Canadians, stand up for our veterans. Understand why they are protesting Nov. 5 and join them for the most crucial outspeak this country has ever experienced!

I am very pleased to post this call to arms by the founder of the Canadian Veterans’ Advocacy group, Michael L Blais CD. It’s time everyone pays attention to what he is telling you, because your sons and daughters, moms and dads, husbands and wives are critically affected if they have ever served in the Canadian military. BONNIE

Canadian Veterans Advocacy:              Mission – Team – Self.

by Michael L Blais CD

Many servicemen, veterans and wounded warriors are familiar with the operational mantra, Mission – Team – Self. I am reminded of it often when speaking with one of my personal inspirations, Canada’s 1st Veterans Ombudsman, Patrick Stogran. He is fond to remind me of the need of such a selfless mantra and its importance to the Canadian Veterans Advocacy’s credibility as we embark on a mission to ensure that all veterans, of all eras, are treated with an equitable standard of compassion, dignity and lifetime financial security.

The situation Canada’s wounded warriors are confronting today are dire and time-sensitive. The conservative government’s proposed 5-10 percent budgetary cuts to VACs operating mandate (150-300 MILLION Dollars) will bear consequences the programs and/or support levels Canada currently provides to the nations wounded warriors. Those who have been wounded and continue to serve are also in great danger as many of the Afghanistan wounded/families promised retention by CDS General Hillier in 2008 will now be subject to the repercussions of another broken promise. Should our wounded veterans prove incapable of passing the Canadian Forces Universality of Service fitness requirements, they will be forsaken to the unjust Chump Sum Award within the next three years! The much heralded Bill C-55’s injustices can be defined through Royal Canadian Legion Dominion President Patricia Varga’s charges of discrimination against WW2, Korean War and Peacekeeping veterans because they have been excluded from Bill C-55’s enhancements. The Office of the Veterans Ombudsman has substantiated two primary CVA issues of concern by challenging the government’s substandard policy on reservists and investigating the Veteran Review & Appeal Board.

The Canadians Veterans Advocacy is a staunch defender of our reservists, as warriors. We believe these valiant men and women have demonstrated they are good enough to deploy abroad, fight, bleed and die beside our professional soldiers and as such they damn well deserve the same level of respect and standards of compensation from Canada should they be wounded or injured. We are also optimistic the OVO’s investigation into the VRAB will enhance our efforts to seek judicial justice for those who have appealed to the courts, succeeded only to be denied again on review! The CVA believes no one and/or organization is above the court/laws/charter, that justice for many disabled veterans has not been served and as a consequence, veterans and their families have suffered great economic hardship. Is not the precept of one standard of justice the reason we bear arms to defend our nation and promote Canadian democracy abroad?  Is it not our duty to rally in defence of our wounded brothers/sisters in arms or when it occurs to them?

The answer…. Your damn right it is! Be a Canadian patriot… step up!

Mission- Redress the grotesque faults inherent within the New Veterans Charter (NVC) and restore the lifetime Sacred Bond between Parliament and Canada’s Sons and Daughters, a patriotic relationship abandoned in April, 2006, through the enactment of the NVC. We must accept the fact that as much as veterans are traditionally adverse to engage in any political action, we have NO CHOICE! We did not pick the field of battle, nor can we avoid it if we are to serve our troops and veterans who are in distress. Only PARLIAMENTARIANS can restore the Sacred Bond, the One Veteran, One Standard principles. We have united the champion. We must adapt, we must engage at the only effective level (Parliament) and do so with the same dedicated diligence we applied to our duties when in uniform.

Team – Do you still have the military spirit? Are you willing to put the mission, our mission, above the protocols of veterans’ organizations or associations unwilling to support a legal, democratic public protest designed solely to highlight the plight of our wounded warriors and to affect positive change?

The Canadian Veterans Advocacy is not asking for permission to do what is right. We are asking you and all Canadian patriots to listen to your heart, to recognize that this is more important than wearing red on Friday or even standing sentinel along the national and local Highway of Heroes. We are fighting for the living, those who have sacrificed great treasure; legs, arms, feet, hands, eyes, disfigurement, burns, mental trauma… by God, is it not our DUTY as Canadians to stand up for them now, when they need us most, when out traditional veterans organizations, after five years, have failed to redress the hardships our wounded warriors are confronting every single day?

Self. You, Johnny Canuck/Cunuckette, can make a great difference as individuals, united under one set of principles and independent of any organization. The CVA is dedicated to providing a platform to fight for improvements of our wounded warriors quality of life and lifetime financial security. We need your help! You do not have to be a CVA member, only a Canadian patriot willing to stand up for our troops and wounded warriors. The situation is serious.  Our obligation to the wounded needs must supersede any traditional aversions veterans may entertain about participating at the political level as we must accept the bitter reality of the situation. We have no alternative! We either individually and collectively adapt to the situation, engage and attain our elected representatives parliamentary support for NVC reform, or we abandon the Afghanistan generation of Canadian heroes to the substandard mandate of the New Veterans Charter. It takes courage to stand up for your brothers in arms, to do what is right, to recognize and accept your patriotic obligations and act responsibly. The act of one can be the deciding factor. Step up, this year on November 5th. Be the one!

Veterans. With all due respect, there is no expiration date on the Oath of Allegiance. Or to our loyalty to those to whom we have passed the torch, who proudly serve the regiments, ships, air units as we once did. You have served Canada with honour and distinction, across the globe, in war and peace, on the seas, land and sky. You fully comprehend the power of the Mission, Team, Self-Concept, understand that together we possess the courage, tenacity and resolve to do what is necessary to overcome adversity in Peace, War and now, at home, on behalf of those who stand on guard for thee. But only if we unite!

Answer the call to duty. Do not delay. Contact your MP ASAP. Respectfully insist that our wounded warriors are indeed a national treasure  and the budget responsible for Canada’s war wounded/injured welfare, treatment and financial stability must be exempt from budgetary cuts motivated by political zeal to pay off the national debt. On November 5th, stand tall, take one pace forward and add your voice to thousands of veterans and patriots across the nation as we, united and free, stand on guard for those who stand on guard for thee.

Pro Patria Semper Fidelis.

Michael L Blais CD
Founder/President, Canadian Veterans Advocacy

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