Former Army medical officer observes Petawawa’s mental health care abysmal

It seems I am not the only one wondering what planet Canada’s Surgeon General lives on. In today’s Toronto Star, Dr. Jason Bailey writes in his letter to the editor that he doesn’t understand how Commodore Hans Jung can claim that our Canadian Forces medical system is “ready for the worst” when it comes to managing mental illness in Canada’s Afghanistan veterans.

If you recall in earlier blogs, I had written about the removal of civilian Petawawa psychological services for our vets creating further crises for vets and families needing counselling and psychological services, and at that time VAC claimed they were handling the cases on the base just fine.

Well, read this doctor’s letter to the Toronto Star’s editor and weep. BONNIE

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 — LETTER TO THE EDITOR, Toronto Star  
re: Invisible battle rages on after soldiers come home, Oct. 10 

“Although I can’t speak to the entire military I worked for, I was at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa as a military physician from 2007-10 and can attest that the resources for mental health care on that base and the capacity of the medical system in Petawawa to handle mental illnesses are abysmal at best.

“There is a massive shortage of mental health workers and psychiatrists as well as a total disconnect between the primary care physicians and the mental health care system.

“It would take a near miracle at best for anyone with a major mental illness to actually achieve even a slight semblance of recovery with the way the system works in Petawawa right now. The Surgeon General needs to act right now to address mental health resources to Petawawa, and this all starts with first recognizing that the current system is nowhere close to being ‘ready for the worst.’

“Until that happens, our poor soldiers will continue to suffer at the hands of a neglectful military medical system, which is supposed to be helping them.”

Jason Bailey, MD, Ottawa

So many legitimate reasons to join our veterans in their protest November 5, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. in front of the parliament buildings. Ottawa’s spin on veterans’ treatment is no longer credible.


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