Demonstration of what our Afghan vets lived with every day

A former peacekeeper sent me this video with this message:

A graphic demonstration of what an immense danger IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) pose for our troops every day in places such as Afghanistan … Keep an eye on the slow moving truck on the left coming down the road towards the camera.  It looks like he is going slow to let the military truck behind him pass but, when it finally does, wham!  Either the civilian truck was full of explosives and another dimwit dispatched himself in search of his virgins, or the device was buried beside the road and some cowardly s.o.b. triggered it from a spot well clear of the danger zone – might even have been doing the filming.  

I doubt that there were many survivors in that military convoy.  jrs


Your life can be gone in a blink. Live, love and laugh well. The only moment you know is the one you have right now. BONNIE


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