Canadian Veterans 2nd National Day of Protest 2011 an outstanding success!!

By Michael L Blais CD
Founder/President, Canadian Veterans Advocacy



Team Fredericton mounted a charge with 40 dedicated veterans and supporters. Their efforts attracted the attention of four television stations, three radio stations, four newspapers with a collective maritime audience of hundreds of thousands, if not over a million Canadians. That was the objective and forty brave men and women attained it!!!!

We had excellent press coverage on a national level prior to the event. All the national papers, local and national radio inclusive of a face-to-face with Don Martin on power-play CTV at prime time.

Think of it. Before the day of protest arrived, we created a platform to deliver the MESSAGE to MILLIONS OF CANADIANS?

That is the epitome of mission success; there is no doubt, compared to last year, our MESSAGE delivery footprint has expanded by quantum dimensions!

Protest Day was even better. The day started with an excellent CBC national radio wherein Dennis Manuge and I were interviewed about the issues and Dennis laid out his bombshell in reference to the privacy violations on his medical file. On Parliament Hill, we had outstanding coverage by every national network and afterwards were accorded an opportunity to do individual interviews with CTV, CBC and the Sun news network and a dozen or more telephone interviews with print and radio across the land. These clips/interviews were replayed numerous times over the 24 hours and on the local/regional tv stations during the 5, 6 and 11 pm newscycles. They repeated the morning re: a.m. news shows!

Think about the primary objective!!!! To create a platform to spread the message!


And we sustained that message for three days. Wait, I have Vancouver radio tomorrow, make that four days! How many listeners? Add another couple of hundred thousand to the MESSAGE delivered list! Then there is the newsprint that does print on Sunday!

We have just begun. Check out the headlines, the prestigious nature of the institutions that are broadcasting or printing our message. Then consider of how many times that message was repeated re tv/radi.internet over the past 24 hours, my God, when we were driving home from Ottawa over 24 hours later, they were still talking about it on 680 AM radio. We had a spot in every cycle since 11 o’clock the afternoon before. How many people in Toronto listen to that station, I would suggest hundreds of thousands, maybe over a million plus on a provo level/internet compliments of one station alone!!

Good job to everybody who got out and made a difference. We may be few in operational numbers, but NO ONE can deny that our voices have reached out to MILLIONS of Canadians this past weekend and that, boys and girls, was the primary mission of the Canadian Veterans National Day of Protest 2011.

Mission Accomplished!
























Michael L Blais CD

Founder/President, Canadian Veterans Advocacy



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2 Responses to Canadian Veterans 2nd National Day of Protest 2011 an outstanding success!!

  1. Bonnie, I applaude you for the dedicated work you’re doing for your vets. They’re so fortunate to have you on their side, bringing the reality of their crisis to the frontline. If only I were brave enough to do the same here in the states . . .

  2. Nancy, we each do what we can according to how we are called. You must not demean your own very important contribution because you think it is less brave. It is not. We can never measure ourselves against others because we will never be good enough. This is why I find the philosopohy of “Desiderata” one of the easiest to follow. In fact, I could not attend the rally for personal reasons, but I wanted to attend. Every vet who stands up to defend our freedom of speech and to defend themselves against abusive treatment are part of the movement for change — change for the better, and it’s happening in other NATO countries as well as Canada and the United States.


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