stands for the soldier?

This was the question asked after the five principles were defined. Our traditional caretakers have abandoned the new while endorsing a double standard of disgusting proportions.

Only WE, the Canadian Veterans Advocacy, stand for the abolishment of the CHUMP SUM AWARD. 

Only we demand respect for our war widows through the restoration of the dignified treatment this nation’s Memorial Cross Mothers were accorded prior to 2006.

The time is now, boys and girls. Each of us must start recruiting members to the cause. Each of us must start promoting our One Veteran, One Standard policies and the URGENT need to redress these terrible, hardship-inducing measures!

We WILL fight to ensure the lifetime obligation to our war wounded Afghanistan veterans–those who Canada relegated to second class standing in April, 2006–IS RESTORED!


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2 Responses to Afghanistan Vets need your support now — ONE VETERAN, ONE STANDARD

  1. David Desjardins CD says:

    Who stands for the veterans? I can tell you it is not DND. Last year I presented an original artwork to the mental health clinic in Ottawa, as a small token of thanks for all they had done for me in getting my life back in order. After the presentation I was approached by a number of people asking if prints were available. I saw this as a wonderful opportunity to raise money for an organization close to my heart, Soldier On. Having not done anything like this before, and, having zero budget to pre-print copies, I searched online and found a web host that prints to order with royalties going to the artist. Fair enough….Recently I have received notice that DND had contacted the web host claiming violation of copyright infringement as my painting depicted a Canadian soldier, in a CADPAT uniform, bearing the Canadian flag. I was further advised that to depict any member, item, article of clothing, etc, belonging to the CF, I would have to obtain written permission from DND and Crown copyright.
    So again I ask, who supports our veterans when DND won’t even support one of their own veterans trying to support their own program and pay something back.

    Keep up the fight!

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