Vet writes to VAC minister: VRAB is broken and needs to be fixed

Kenneth H. Young CD has written a public letter to the Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada. It follows. BONNIE

Dear Mr. Blaney,

There is no doubt in the minds of Veterans and there can be little doubt to anybody else that the Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB) is broken. There is even less doubt that, as it stands and if it remains the same as it is now, it can’t be fixed.
Then again, when you take human nature into account and the place X number of people in a position where they in effect can play God with people’s lives and at the same time place them above the laws of the land without any checks and balances, what did we really expect?

The VRAB has been making rulings and decisions in the dark, adding or subtracting evidence as they see fit even after the Veteran has no more right to answer to any new evidence, which in my humble opinion is against natural law and therefore if it isn’t already illegal here in Canada, it should be and very quickly.

The very fact that the people charged with protecting all Veterans personal and private medical, military and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) files, see no problem, or no conflict with doing exactly the opposite — and as it seems right now without any fear of consequences, in my opinion is reason enough to demand drastic changes to a system and department in Canada, which is no longer doing what it was designed to do and hasn’t for a long time. The VRAB making their decisions and rulings without even telling Veterans how or why they made these decisions just adds more fuel for the fire.

Maybe it is the fact that they answer to no one, that there has been no checks and balances, that no one seems to know how they arrive at their decisions, that there are bonuses, pay rises, promotions and further appointments involved, we should have expected the very outcome we are now faced with. I don’t know. But something needs to be done and quickly.

A full public and judicial inquiry would help if for no other reason then to identify further problems then the ones I just mentioned above. It however isn’t the only thing which is essential to correct the problem for Veterans, and we veterans wouldn’t want a toothless inquiry being used as an aid to condemn a few and then to carry on as if nothing ever happened. We want and need real change. There must be Veteran input from all ranks and I dare say that any Veterans organization who wishes to participate would need to canvas their Veterans before endorsing any Government proposal.

At this very time in History, most Veterans’ groups and organizations are willing to work to this end with the Government. Is the Government willing to do the same?


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One Response to Vet writes to VAC minister: VRAB is broken and needs to be fixed

  1. Murray Scott says:

    This is all old news….perhaps we need to start sending letters with many signatures ….most Members of Government know that every signature is equal to eight votes……
    We are no better than the Government if we don’t send letters of protest with some type of substance….We know that Steven Blaney pretends to care…but in reality he is more interested in pretending to care for Veterans by getting media time that he doesn’t deserve. Mr. Blaney do you really think you are qualified to be Minister of Veteran Affairs….with no Military experience how do you ever expect the Veterans to respect you…I know you won’t answer any questions about your lack of Military experience…Perhaps Mr. Blaney you will offer to debate one of our members?. Steven Blaney takes three to six months to reply to letters…that should speak volumes…..We know that Steven has no intention what-so-ever to fix the VRAB. When we get Crown Attorney LarLee at the head of VRAB then it is time to wake up and realize that the message Harper is sending is not about his suit size it is about making sure the Veterans don’t get what they were promised….
    Mr.Larlee hides away from the Veterans ….he has been ordered to not say a word and stay out of the public eye ….and if he follows those directions he will be protected….is Crown Larlee afraid of the little old Veteran….why doesn’t Crown Larlee offer to debate our Veterans….I am sure Mr.Harper will take the handcuffs of Crown Larlee for one little debate? Mr. Larlee come out come out wherever you are……

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