CVA appeals for federal support of Nova Scotia Supreme Court’s ruling that supports veterans

Peter MacKay, Canadian Member of Parliament fo...

CVA Warning order – SISIP Ruling – Operation Positive Review
From Michael L Blais CD

Shot over…

Serving members, fellow veterans, mother, fathers, sons and daughters of those who stand on guard for thee.

I am reaching out to you today to seek your support in a unjust matter that affects over 4500 disabled veterans, men and women who for decades have had their Veterans Affairs Canada pension for PAIN and SUFFERING offset by the SISIP LTD program. This morning, the Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruled in favour of veterans…

“The practical consequence of the claimed offset is to substantially reduce or to extinguish the LTD coverage promised to members of the Class by the SISIP Policy with particularly harsh effect on the most seriously disabled CF members who have been released from active service. That is an outcome that could not reasonably have been intended and I reject it unreservedly.”

“Having determined that the Defendant’s offset of Pension Act disability benefits from LTD income payable under the SISIP Policy is not contractually justified, it is unnecessary to consider the second issue raised by the parties. A further case-management meeting with counsel will be convened to discuss the implications of this decision for the continuation of the proceeding.”

“THIS COURT ORDERS that the Defendant’s offset of Pension Act disability benefits from the SISIP LTD income payable to the Plaintiff and to the other members of the Class is in breach of Article 24(a)(iv) of the SISIP policy. ”

Defence Minister Peter Mackay spoke in the House of Commons during Question Period today that the government would review the decision before deciding on whether to appeal or not.

“Mr. Speaker, I believe the member opposite is a lawyer. He would know this decision has just been rendered today by the Federal Court. The Department of Justice and the Department of National Defence will review this case. Until such time it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

Accordingly, the Canadian Veterans Advocacy has launched a campaign to encourage veterans and their patriotic supporters to invoke a positive review by emailing, writing, telephoning or speaking in person to Minister MacKay and Minister Nicholson to this issue and the Sacred Obligation they and parliament have to those they send to war and, most importantly, those who have suffered the mental and physical consequences of war and peace.

Sometimes, it takes more than just wearing a red t-shirt on Friday or sticking a yellow ribbon on your car to SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!

Sometimes, saying prayers for those who serve in Harm’s Way is just not enough.

Sometimes, Canadians must be inspired to do something of patriotic significance if they are to stand on guard for those who have sacrificed greatly in Canada’s name.

Please. There is a very limited window of opportunity for Canadians to act. It will only take a minute by email, the addresses are included!

Simply email Defence Minister Peter Mackay, Minister of Justice Robert Nicholson and me, Michael Blais, Canadian Veterans Advocacy (so that I might post these letters in a public forum to ensure they are recognized, not file 13’d). All you have to ask of them, with all due respect, is to NOT TO APPEAL the Nova Scotia Supreme Court SISIP ruling and to restore the patriotic intent of Parliament.

You can make a difference, WE can make a difference, but only if we fulfill OUR sacred obligation to our brothers and sisters in arms, to Canada’s sons and daughters.

Contact Details.
Email – copy and paste,,

Snail Mail, Fax, Telephone

Minister of National Defense Peter Mackay
509s Center Block
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson
515-S Centre Block
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6
tel: 613-995-1547
fax: 613-992-7910


Subject: Don’t Appeal SISIP ruling: Do the Right Thing

Dear Member of Parliament, Prime Minister Harper, Minister MacKay and
Minister Blaney,

On May 1st, 2012, the Federal Court of Canada sent a clear message: the SISIP clawback is unjust, harsh and deprives disabled Canadian Forces members of modest financial solace for their pain and suffering.

I am writing today as your constituent to request that you do everything in
your power to ensure the Government of Canada honour the ethical, moral,
and now legal obligation to immediately end the SISIP clawback on a go-forward basis, and reimburse all disabled veterans whose SISIP benefits have been clawed back by Pension Act payments in the past.

Please show your support for Canada’s veterans by not appealing this

The SISIP clawback is wrong, and Canada’s disabled veterans deserve better
than another 5 years in court fighting their own government.


Alain D QC

Michael L Blais CD
Founder/President, Canadian Veterans Advocacy
6618 Harper Drive, Niagara Falls, Ont, Cda.
L2E 7K6 // 905-357-3306 // Cell 905-359-9247


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One Response to CVA appeals for federal support of Nova Scotia Supreme Court’s ruling that supports veterans

  1. Paul Melanson says:

    Thanks for all the work you are doing for Veterans of the C.F and RCMP.

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