Ottawa drops the ball and leaves support of soldiers returning from Afghanistan to Veterans

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This letter to the editor is by our regular contributor Kenneth H. Young CD. BONNIE


Once again Ottawa and the Department of National Defence (DND) has chosen
to slight the needs and wishes of our fallen soldiers, their families and the
comrades serving with them. They again seem to be more worried by how it will look to our allies and foreign politicians rather than care for the feelings of our
soldiers, their families and the veterans of Canada. The very poor treatment
being extended to our Afghanistan Veterans is reminiscent of the
treatment handed to Korean Veterans half a century ago. Basically no treatment. There
were few if any Korean war monuments erected when they came home, and even the one erected by soldiers was buried rather then transported home  where the fallen soldiers’ loved ones could actually visit it.

Now DND tells us they do not think it is appropriate to celebrate the end of the combat mission in Afghanistan.

Therein lies the whole problem. They “don’t think.”

Well, there is at least one celebration in Niagara Falls, Ontario, that will continue as planned to mark or celebrate the end of our combat mission in Afghanistan.

The Canadian Veterans Rendezvous will be held July 8 –10 in Niagara, Ontario. More information can be found at

Once again what Government could and should be doing for our soldiers, their families and veterans is left to the good will and dedication of veterans.

Once again veterans will take up the mantle Ottawa has dropped.

Once again Canadian Veterans will show the Canadian Armed Forces that they are not
forgotten, and we stand behind them.

The words, “Lest we forget,” were penned for the last century’s two world wars, but for the Korean War, the Balkans,  Somalia, first Gulf War, Rwanda, Kosovo, countless Peacekeeping missions, the Cold War, Afghanistan, or basically anything since 1945 . . . what’s to forget? We’ve never been told the story and so the words that come to mind are, “Will they ever allow us to remember?”

Come to think of it, maybe Ottawa and its bureaucrats would rather we forget. That way they can continue to short change and deny our veterans proper care and compensation,
while they pay their lawyer buddies millions to keep us out of court, take millions in bonuses and continue to finance houses and gazebos in their home ridings.

I’m disgusted. Aren’t you?

Kenneth H. Young CD
Canadian Veterans Advocacy
Agent Orange Association of Canada


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