Happy Thanksgiving from a vet to all our vets

Kenneth H. Young CD often writes posts for Homecoming Vets and today he sends a message of THANKSGIVING. BONNIE

Many people today wonder what there is to be thankful for but to them I say, “Stop for a minute and think about it.” There are many of our fellow Veterans who are still homeless, hungry and with reason feel abandoned by the very government who they served with distinction, in wars not of their making, Peacekeeping in foreign lands or even at home doing what was supposed to be safe training, such as the chalk river spill, the October (FLQ) crises and even so called safe training like Gagetown, Suffield and the Petawawa jump which took many of my friends’ lives.

We, unlike too many others, survived to tell the story, to let Canadians know what is still today going on in their names and at the expense of our Veterans; nevertheless, if you are reading this on my Facebook, or here on Homecoming Vets, you have a computer, hydro, a place to keep it dry and Friends (some might even say your Internet Family).

 So, if all else fails, we have each other, our stories and our personal battles yet to fight. That is something that we must all be thankful for, because just a few short years back we all had to fight these battles on our own, without any support or the knowledge we now have and we have become true friends and comrades in arms for a common purpose.

So Happy Thanksgiving. Eat, drink and be wary, for tomorrow we do battle once again and the cause is just.
Kenneth H. Young CD
Canadian Veterans Advocacy
Agent Orange Association of Canada


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One Response to Happy Thanksgiving from a vet to all our vets

  1. Bonnie – My heartfelt thanks for sharing this post with me. Our warriors have been abandoned by their government and it’s a crying shame. If only I could do more to help the cause than publish my book . . . if so, please let me know. Did you see my last week’s post?

    Hugs, Nancy MacMillan @ http://blogofavetswife.blogspot.com/

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