New Democrats repeat call for inquiry into Veterans Affairs

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Today I received this note from Mike Blais with the attached NDP press release. I have nothing more to add because I agree with Mike. Pictured to the right is NDP Member of Parliament, Peter Stoffer, who repeats his call for an investigation into VAC. BONNIE 

Fellow Veterans:

What is wrong with this picture? Was not this resolved last year, were promises not made to veterans that their fundamental and decent right to privacy would be protected, that what happened to Colonel Patrick Stogran and Captain Sean Bruyea would never happen again?

What does it take for justice to be served in this nation?

An RCMP investigation? Criminal charges? I would suggest only the threat of legal ramifications will curb this unsavoury practice, that a formal complaint is perhaps long overdue.

Michael L Blais CD
Founder/President, Canadian Veterans Advocacy
6618 Harper Drive, Niagara Falls, Ont, Cda.
L2E 7K6 // 905-357-3306 // Cell 905-359-9247


JANUARY 26, 2012 

OTTAWA Peter Stoffer, Official Opposition Critic for Veterans Affairs has again called for an inquiry into the Department of Veterans Affairs as more revelations of privacy breaches come to light. 

“More veterans’ advocates have come forward with documents that demonstrate the Department has violated their privacy and that briefing notes were prepared for use by the previous Minister and his staff.  It’s time for a full public inquiry into how this Department handles veterans’ records. 

“My constituent, Dennis Manuge, is now posting documents online that he uncovered through an Access to Information Request,” said Stoffer.  “It is shocking to see that departmental staff prepared a briefing note for the Minister with information related to his pensioned conditions and advocacy work, just because the veteran wished to join a local client advisory committee.” 

“It boggles the mind that with approximately 215,000 clients to serve, the department is spending a lot of its time preparing briefing notes for the Minister on certain veterans. Why? The whole thing seems Orwellian.”     

Stoffer noted that the audit being completed by the Privacy Commissioners’ office into how Veterans Affairs Canada handles its clients’ privacy protection cannot come soon enough.   

“The Minister said he took action over a year ago to strengthen controls for veterans’ privacy but these revelations really cloud his commitment.  I call on the Department to get to the bottom of this issue now and launch an inquiry into departmental procedures and practices.”


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2 Responses to New Democrats repeat call for inquiry into Veterans Affairs

  1. Wayne DeHaan says:

    Maybe they will stumble across some of the dozens of letters I sent out to VAC & all the way up to Peter McKay about my missing medical files! A 28 page mental evaluation that made it to VAC than disappeared into thin air. for over 3 years I asked them where my files were with very little interest from them. I was told to just let it go!
    I still search the internet for signs of it out there as some college kids school project on PTSD.
    If that didn’t make me feel worthless enough, my last Canadian Forces medal was mailed to me, not presented like anything important might be. So it sits in my junk drawer with all the other useless junk I own. I refuse to wear it!
    Pro Patria to all my Brothers out there! Be safe.

  2. Wayne, that is plumb disgraceful that you have been treated this way!!! Another reason for advocates to go to battle.


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