2 Responses to How a Typo has destroyed a veteran’s life

  1. nikotev01 says:

    Perfect blog with interesting history! Thank you!

  2. Murray Scott says:

    I enjoyed reading the speech to:Municipal Leaders – Annual Conference of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. At this stage of the game when nothing is coming out from the Ombudsman’s office and nothing from the VAC with respect to the new Enhanced Veteran’s Charter Regulations , one has to ask what the Hec is going on.
    If you speak to any of the VAC staff they say they are waiting for the rules to be written. In the mean time no application’s based on the new Regs are being taken what so ever.
    So what is going on; the rules have been passed and are in place as of the Royal Accent passage. Not one person has asked if any new applications will be back dated to the date of passage? So how much money is being saved and not turned over to the Vets because VAC has not written the rules which they new were in the making?
    Now for the biggest question of all? Maybe it is time that the VETs pull another walk.
    The Harper Government has made it very clear that they do not care about any Veteran since they got a Majority. There use to be a time when the new Minister would have some association with the Military. The Harper Government cares so much about us that they have given us a Minister that has no experience what-so-ever. What a slap in the face. For that matter has the Ombudsman opposed anything the Harper Government has done?
    Has there been anything from the office of the Ombudsmans ?
    Wow two steps forward and ten steps backwards.
    What is going on?
    43 Years as a Vet and still waiting for them to take us serious.

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