Conservatives lob serious breach over heads of Canadians in Veterans Affair Committee

We can trust the Harper Government to be Harperites, but not everybody is ready to roll over and play dead. BONNIE


MP Foote Concerned about Conservative Cover-Up at Veterans Affairs Committee

Posted on February 16, 2012

MP Foote Supports Privacy of Law Abiding Canadians  

Member of Parliament for Random-Burin-St. George’s, Judy Foote, is concerned that a recent Liberal motion at the Veterans Affairs Committee may have been swept under the rug by Conservatives in a bid to cover-up any public discovery of wrong doing by the Harper government.

“Last fall it was discovered that the Conservatives tried to bully our veterans in an effort to silence criticism of the Harper government. When veterans spoke up to defend their rights, the Conservative government sifted through their personal records. In response to that action, on November 18, 2011, Liberals put forward a motion in the Veterans Affairs Committee that was ignored by the Conservatives on the committee who have a majority and get to decide the agenda for the meeting. When it became clear that the Conservatives had not stopped snooping into the private files of our veterans, Liberals again moved the motion on February 14, 2012. It was apparent the government’s abuse of power and intimidation tactics needed to be openly studied. That is why the Liberal member on the committee called on the government again not to exercise its power in committee by forcing the decision to hold public hearings behind closed doors and rejecting the Liberal motion in a secret meeting. Unfortunately, this week, the Conservatives forced the debate of the Liberal motion behind closed doors into a secret in-camera meeting. The courageous veterans from Random-Burin-St. George’s and the rest of Canada deserve better.” stated Foote.

“The committee minutes show that the motion was not passed during the meeting and is no longer on notice at the committee. I am deeply concerned that the debate on the motion was forced into secret so that Conservatives could vote down the motion and hide the truth from Canadians about how the Harper government is treating our veterans, ” said Foote.

“Veterans from coast to coast to coast have courageously served our country through sacrifice and hardship.  The Conservatives must stop violating the rights of our brave veterans and come clean in open and transparent hearings,” said Foote.

Full Text of Liberal Motion: “That, in light of alleged recent breaches of privacy in which political staff from the office of the Minister of Veterans Affairs may have repeatedly accessed the personal records of at least one veteran, the Standing Committee on Veteran Affairs conduct extensive open and public hearings in order to better understand what safeguards currently exist to protect the privacy of veterans; That the Committee provide recommendations to the government to better protect the privacy of our veterans and ensure  access to personal or medical records is properly restricted to prevent their use for political purposes or accessed by political officials to intimidate veterans; That the Committee be tasked with finding  what “best practices” exists in other jurisdictions to protect the privacy of veterans and that the Committee report its findings back to the House within two sitting weeks after completion of its study.


Media Contact:  Judy M. Foote (709) 832-1383


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2 Responses to Conservatives lob serious breach over heads of Canadians in Veterans Affair Committee

  1. Eric Rebiere says:

    Bonnie just another autocratic move by the Harper crowd to perpetuate the conspiracy of cover-up which is just another aspect of the Robocall scandal and the alleged Criminal Conspiracy by myself Eric Rebiere, Dennis Manuge, Derrick Zimmerman, Sylvain Chartrand and now Former RCMP Sgt. Claude Scott who has joined our group complaint to the Privacy Commissioner. With all this happening its really all part in parcel of the intent by a select group high up in the food chain of the Conservative Government to do all this. Imagine a centre hub with lines going to these so far 3 incidents of illegal complicit acts i.e. Our alleged Conspiracy to contravene the Privacy Act, the conspiracy to harass Harold Leduc by his fellow VRAB Board members, and now the RoboCall scandal which is an alleged illegal act to interfere with a federal election. Actually the 4th is the cover up in the Veterans Affairs Committee.

    The thing about Criminal Conspiracies is they get real messy and I know this because I have been involved with a lot of them over my 24 year career in the RCMP. Suddenly those involved will be offered the deal and become what is know as a Non Indited Co Conspirator who testifies against those that perpetuated the said conspiracy in the first place. Who wants the deal and not everyone can get it because those really responsible for breaking the law have to ride the lightening.

    Stay tuned because its going to get interesting. Loved the story about the leaked VAC documents in regards to the long time VAC cover up of privacy breaches into disabled veterans files. Can this get more interesting? Stay tuned folks because it is.
    Eric Rebiere (Former Cst RCMP 37515 LSGC and Canadian Army Veteran)

  2. Bonnie Toews says:

    Yes, it is going to be very interesting reading, though none of you should have to go through what you are to shed light on Conservative shenanigans. Thank goodness criminal conspiracies unravel. It would be disheartening to think that these cheese gates get away with anything.


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