Updates on November 5 Veterans Protest Rally and Penny for Veterans campaign

The following two excerpts are from the newsletter produced by the CANADIAN VETERANS ADVOCACY. You can participate with our veterans across Canada in a national protest on Saturday, November 5, 2011. For more information, a contact and web address are listed at the bottom. BONNIE

Update – Canadian Veterans National Day of Protest  – 1100 hrs, November 5th , 2011

Exciting developments across the nation

Be mindful always, our message is respectful of our patriotic allegiance to the fallen and reflects the values that have made this nation great. Your presence on November 5th and our collective efforts to engage in dialogue with our MPs is vital if we are to apprise them of the seriousness of the hardship our veterans, their families and Canada’s war widows are confronting as a consequence of the New Veterans Charter.

The impact of a potential 300 million dollar cut to VACs budget is enormous. Please, the only way we can prevent this travesty is to convince the government that Canada’s Sons and Daughters are a national treasure, above debt induced austerity programs.

Parliament Hill Veterans Pilgrimage

The CVA’s objective is to provide a national platform wherein veterans and serving members can respectfully assemble on Parliament Hill to draw public attention to the primary issues responsible for the profound injustices our wounded warriors are encountering today.

Several leading veterans advocates have been invited to speak to these issues, patriots such as Sean Bruyea, an outspoken critic of the New Veterans Charter prior to its enactment and our cornerstone speaker last year. We are very optimistic that Sean will once again add his voice to ours. Kenneth Young, a long-time advocate for justice for all Agent Orange Victims, has confirmed that he will be traveling from British Columbia to speak about the government’s grotesquely exclusive compensation program. Eric Rebiere, a staunch advocate for RCMP and law enforcement officers who have served abroad, will be joining us from Kingston to speak to the problems of the VRAB. Perry Gray, an outspoken critic of the government’s treatment of veterans and editor of VVinfo and Dave Desjardins and his support dog Molly will, we hope, join Dennis Manuge, an independent veterans advocate who has taken the lead of the SISIP Clawback legal front!

It is important to note that the expense of travel is being born by each individual, that we believe that our quest is so important that they would travel from coast to coast at great expense to themselves. Please, if you live in the Ottawa valley, serving, retired or a civilian supporter, please, join us on Parliament Hill this year at the Tower of Peace and Victory chimes in the eleventh hour. Bring your wife, your children, ask your parents, brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues to demonstrate the values of this nation are worth fighting for with respect, dignity and courage. We are Canadian! We stand up for our Canadian Troops! We will make a difference!

Team Calgary

! Supporters in Alberta are encouraged to rally around Klaus Rimke, perhaps make a pilgrimage to Calgary to support the rally in front of Prime Minister Harper’s office. Klaus Rimke, aka Kaiser, President, 3rd CAV has stepped forth to carry the torch as Team Leader in Calgary and we are encouraging all veterans/patriots in Alberta to take advantage of this opportunity to join Team Calgary as we respectfully assemble in front of Mr. Harper’s riding office on November 5th, 2011.

VAC HQ Protest

Charlottetown, PEI. FRIDAY, Nov 4. TBA Veterans Advocate Sandy Brace (ret) has volunteered to take the lead in Charlottetown and we are encouraging veterans in PEI and the adjacent provinces to make an effort to support him in front of VAC Headquarters on Friday afternoon, 4 Nov, 2011.

Be advised that our message is directed at the government, not to those who serve at Veterans Affairs Canada. The choice of this location is to demonstrate our profound displeasure over the proposed 150-300 million dollars budget cuts to VAC’s budget, the discriminative consequences of Bill C=55 as it relates to our WW2, Korean and peacekeeping veterans and the profound inadequacies of the New Veterans Charter.

Pennies for Veterans

Homeless veterans who have spent summers living under bridges, begging on our major cities streets, couch hopping or sleeping in the open and alleys under cardboard boxes are already experiencing the consequences of the approaching winter. Cold rains have struck many of our cities, and as October comes, the temperature is certain to drop. The Canadian Veterans Advocacy is dedicated to assisting veterans who are in crisis, veterans who are struggling on the streets, broke, homeless, ofttime requiring medical assistance or suffering from mental health issues. The CVA has developed a unique relationship with Veterans Affairs Canada, particularly in Toronto with the Good Shepherd /VAC program. Most recently, we dispatched $1000 check to support Constable John Langford’s Back in Step program and his efforts to provide shelter for 30 homeless veterans. Our priority, now must lie in Halifax, Nova Scotia where VETS Canada, a modern veterans organization fully endorsed by the Canadian Veterans Advocacy, has taken the lead. Tragically, the VAC/Legion sponsored programs in British Columbia and Ontario are not in place and as such, even when VETS Canada’s front line troops identify a veteran in need, there is no assistance.

The situation is grim, neither the CVA or VETS Canada have the financial resources to fulfill this lack of services. Indeed, what we do provide is used for BASIC ESSENTIALS, like providing a clean set of clothes, a shower, a place to stay for a couple of evenings, some decent food. Some HELP for problems that are often resultant of PTSD, something that was not recognized when these veterans served. Winter is looming, on the East Coast. It will soon be bitter cold! Can you help? Can you donate your spare change? That box, bag or jar of pennies? I can assure you, your contribution will be dedicated on a priority level based on providing REAL help. Lives are on the balance, you can support hope where hope has been abandoned…

Bank- Bank of Montreal, Account- Pennies for Veterans, Transit # =0005, Account #1143-271…../


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/CdnVetsAdvocacy/

Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/CdnVetsAdvocacy

Message Brd http://canadianveteransadvocacy.com/board/index.php

CVA Website http://www.canadianveteransadvocacy.com/index.html


Founder Michael L Blais CD

Email: info@canadianveteransadvocacy.com


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