Invitation to bring your case of exposure to depleted uranium

 Joe Hueglin requests that those vets who know they have suffered from the effects of exposure to depleted uranium please get in touch with him immediately. His contact information follows his remarks. Thanks Joe for bringing your advocacy to our attention. BONNIE

There is, as I’ve found over the last six months, a disconnect between the positions of the U.S., the U.K. and Canadian Governments and reality.

They refuse to recognize that those who were in combat zones suffered exposure to radioactivity from the firing of munitions containing DU, depleted uranium. Radioactive particles inhaled continue to radiate and are the cause of many ailments varying from person to person but always becoming more severe over time.

The most distressing effect in the long-term is the alteration in DNA that occurs, that can be passed on to a mate in sexual relations and that can deform their children. Such is present among civilian populations where there has been intensive fighting.

The Governments have used science. The tests they have used are so structured they diagnose for what will not be present for depleted uranium is not to be found but rather isotopes of uranium which have not been tested for.

The American government on February 23rd in a MEMORANDUM from the Assistant Secretary of Defense published on the same day as was the “VA Gulf War Research Strategic Plan Revised DRAFT 2012Jan23″ effectively closed its books. Research would continue but not on depleted uranium as a cause. This had been undertaken and no relationship established.

The MEMORANDUM was timely as well for the Scientific Advisory Committee established through the promise made to Pascal Lacoste is to meet shortly. The MEMORANDUM from the American ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF DEFENSE will beyond doubt weigh greatly in its deliberations and conclusions.

Science, it is being asserted, proves there is no relationship between the unhappy occurrences and DU. In fact, Science can prove a relationship. The assay has been developed and recognized. The active participation of Canadian veterans in the field since 1991 is necessary to do so for presentation to the Scientific Advisory Committee.

This is presented as a challenge, as “un défi” to participate in this battle.

Reply here or to one of my co-ordinates, please.

Joe Hueglin,
Joe Hueglin


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