Veteran on HUNGER STRIKE needs Debbie Travis or Extreme Makover to rescue him.

Folks, if veteran Fabien Melanson lived in the United States, we could call on EXTREME MAKEOVER to restore his home and give him a new start in life. We do have Debbie Travis in Canada. She has called on local communities to help other individuals who have given more to their communities than they have taken back for themselves. This is a soldier who was willing to give his life for his country. Do we just forget our vets? Getting volunteer help like this takes the onus off the government to be held responsible for the consequences that Fabien has suffered, but it is the humanitarian and family thing to do. Fabien deserves a full apology from VAC, and if VAC were smart, it would contribute to a makeover project for Fabien to save face and generate good public will . . . if VAC actually cares of course. Below, I have reposted the article Jeff Rose-Martland has written on his website, OUR DUTY.  In it, he explains what has driven Fabien to do such a drastic thing as go on a HUNGER STRIKE. BONNIE

Contact Your Member of Parliament!

Time Since Fabian’s Last Meal:
04 Days, 09 Hours, 07 Minutes, 54 Seconds.
Why the Hunger Strike? What does he want?      
Written by Jeff Rose-Martland   
Tuesday, 07 June 2011 04:08

There has been some confusion about what Fabien wants and why he is doing this.  Here is a short answer:

Why is Fabien on a Hunger Strike?

Purpose: to get VAC to take responsibility for destroying his life. The 5 months VAC took to sort out the accounting issue and finally get Fabien’s back pension to him halted renovations to his house, which was rendered unlivable. The lack of income ruined his credit and drove him into bankruptcy. No funds meant Fabien had to bring the cats he rescued back to the SPCA to be put down. The stress and despair of all of this added to his PTSD resulted in a suicide attempt and hospitalization and it still took another month to fix.

VAC’s solution was ‘oops, well, we fixed the account number and gave you the money, so all’s well.’ It isn’t. Fabien’s home is still unlivable. He stays with his mother and his possessions are in a storage locker. He is still trying to heal his wounds which won’t happen as long as he is living this nightmare. He wants VAC to apologize and restore his house to the condition it was in before this started. Not a complete reno, just get him back to where he was.

Never mind that it is disgusting that a veteran should suffer this, never mind that someone who develops PTSD in service to us should be treated with extreme care, never mind all of that.  Just ask yourself this:

How long would you last with no income?

What would you do?

Fabien is not weak because this happened to him.  He is strong to have survived so much misery.  It is a mark of his strength of character that he has quietly fought his battle for fairness for the past 6 years.  His strong will is what allows him to deny himself food, to endue physical suffering along with the mental, in order that he might finally achieve the fairness he deserves.

In interviews today, Fabien had this to say:

“They kill me in 2004. They only thing left is just my bones and flesh and that’s it. So I am here to give them the rest of my remains. The only thing that’s left is doing my hunger strike.”


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