Another open letter to our Veterans Affairs Minister re: inadequacies of Public Services Health Care Plan

Ken is a staunch supporter of the CVA and at his own expense traveled from BC to Ottawa on November 5th to speak out against the government’s treatment of veterans and their families exposed to Agent Orange in Gagetown over decades, not days. Mike L.Blais/Chairman and Founder of CVA

Open Letter to the Minister of Veterans Affairs, Mr. Steven Blaney, concerning the PSHCP and Veterans.

Dear Mr. Steven Blaney, P.C., M.P. and Minister of Veterans Affairs.

Thank you for you letter, dated Dec 06, 2011 concerning the Public Services Health Care Plan (PSHCP).

I realize that your office has no authority, derestriction nor control over the administration of the PSHCP and rightfully so; however, you do have a responsibility to all Veterans and any issue which troubles, adversely, directly or indirectly affects them. You are after all the Minister of , “Veterans Affairs” and the affairs of Veterans are your portfolio as well as responsibility. If I am mistaken in this belief please let me know and then go to the press and let the rest of our Canadian Veterans also know that when concerning Veterans issues if you personally do not have explicit authority, that you will pull a “Pontius Pilot” and wash your hands of the problem or in other words the responsibility which I believe was given you when you were made, “The Minister of Veterans Affairs.”

I have contacted Sun Life and my personal problem has been dealt with; however, most Veterans do not have the resources which I have when dealing with the Sun Life company as my personal (civilian)Company has all of our Company as well as our Employee’s medical, and dental insurance through them and therefore more then a small financial incentive for them to correct my little problem with them and even providing executive help.

I did not bring this issue to your attention in order to solicit your aid in resolving my small problem. I am a member of Canadian Veterans Advocacy and because this issue affects all veterans, I brought it to your attention so that you might be informed and through your dealings with other departments in Ottawa try to have the questions which arise because of a Sun Life’s Company policy which adversely affects the welfare and lives of Veterans (and all other Public Services Workers) could be resolved by yourself, before it becomes a National as well as Public issue.

You must admit that many Veterans would be adversely affected if all of a sudden they were to find out that all of their medications costs was once again to be carried by themselves, if they were out of their Province of residence when the need for medications occurred due to theft, loss of luggage or accidental destruction such as water damage to their pharmaceuticals. Many Veterans would not have the resources or capital to pay (up-front) and out of pocket $500, $600 and in the case of many cancer drugs, as much as $3000. As it was explained to me by Sun Life, if the Province you normally reside in doesn’t happen to have an out of Province health care plan coverage for pharmaceuticals, your Sun Life card is of no use to the client and you will have to pay up-front, keep the receipts and claim at a later date from Sun Life, and we all know what this would mean if you were out of country.

Just because I had enough money in my pocket when this happened to me and was personally successful in resolving the problem when concerning my individual medication purchases, in no way fixes the problem for other Veterans nor does it change the fact that Veterans can and are being held as pharmaceutical hostages in their own Province by Sun Life Canada. This is wrong and it is a Veterans issue, which I believe is where your authority as well as responsibility does lie. You might want to also inform the department in Ottawa who are responsible for the Public Services Workers to this problem because it will affect them too and by extension, every department in Ottawa who uses public services workers.

Again thank you for your time and consideration.

Kenneth H. Young CD
Canadian Veterans Advocacy


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One Response to Another open letter to our Veterans Affairs Minister re: inadequacies of Public Services Health Care Plan

  1. carrie says:

    Well said, Ken Young.

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