CVA Founder/President thanks veterans for support and praises first steps made

I think we can deem this effort a major...
Mike Blais Rcr Cfds  
I think we can deem this effort a major success as far as objectives are concerned. The last time I spoke with Minister Blaney, I urged him to fight for us, that even one percent was a victory… I also think that our collective efforts for the past month and half have borne fruit, that the many who emailed, called or spoke to their parliamentarians did make a difference, a profound difference in fact!!!!!!

You have all done a magnificent job and I truly believe without our collective efforts, the cuts would have been far more devastating than they are. Now lets keep up the good work, as noted prior to D Day, this is but a skirmish. We must continue to work on implementing comprehensive measures to ensure that the veterans at St Ann de Bellevue have the same quality of life they now enjoy and, of course, to zero in on the mission statements many outstanding issues.

We must also, as patriots, be gracious in victory and offer our sincere appreciation to Minister Blaney and the Conservatives for listening to our voice and the voicea of the national veterans stakeholders. We were all fighting for the same thing and ti would be profoundly unfair to ignore the contributions of the NATO Veterans Association, the , It would have been better for a full exclusion yet, we must be cognizant that a 1 percent hit would be far more far preferable than a a whopping 350 million catastrophic blow…

God willing, this is the beginning a new chapter in our quest for justice, for the implementation of the One Veteran, One Standard programs that acknowledge this nations life time, sacred obligation to those who stand on guard for thee.

On a personal level, I would extend my profound gratitude to everybody whop participated in their own ways. You may not think that it has an impact but I would suggest that, when one objectively considers the result, one cannot doubt that it has. I am very, very grateful.

Pro Patria Semper Fidelis



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