What is really behind the shooting of Veteran Greg Matters?

Every day we seem to read more sad news. For veterans, the most shocking is the news B.C. police killed a fellow veteran in a long stand-off. For Eric Rebiere, a former RCMP constable and military veteran, he questions the validity of the news reports because none of it makes sense according to his experience. Here, he offers his perspective of the complicated and tragic case. BONNIE


As a Military veteran and RCMP veteran,  I was sick when I read this tragic story of fellow disabled veteran with PTSD being shot by the RCMP . I am a 24-year veteran of the RCMP and as a result of my two UN missions to the former Yugoslavia, PTSD ended my career. My heart goes out to the Matter’s family, and I want to think that something different could have been done to avoid Greg’s fatal shooting.

I am writing this in order to present a perspective in regards to all the negative comments aimed at the RCMP, as a whole painting 20,000 plus RCMP officers with the dysfunctional brush of incompetence.

In fairness to all involved in this tragedy, I want to present an objective perspective that needs to be said until the truth of what actually happened comes to light after the investigation is done by the BC Independent Investigations Office looking into this tragic incident.

All must remember no news agency was present as the long standoff took place. I have two news articles about the Matter’s shooting: one Canadian Press story posted by the CBC and the other a Canadian Press story in the Globe and Mail regarding Greg’s contact with the The Prince George Citizen News Paper.

The first thing that people need to realize is that newspapers exist to sell newspapers and need stories like this to make money. Newspapers make mistakes. In this case, the Canadian Press story posted by the CBC was later amended:

Corrections and Clarifications
In an earlier version of this story The Canadian Press erroneously reported that Greg Matters’s sister, Tracey, said he may have been suicidal. In fact, Tracey Matters did not say her brother may have been suicidal.
Sept 14, 2012|12:00 p.

Was Greg Matters prevented from talking to his doctor at the Vancouver OSI clinic by the RCMP? Greg’s sister made the comment in the CBC story that he was prevented from talking to his doctor. Was he? Did Greg reach out to the OSI clinic during the standoff? He stated that he would rather talk to his doctor at the OSI clinic other than the The Prince George Citizen newspaper, which was described as “conflicting.”

It makes no sense for the RCMP to prevent Greg Matters from reaching out to his doctor at the OSI clinic in Vancouver by cellular phone or land line if it would end the stand-off with the RCMP peacefully. The priority is to de-escalate situations like this.

Did the RCMP cut Greg’s phone line or jamb his cell phone if he had one? Why? Did Greg have a cell phone, and if he did, what prevented him from calling the OSI clinic in Vancouver? Did he? Do people out there actually believe the RCMP cut Greg’s phone line or was jamming his cell phone and or shut down the cell tower in the area to isolate Greg? Why would the RCMP do this? So they could kill him? I personally do not think so.

Was Greg’s doctor at the OSI clinic available if Greg had in fact called? I know from personal experience that the RCMP would not go to Greg’s residents with the soul intention of killing a veteran.

The newspapers reported that a violent altercation had taken place between Greg and his brother resulting in a car chase, car crash and a fight. What was the conflict between Greg and his brother that resulted in this violent altercation? There is much more to this story than what appears on the surface. Did the newspapers get their facts straight? Did Greg’s sister get all the facts before making the statement that her brother was not allowed to call his doctor at the OSI clinic in Vancouver?

I repeat: The responsibility of all Police services is to de-escalate violent situations and to prevent situations from getting violent and out of control so that no one gets hurt, either the suspect or the police officer(s) involved.

Being a trained Volunteer of the OSISS program here in Kingston and a long-time advocate for the Harper Government to fund the Occupational Stress Injury Social Support program for the RCMP that desperately needs OSISS, I would personally like to know if the RCMP officers at the scene knew what they were dealing with? Did they know Greg was a Canadian military veteran with PTSD? Did The Prince George Citizen newspaper pass on to the RCMP when they received the emails from Greg Mathers during the stand-off that he had PTSD?

Greg had stated, according to The Prince George Citizen, in his emails that he was seeing a doctor at the OSI clinic in Vancouver. Knowing this, we can reasonably assume that Greg was suffering from an OSI i.e. Post Traumatic Stress Injury. Was this relayed to the RCMP? Did the RCMP officers, in particular the officer-in-charge, know about dealing with a person with an Occupational Stress Injury like PTSD and the triggers an individual would react to with police at the door. especially an RCMP tactical team. Did the officer-in-charge of the situation have the appropriate training in regards to dealing with persons with OSI’s like PTSD?

The Harper Government’s reluctance to fund the OSISS program for the RCMP, which also includes the important aspect of education about Occupational Stress Injuries like PTSD, may well be a mitigating circumstance in the death of Greg Mathers. If this is the case, I would think the Harper Government has a measure of responsibility in Greg’s death.

The RCMP themselves in 2006 and recently in 2010 recommended the OSISS program in two detailed reports. These recommendations have fallen on deaf ears. It really pisses me off to know that, after a tragic incident like this, Minister of Defence Mackay’ reaction is to throw 11 million taxpayers’ dollars (of course by the blessing of his boss Prime Minister Harper) in order to pay for more help for Canadian Veterans suffering from PTSD like Greg Mathers. Would it not be a prudent move to throw a few million dollars that would be well spent for funding the OSISS program for the RCMP, which would include education at all levels. Was the lack of education about OSI a factor in all this?

I know the value of the OSISS program and have helped a good number of military veterans over the years, but the Harper Government has forsaken the RCMP as far as the OSISS program goes. Yet, after a tragedy like this, always seems to have sufficient taxpayers’ money to throw at a problem after one takes place.

I really feel for Greg and his family and do wish things could have ended differently. The truth will come out and those who deserve to ride the lightening ride it.

As for now, I know the officer who shot Greg Matters has to live with this for life and to what end? There is only pain all around when this happens. All I ask is that people out their reserve their judgment of the RCMP until the facts come out once the investigation has come to a conclusion.

There are a lot of RCMP officers all over Canada – some 20,000 plus – who are doing their duty to protect Canadian society to the best of their abilities, both here and on missions abroad. Of course there are exceptions to the rule within all Canadian Police agencies, even within the Canadian military. A fact of life: All Canadians deserve due process, and in this case, the Mathers family as well as the RCMP.

Eric Rebiere (Former Cst. RCMP 37515 LSGC and Military Veteran)




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  1. Wayne DeHaan. says:

    Eric raises many good points about this lethal force shooting of Greg Matters. I find some of it a little one sided though. Throughout Canada we have a large number of RCMP. in any large group there is always a collection of “less than suitable” personnel. the RCMP have shown us several examples here in BC just in the last few years! go back in time by 50 years & watch how the police disarm a man who is having mental issues. Most times it was just good ol’ brute force or a well placed crack with the night stick & the offender was restrained. Did they not have bean bag guns, Tazers, additional troops to overwhelm the Veteran? Why not a shot to the legs? It was dark, Maybe the officer was nervous? Maybe the RCMP require more training by the Canadian Forces so they can overcome these short falls.
    Eric asks us to not paint all RCMP with the same brush & that seems fair to me because I am a reasonable man but I am also an Infantry Veteran who enjoys riding my Harley. problem is, Because I look like a biker, I get painted with the same brush! This mindset is in the RCMP as well as the general population because were all human!
    If the RCMP want respect from the communities they have to earn it! I watch them driving their squad cars while on their cell phones but for us it’s a $165 ticket! They speed in excess of their own speed limits set by their own superiors when responding to routine calls at times. I know of one local constable in this area that has been caught speeding on their way to work more than once by the town’s volunteer radar check points.
    My opinion so far based on the little bit of info I have on this shooting is that Greg was shot by an under trained, scared officer who used little self control & discipline when dealing with a tense situation.
    Bottom line regardless of the outcome, We have lost a Veteran who needed help!

    • “My opinion so far based on the little bit of info I have on this shooting is that Greg was shot by an under trained, scared officer who used little self control & discipline when dealing with a tense situation.”

      Well Hatch, its baseless statements like this is exactly why I wrote this article. You made an ignorant statement and by your own admission i.e. “based on the little bit of info I have” which says it all.

      What gives you the professional qualifications to make this short sited statement? You were not there and I certainly was not there nor the news media which you obviously refuse to take with a grain of salt. The point which you obviously have missed is that an important asset called the Operational Stress Injury Social Support Program should have been made available to the RCMP i.e. funded by the Harper Government a long time ago back in 2006 when they asked for it, in regards to preventing this kind of tragic outcome.

      One sided not at all. The RCMP especially in BC are starting to show the strain in regards to the neglect by Mr. Harper and his buddy Vic Toews. Dr. Passe from the VAC OSI clinic in Vancouver has stated in the media (Globe National interview) that the RCMP have it worse than the Canadian Military in regards to exposure to critical incidents of a very long period of time.

      The Combat Mission in Afghanistan started in 2007 and ended in 2011, 4 years and a lot of soldiers came back with Occupational Stress Injuries i.e. PTSD. The RCMP and Police services officers who were trained and equipped by the Canadian Military in order to survive in that environment, trained and walked patrols with the Afghan National Police, worked with the Canadian Military in the forward operation bases during those 4 years and returned to Canada with their fair share of PTSD cases. I spoke to a Combat journalist who photographed both Canadian Military and Police operations.

      That very dangerous and tough combat mission in Afghanistan went on for 4 years and a lot of brave Canadian soldiers gave their lives and a greater number returned home injured one way or another. An RCMP officer puts on the side arm every day and in a lot of cases for their entire service which can reach up to 30 years.

      What is the difference between an RCMP Cst. or any officer from any other Police service who has spent 12 years on highway patrol dealing with the carnage of motor vehicle crashes, picking up remains and a young Canadian soldier in Afghanistan witnessing and having to deal with the remains of his or her comrades after an IED attack? Absolutely nothing, its the same kind of critical incident trauma.

      There is a very good reason why Doctor Passe stated the RCMP have it worse, simply because they are exposed to more critical incidents day in day out for as long as they last in the RCMP. The majority of the negative publicity are just symptoms of the cause called PTSD and as I said the cracks are showing more in BC because that is where the majority of RCMP officers doing contract policing are located. There are RCMP officers that should not be doing police work and the same goes for the military. We all have them.

      This Government and the latest Commissioner do not have the backs of the men and women of the RCMP who strap on that side are every day and who are in fact the RCMP. The senior management are politically compromised. Give Dr. Passe at the OSI clinic in Vancouver who was treating Greg Mathers and ask him if you have any doubts about what I am saying. As a matter of fact here is the link to Dr. Passe interview;


      So by making this off the cuff statement about an RCMP officer who has to live with the thankless reality of having shot and killed an injured disabled Canadian veteran is somewhat ignorant if you ask me. I hold the Harper Government responsible for not providing an important asset called OSISS to the RCMP which I strongly believe would have prevented the death of Greg Mathers and the preventable suicide within the RCMP .
      There are some good people that ride Harleys and there are some bad ones, should I continue?

      • Wayne DeHaan. says:

        Eric, I don’t have a hate on for the RCMP. My comments being off the cuff are not. I stated quite clearly that I had limited knowledge of the incident.
        You on the other hand, “Off the cuff” compare your entire career or those of your peers in the RCMP against 4 years in Afghanistan. Do you really think soldiers are kept in day care throughout their careers until they are needed in Afghanistan???
        Do a Google search to educate yourself on the number of UN & NATO missions going on around the globe at any given time. Take a look at some of the soldiers on November 11 this year & question them about their medals. We don’t get medals in the Canadian forces unless we earn them. Each one is it’s own separate mission. I never made it to Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks. I was already shoved out of the forces medically. I suffer from PTSD from oversea’s deployments that you have not even heard of yet!
        Whoever reported that the RCMP suffer more than my Brothers who served over seas walks with a seeing eye dog & hearing aids.
        Hatch out!

    • Well Hatch I am from both sides of the fence and have been deployed overseas with the Canadian Military. Did you watch the link I posted obviously not. I understand both cultures both military and RCMP. Both are tough and often thankless jobs and I would think you would agree. Like the military the RCMP have been deployed overseas on numerous missions since 1989 Namibia being the first. You may want to appreciate that the RCMP for example when I was deployed to Croatia in 1992/ 93 we lived and operated outside the wire and sentries and hot water, good food, and had to learn to be very very polite because we were unarmed on that mission. Worked closely with the Canadian military especially when the Kriena Serbs attacked the Croatians in Sector south which meant our UN station was under threat of being steam rolled by the very reorganized Croatian military. I am very aware of the number of missions going on because the RCMP who volunteer to go are deployed in these shit holes as well. I did a 9 month stretch in Kosovo this time only armed with a 9mm there to instill law and order among the Kosovo Albanians. You have no idea how violent these people are which is why I had a good second dose of PTSD and again I lived outside the wire and did not have electricity, heat or cooks to prepare my 3 squares a day and of course sentries to watch the front door. We outside the wire only had the comfort of a loaded 9mm on a chair beside a bed and of course very thankful for a Canadian Armed Forces sleeping bag.

      Do not lecture me about deployments that are going on only involving only the Canadian Military. RCMP and Police service were very active during the combat mission in Afghanistan and as a matter of fact an RCMP friend of mine left a piece of his leg in Kabul after a suicide bomber. decide to light up. If you want to get a better prospective on what the RCMP involvement in Afghanistan contact a photo journalist by the name of Murray Brewster who walked patrols with both the military and RCMP /Police Services. I can assure you he will set the you strait in that regard. The thing that really pisses me off is that nothing is really known about what the RCMP and Police services actually contributed in Afghanistan during the combat mission and I can assure you Hatch that they were not there to teach the Afghan National Police to write speeding tickets for people speeding on motorcycles. To shoot off the hip and make the statement
      “Greg was shot by an under trained, scared officer who used little self control & discipline when dealing with a tense situation.” before the truth comes out is very irresponsible. Just say it only the military are the professionals. The tactical team officer who pulled the trigger may have or may have not done the right thing and the fact is no one knows what happened until the investigation is done. The military like the police have their fair share of those that should be doing something else in life. So lets leave it that. I will be in Ottawa on Monday to protest the negligence of the Harper Government in not funding the Occupational Stress Injury Social Support program and the education it provides in understanding and dealing with those with PTSD. I will be on the hill wearing my old CAF field jacket asking some very direct question and handing out the two RCMP Occupational Health and Safety reports authored in 2006 and 2010 recommending that the RCMP partner with the CAF and VAC with the OSISS program which has fallen on deaf ears. I will be talking about the negligence of the Harper Government in not funding this program that in fact prevents needles suicides. It works. I believe that if the RCMP was provided the funding for the OSISS program way back in 2006 the preventable needless suicide of RCMP Cpl. Hinds in Richmond BC would have been prevented and that Greg Matters may well be alive today. Again having been on both sides of the fence I am getting off my ass and trying to do something about it so dude instead of making an ignorant statement prior to letting the truth come out why don’t you get on that bike of yours and join me in Ottawa Monday September 24 on Parliament Hill and make this negligence an issue? Have been putting the word out and hope to see some support for this.

      Eric Rebiere (Former Cst. RCMP LSGC and Canadian Military Veteran)

      • Wayne DeHaan. says:

        Eric. I am glad your going to Ottawa to raise awareness about the government shortfalls because for the RCMP & Forces veterans it is Important! As for getting on my bike & going down there, I am stuck here for a couple more months. My Wife is end stage Cancer & I am her 24 hour care. I am also raising 2 Grand Children because I lost a Daughter. Once my wife passes, My home goes up for sale & I am moving to the Ottawa valley for the sole purpose of advocating for our Soldiers & RCMP members. I have already told Mike Blais that this is my intent. Besides doing this, When I have a few spare moments I am trying to raise money & awareness for homeless Veterans. Don’t assume that I am just a key board commando Eric, I am all in!
        You have my full respect for what your doing for the benefit of all effected, I just don’t think you have to kill a man who’s weapon is an axe. I wasn’t there, I didn’t see what the officer saw. Wasn’t trying to piss you off,

      • Eric Rebiere (Former Cst. RCMP 37515) says:

        Hatch sorry to hear about the big rock you have to push up a hill and still keep fighting. You have my respect as well. I received a message from General Dallaire today supporting this and has given me a good boost. Thanks for your support and will like to meet you one day. My sign that I am going to wear on my old combat jacket says” DID 3 TOURS, GOT PTSD, BEST FRIEND IS MY SHRINK, IF TRIGGERED CALL VIC AT 613-944-4875. I really want to believe that everything was done i.e. contacting Greg Matter’s psychiatrist at the OSI clinic so they could know what they were dealing with. Since the stand off was 30 hours says the media I get the impression they did not because Dr. Passe who was said to be his psychiatrist would have talked Greg down and advised the RCMP what they were dealing with and how to approach the situation. He was in an isolated area. The RCMP i.e. Vic Toews has made the decision and on camera that the RCMP were not going to get any more programs i.e. OSISS of which the RCMP opted out at the last minute because the funds were not there. What the RCMP now have is a 1800 number no one is going to talk to some stranger at the other end of a phone line who who they do not know period. A band aid solution.

        That said the big question did they try and get the psychiatrist who Greg had a good relationship with to talk to him.? I am confident Dr. Passe could have ended this standoff a lot earlier. Again was not their but if he was not involved that tactical team was put in a thankless position they did not have to be in. I will be asking some hard question tomorrow. If Dr. Passe was not involved Vic Toews and his boss has blood on their hands. This is a very sad depressing situation. Regards Eric

  2. Stephen Marchand says:

    I am afraid that I am one of those that have prejudged the RCMP.After ,over 30 years of observing the RCMP either over react or intentionally take the absolutely deadly course for what appears as, getting ever or setting an example to others not to go where Greg went. I have observed myself; “police” shoot a barakaded person over 100 times,shoot dead an unarmed man four times( he broke a no contact order) ,followed many shootings that could have been avoided by simply isolation. I observed over and over again, very aggressive actions taken by RCMP that caused the offenders to get even more deadly.I believe ,many of these offenders actions could have been resolved peaceably by not pushing the offenders buttons.Also, the officers must not lie to the people like they have been doing and earn back their respect.These are only a few cases that I have pointed out and there were many other cases.After, year after year of worst case scenarios I ,like most ordinary Canadians, now expect the RCMP to over react and kill citizens that threaten them with weapons. I must point out that I know there are many (most RCMP) that are excellent officers and they have peaceably resolved most situations and in fact have never taken out their weapon in their entire career .I am certainly aware that people seem to be much more aggressive these days than in the past and I know officers will likely react aggressively to that increased aggression.Saying all this, I observed recently an RCMP officer get control of a large group of offenders (with weapons) without using his weapon by simply taking control in a positive way.The RCMP must return to the days when we would tell our kids ” If you are scared or lost go up to a police officer and ask for help “you can trust them to help you.One last thought. I was very seldom aware of the exact facts of each case and was a simple observer at the time But,for those cases I mentioned, I remember the exact facts because I was right there at the time. I would love to have RCMP like they were back in the 50,s/60,s but,I believe theres no way RCMP are willing to do what they must do ,to get citizens thinking of them in a positive manner.Much better training and better leadership is whats needed along with hiring the kind of police officers that are less aggressive to begin with.

  3. sweatyfeet65 says:

    When all is said and done, proper stand off distances should have nullified any threat, and although a pistol may not be my primary weapon i’m positive that the effective range of any weapon the tactical unit or RCMP officer may have had far exceeds the effective range of an axe. I look forward to reading the report on this one.

  4. Rotog says:

    First off I want to thank Eric for this article. Yes I also see it as a bit defensive. But when brother kills brother, regardless of any of the ‘facts’ or lack of ‘facts’ there is a lot of pain involved, and in particular the BC RCMP’s behaviour this year alone brings in a lot of fear!

    Eric you make a statement in your article that really resonates for me.
    Quote:”It makes no sense for the RCMP to prevent Greg Matters from reaching out to his doctor at the OSI clinic in Vancouver by cellular phone or land line if it would end the stand-off with the RCMP peacefully. The priority is to de-escalate situations like this.”

    To be honest everything about this (lets remove the media from this as we ALL have the same disrespect for the media) is contrary to my personal experience. In my experience a brother has NEVER been able to get me out of a trigger moment. (yup I to have ptsd and have had 911 called as a result of my behaviours, NEVER did I have any issue with my BIA who came to resolve the situation, NEVER has a brother NOT been able to de-escalate me.) and conversely I have been in several conflicts over the years that had the potential to become violent and have never been able to NOT de-escalate a brother who is triggered and back in the story.

    I also am fairly sure that the RCMP team passed their annual range shoot and are quite capable of a fairly tight grouping, so either they took one shot and missed, or took one shot and killed.

    Personally I hope that they are just that bad of a shot! because the alternative is going to get really nasty!


    • Hanger coming from both sides of the fence military and RCMP have one thing in common and that two operational animals are provided the tools, training and support to get the job done. In any operation intelligence is paramount be it in Afghanistan or here in Canada. I have an intelligence background and know the value of good information in regards to what a military formation is up against and also applies to operations by the RCMP. In short it is the leadership that directs the ground assets be it a squadron of tanks, artillery, and or air support.

      An officer who commits troops has the responsibility of making sure to his or her ability to provide the direction and support needed to minimize casualties and achieve an objective. The same goes for the RCMP.

      I can not speculate as to what happened during that long 30 hour standoff (media info) between Greg Matters and the RCMP officers that were outside of Greg’s house. At some point during this time period the RCMP tactical team were called and deployed. Why? I can tell you that these teams are very well trained and are professional in what they do but like in the military and RCMP mistakes are in fact made, they are human beings and follow orders from a chain of command.

      The big question I have, did the officer in charge of the Greg Matters stand off take the time to reach out to Greg’s mother or any other family member in order to learn as much about Greg they could in order to understand what they were dealing with. It was said by the media that Greg Matters sent emails to a local news paper in Prince George BC indicating he had been seeing Dr. Passe at the Occupational Stress Injury clinic in Vancouver. It was said Greg had issues with the RCMP in the past 18 months and had been before the courts. With their dealings with Greg, did the RCMP know that Greg was a Bosnian Veteran and had issues with PTSD?

      Did the RCMP officer in charge contact Greg’s Mother who would have know that Greg was being treated for PTSD and was a Bosnian veteran. Greg’s sister had made a statement to the media that Greg was finally getting treatment for his PTSD and he was beginning to be his old self.

      Did the officer in charge have any training about occupational stress injuries i.e. PTSD and understand the behavior of an individual who is known to have PTSD and how they would react when triggered and in fact what a trigger is?

      With all the Canadian soldiers and RCMP coming back from Afghanistan and other missions it is a fact some will come back with PTSD and once out of the military would eventually become veterans living in the Canadian Communities across Canada. Education is paramount and if the Harper Government had funded the Occupational Stress Injury Social Support Program when the RCMP Occupational Health and Safety requested it through a report in 2006 and again in 2010 would that have made a difference in the outcome of the Greg Matters Standoff and prevented the needles suicide of RCMP Cpl Hinds who worked at the RCMP Richmond Detachment earlier this year?

      When the RCMP tactical team was committed and if it was unknown by the officer in charge that they were dealing with a Bosnian veteran being treated for war related PTSD by a VAC psychiatrist i.e. Dr. Passe from the OSI clinic in Vancouver and this valuable asset was not used to talk Greg down, that tactical team was put into a thankless position which very possibly escalated the situation not deescalated it.

      If the Harper Government had funded the OSISS program for the RCMP which includes education about OSI’s at all levels of the RCMP in 2006 and in 2012, would Greg Matters and Cpl. Hinds be alive today?? The Harper government chose to ignore this important request and left the RCMP without the valuable asset called OSISS, and the education it provides which as far as I am concerned would make all the difference in these situations. Again I was not there and can not speculate as to how the events transpired but I do know for a fact that OSISS is not part of the tools available to the RCMP for dealing with veterans or any individual for that matter suffering with PTSD who has been triggered.

      I pray that everything possible was done to deescalate the standoff and that Dr. Passe was brought into the picture. Until the official report is published no one except those that were there know what happened. To pass judgment until then would be irresponsible.

      The one thing that really concerns me is the very potential of a very capable soldier or veteran suffering from PTSD actually get triggered and kill or seriously injure a police officer no matter what patch they wear. This is not just a public safety issue because it works both ways, it is also an officer safety issue as well. Education about OSI like PTSD is paramount. Are you listening Mr. Harper, Mr Toews????

  5. rotog says:

    Yes, I agree completely, The Matters funeral, or rather the Doc’s words do resonate and, for me, all the questions have been answered; for me. I would be shocked if the ‘civilian watchdog’ recommends any charges as I doubt anything they did was contrary to their rules of engagement. However know why this story made me go WTF??!! a number of years ago, not wanting to date myself, I was a thread in this story. It was over the protection of my home and family, and have also been at odds with the RCMP, the first year after my military story, however, in spite of the weapons involved the RCMP officer was a brother and no thirty hour stand off was necessary. Hell he was one of the most professional, calm yet authoritative voice to this 20 year old soldier.



    • It made me even more ill to know that Dr. Passe in his words was not involved in the 30 hour stand off involving Greg Matters. 30 hours!! Finding out what they were dealing with is a basic first step in dealing with these situations. I am confident Greg Matters would be alive if the RCMP on the scene reached out to his family and find out what they were dealing with. PTSD is he a veteran?? OSI clinic?? What is the name of the psychiatirst he is seeing?? Oh its Dr. Passe can have his cell phone number??? Thanks will give him a call so we can put him in touch with Greg???? Hanger the following is the nuts and bolts behind my allegation against the Harper Government, the present RCMP Commissioner and the previous one of negligence in not funding the OSISS program recommended by the RCMP Occupational Health and Safety twice in 2006 and 2010. Harper flatley ignored the recommendations because preventing incidents like the shooting of Greg Matters and the needles preventable suicide of the RCMP Cpl Hinds from Richmond BC. As far as I am concerned Mr. Harper has put saving tax money as a priority over Canadians in this case veterans, Military and Veterans. Anyone who voted for these Conservative clowns reevaluate what you voted for. This really makes me sad because I wrote a long letter to the then Commissioner Elliot about the liabilities the RCMP will face if they do not deal with PTSD now and avoid negative publicity in the media further tarnishing the reputation of the RCMP and this letter was sent to Commissioner Elliot’s office in 2008 and a year later and was said to have been misplaced in the Occupational Health and Safety Branch of the RCMP who apologized for the late reply. I wrote to the Commissioners office not the Occupational Health and Safety branch of the RCMP!!! I have the letter and it is on the internet. As stated the following is the nuts and bolts behind the alleged negligence I accused the Harper government and the present and recent RCMP Commissioners. Commissioner Paulson is a follower not a leader and has been politically compromised which is also wrong. The following is the truth and reasons behind this negligence and of course is involves not doing the moral ethical and legal actions to set things strait when it was apparent and that was a very long time ago.

      My name is Eric Rebiere a former member of the RCMP and disabled veteran with PTSD that has been advocating for the Occupational Stress Injury Social Support Program for the RCMP since 2008 that was recommended by the RCMP Occupational Health and Safety Branch in 2006 and again in 2010 (copies attached). The following is an explanation as to why the Harper Government and the present Commissioner will not provide funding for the OSISS program for the RCMP members and the VIP program for the RCMP veterans. The following are the reasons. To date this lack of support for both RCMP members and Veterans has resulted in a public safety issue and very potentially an Officer Safety Issue. Senator/ General Dallaire is aware of this information as well as the compliant I filed with the Auditor General of Canada which as forwarded said complaint to the Team dealing with the RCMP.

      This is the reason the Federal Government is avoiding to provide the funding for the RCMP in regards to the OSISS program and dealing with the issue of PTSD that is rampant within the RCMP, and also responsible for unnecessary preventable suicides among RCMP members and Veterans.. This is very relevant.

      There is always a reason behind a motive. This is why the RCMP veterans association will not get the VIP program and why the RCMP will not be funded to become partners with the Canadian Military and Vac in regards to the OSISS peer support program. OSISS does two things it provides peer support for serving military AND military veterans and families of both. I know a retired Lt/Col. who helps who belongs to the Kingston OSISS group and assists peers in submitting claims to VAC.

      It is a fact that PTSD is a huge problem within the RCMP according to Dr. Passe from the OSI clinic in Vancouver who has studied PTSD and it effects on the Canadian Military and has done the same thing with the RCMP and has concluded that the RCMP has it worse because RCMP officers who work on the road form most of their careers face critical incidents.

      A lot of those officers have retired for one reason or another with undiagnosed PTSD. To date their are approx 1900 RCMP officers with diagnosed PTSD how many out there are undiagnosed like what happened to me for a period of 10 years which as you know end my career and almost my life.

      The concern the Harper Government whose priority is cutting budgets and filling the federal coffers with the money saved is to not fund the desperately needed OSISS program which would supply peer support for serving members and their families and also provide education at all levels of the RCMP. By buying into the OSISS program officers with PTSD who are well enough to run can work with the military veteran Peer Support Coordinators and can in fact run RCMP only Peer support groups if the Force so chooses i.e. security clearance issues, UC operators etc.

      Its not the cost of OSISS for the regular members of the RCMP which is in fact cost effective that is the concern of the Harper Government . As stated earlier OSISS provide peer support for both serving military their families and VETERANS DIAGNOSED WITH AN OSI such as PTSD.

      If the Harper government had in fact respected the two recommendations by the RCMP Occupational Health and Safety in 2006 and 2010 who studied the OSISS program and recommended it, the door would then been open for the 9000 disabled RCMP veterans and those retired unknown number of RCMP veterans with undiagnosed PTSD to be entitled to apply to VAC for disability pensions under the Pension Act.

      By the time I die I will have received a substantial amount of compensation and this is what the concern is with the Harper government opening the door for a good percentage of disabled RCMP veterans and a substantial amount RCMP veterans who have undiagnosed OCCUPATIONAL STRESS INJURIES SUCH AS PTSD UNDER THE PENSION ACT. The end result is RCMP veterans who are equally veterans as the military being compensated and receiving what this country owes them. The social contract between the Government of Canada, the people of Canada and those that have sacrificed to keep this country safe both here and abroad. The RCMP have been working with the Canadian military from the start of the combat mission in Afghanistan since 2007 and are still there to date with the Canadian Military.

      In short this is a sleeping financial giant that the Harper Government does not want to awaken and has done everything in its power to keep it asleep at the expense of both serving RCMP officers, their families as well as the RCMP veterans and their families as well. This is evil and a total disrespect towards the RCMP and veterans.

      We are veterans equally to the Canadian military. In 1921 King George V bestowed to the RCMP, the honorable distinction of being a Regiment of Dragoons, allowing the RCMP to have a military Dragoon’s Guidon displaying past battle honors In 1937 as a Regiment of Dragoons the RCMP took part in the roll of the Kings Life Guard leading up to the coronation of King George VI. The second time in the RCMP’s history was this summer during the Olympic games in London England.

      This is wrong and abusive to RCMP members, their families as well as the RCMP veterans community, where PTSD is rampant within both groups. Why is this obligation by the present government of taking care of the RCMP members and Veterans who have become UNKNOWINGLY injured with Occupational Stress Injuries such as PTSD? Truly an expensive sleeping giant which the Harper Government has known since taking power.

      This willful negligence is all about not addressing this serious problem which is resulting in unnecessary preventable suicides. This would potentially get in the way of saving tax dollars which clearly has been made a priority by the Harper government over people which in this case are RCMP members and veterans and this is has and is resulting in the needles suffering of RCMP members/veterans, their families and preventable suicides within both groups. This is the motive why the door was closed on OSIS as well as the VIP program which would also be a financial drain on the Harper Governments plans. Money over people, how evil is this?

      Eric Rebiere (Former Cst. RCMP 37515 LSGC and Military Veteran)

  6. rotog says:

    And nope the RCMP officer I met in my youth; did not wear full battle rattle 😉

    This is also a very good (non media/media) story. I wanted to go to the funeral, but was unable.


  7. There are a lot of good men and women working in the Contract provinces doing every day policing and doing a lot of good within their communities. The one thing I can say is that its the boss in this case Commissioner Paulson who is steering the ship and sets the tone and as far as I am concerned does not have the backs of those men and women working on the streets to keep our community safe are the RCMP. My friend Claude Scott who is a former RCMP Sgt. whose son is an Afghan veteran with PTSD protested with me on Parliament Hill in regards to the shooting of Greg Matters and the preventable needless suicide of RCMP Cpl. Hinds who I bet would be alive today if the OSISS program was funded in 2006 and so would Greg because of the Education aspect of what OSISS does i.e. understanding in what you are dealing with and what to do when a veteran like Greg Matters gets triggered. The RCMP officer in charge at the scene In not knowing what her or she was dealing with put that tactical team in a thankless situation resulting in the preventable death of Greg Matters. If the Harper Government had funding OSISS in 2006 would Greg be alive and the RCMP officers who committed preventable suicide because of PTSD and other OSI’s would they still be alive to day. Mr. Harper, Mr. Toews and Commissioner Paulson are you getting your official statements ready?? You can implement the OSISS program tomorrow but one thing is for certain you can not erase the past and what you have done or failed to willingly do.

    Eric Rebiere ( Military Veteran and former Cst. RCMP 37515 LSGC disabled because of PTSD)

  8. Rotog says:

    All I can really comment on is my personal experience. I do believe that this is a very significant incident that has already but two proud divisions at odds with each other. With many already believing their thoughts. Those of us who have trained or worked with various departments of defence are very well aware that the highly trained unit’s within any department of defence are just that, highly trained, and follow orders weather that be within Canada or outside of Canada or their individual rules of engagement. We as a country have been through this during the Somolia incident, a proud regiment was disbanded. Perhaps this is what is required ? shut down the unit and re post the current members and bring in some fresh blood and new leadership.

    I do suspect that something is at a tipping point and tensions within this veteran community are starting to reach a breaking point. There is a lot of hurt, fear, and disbelief from all and that something does need to be done; soon.

    When I hear a growing number of stories and ignorant RCMP responses to questions like the one below This Veteran with the label ‘PTSD’ starts to ask, I am unarmed am I next ??!! should I travel through B.C. anymore ??!! Should I reconsider being unarmed??!! I have never had these questions in the past.

    “When I asked about the veterans ride being stopped and saddlebags being searched, he expressed that why shouldn’t veterans be stopped after all the Hell’s Angels started out that way and the Veterans Canada MC – a three piece patch veterans group that is under suspicion of having ties to the Hells Angels.


    Once again thank’s for the conversation It is nice to know I am not the only one going WTF ?


    • Hanger the point here is that the RCMP has needed the OSISS program and the education that comes with it. The RCMP Occupational Health and Safety studied it and recommended it in 2006 and again in 2010 to fall on deaf ears. The RCMP simply has no education in regards to OSI’s like PTSD. The RCMP have asked twice and only ended up getting their budget gutted a number of times since 2006. You can not paint every one of the RCMP officers in BC over 7000 with the same brush. Yes as these negative headlines happen BC where the majority of the RCMP are you are going to hear about more incidents because of the numbers. The answer is simply Mr. Harper will you get off your wallet and fund the OSISS program for the RCMP, take advantage of the education it provides at all levels from recruits to the upper management. Why will the Harper government not fund the OSISS program which is in fact cost effective and already national? It came to me on my way back from my two man protest with former RCMP Sgt. Claude Scott whose son is an Afghan vet and has PTSD . Harper will not fund the OSISS program because of two reasons, there are approx 1900 RCMP officers diagnosed with PTSD how many out there are undiagnosed?? The second reason is that the OSISS program is double faceted meaning it provides peer support for the serving military, their families as well as the military veterans and their families as well. The RCMP veterans across this country have over 9000 disabled vets of which approx. 30 percent have an OSI like PTSD and are presently receiving compensation from VAC under the pension Act. The huge question Hanger is simply this, how many undiagnosed RCMP veterans out there have undiagnosed PTSD?? I can tell you a shit load and that is why Harper will not fund the OSISS program because the program reaches out to the RCMP vets as well. It will cost Harper tens of millions of his precious saved taxed money to compensate these disabled vets who are living a life of isolation, hell and of course the end result suicide all because they served their country and have been forsaken. OSISS has support groups of which I belong to the Kingston one as a trained volunteer. The groups bring veterans and serving members together and we talk and help each other out. Harper does not want this for the RCMP regular members and the vets because once meeting and getting to know others in the same boat of course conversations about issues effecting them will come up. Knowledge is power and RCMP officer or vets are not stupid people, ignorant of Occupational Stress Injuries yes but not stupid. So as it stand that 1900 RCMP officers who have been diagnosed are isolated and they leave home, got see the doc, come home self medicate and back to the doc until they are shown the door like I was done. The same thing is happening in the disabled RCMP vets community no, one knows who the other who are in the same boat are and Harper wants it that way. Isolation is the worst thing for a soldier or an RCMP officer dealing with PTSD, the chances of suicide are much greater because of being alone and no one understanding what its like to walk in their shoes. Making sense Hanger? There is more than enough pain to go around for example the soldier that checked himself in to a civilian hospital and was happy to stay and get treated then forced by the military to go back to his base where he hanged himself? WTF!!! Enough pain for everyone.

      I would appreciate if you step back and do not paint every RCMP officer out there with the same brush. The incident with the resulted in the death of Greg Matters involved the RCMP in charge not know what he or she was dealing with and if they knew and or were told not to contact the OSI clinic for Dr. Passe’s help this is nothing more than an extension of the Harper government negligence in not providing the RCMP and vets with OSISS and most importantly the education about PTSD and who to deal with a person with PTSD, be it a soldier, RCMP officer, any other Police officer, Fireman, EMS etc. As far as I am concerned and I will say it again the RCMP officers on the tactical team went into a thankless situation that would most likely end in a death because of Greg suffering from PTSD and being triggered. I am confident, actually more than confident that Dr. Passe if he was involved would have talked to the RCMP about what they were dealing with, spoke to Greg while asking for the tacktical team to back off. RCMP Cpl. Hinds from Richmond and a shit load others should be alive today and of course Greg Matters if the educaton aspect and the very important ASSET called OSISS had been funded when the RCMP asked for it in 2006. My question is how many preventable suicides have taken place within the RCMP and veterans since 2006. So Hanger this is getting old stow the maybe I should get armed cause the Mounties are out to get us Military disabled vets crap and give your head a huge shake because its not helping things at all. Policing is thankless job to begin with and the crap and shit that officers not matter what patch they wear across this country have to endure, critical incidents and of course PTSD why don’t you cut them some slack. There are a lot of good RCMP officers out their doing a great job but you never hear about them only the negative publicity in regards to those melting down. Not in every case because like I said before the Military has their fair share of those that should not be front line but end up working a desk. Give the needles hype a rest cause in the old days this is what started lynching parties……..

  9. Rotog says:

    your comment (below) I consider this to be very disrespectful. and the comment about the needles hype… If I were to believe my thoughts I was under the impression that the lynching parties had begun. one shot one kill.

    • You can have your opinion dude and if you want to post it here expect a reply. I am both a Military and RCMP vet which one do you want to address? You imply by saying “This Veteran with the label ‘PTSD’ starts to ask,” implies that you are being targeted because you have the label of PTSD starts to ask”??? So you question because you feel you are being targeted by the RCMP and question remaining unarmed?? Dude for one thing comments like this are picked up on the internet all the time and why, because I used to investigate them. This is irresponsible and keeping in mind the laws of this country that no one is immune from me or you, you should take a minute to think about what you have said. If I a former RCMP member started making statements like this and even worse threatening comments towards politicians ( hypothetically) they the RCMP and associated Intelligence apparatus would look at me very closely no matter that I was a former officer period. No get out of jail pass if charged dude. I would ride the lightening like anyone else. Just some good advise. I would also think about respect because what you have said is disrespectful to a lot of good RCMP officers that are out there 24/7 doing their duty like the military.

      “This Veteran with the label ‘PTSD’ starts to ask, I am unarmed am I next ??!! should I travel through B.C. anymore ??!! Should I reconsider being unarmed??!! I have never had these questions in the past.”

      An old dude once said A CLOSED MOUTH GATHERS NOT FOOT. Eric

  10. Rotog says:

    “So Hanger this is getting old stow the maybe I should get armed cause the Mounties are out to get us Military disabled vets crap and give your head a huge shake because its not helping things at all. Policing is thankless job to begin with and the crap and shit that officers not matter what patch they wear across this country have to endure, critical incidents and of course PTSD why don’t you cut them some slack. There are a lot of good RCMP officers out their doing a great job but you never hear about them only the negative publicity in regards to those melting down. Not in every case because like I said before the Military has their fair share of those that should not be front line but end up working a desk. Give the needles hype a rest cause in the old days this is what started lynching parties……..”

  11. rotog says:

    First off, you are a vet; period! please stop trying to prove.

    You imply by saying “This Veteran with the label ‘PTSD’ starts to ask,” implies that you are being targeted because you have the label of PTSD starts to ask”??? So you question because you feel you are being targeted by the RCMP and question remaining unarmed?? Dude for one thing comments like this are picked up on the internet all the time and why, because I used to investigate them.

    I imply nothing; you do!

    “By stating that I have thoughts that I choose to not believe (mostly because of the work I have done over the years). Personally I have never experienced being targeted by the RCMP , in fact my personal experience with a brother while I was in the first year after my personal story was very different. I believe I stated this earlier in this thread.”

    Brother; I do not call you dude… I also find this very disrespectful. If I were to believe my thought’s I would infer this to be a threat, a credible threat given your high level. Fortunately, for me, I choose to not believe my thought, I don’t rant quite so much this way.

    “Dude for one thing comments like this are picked up on the internet all the time and why, because I used to investigate them. This is irresponsible and keeping in mind the laws of this country that no one is immune from me or you, you should take a minute to think about what you have said.”

    And with respect brother, you have really only been on one side of the fence, the crown. I have been in the front of the car as well as the back! I also did not have the benefit of peer coordinators nor a legion. But fortunately for me I found a teacher, a base brat or what ever they are called in England. Today I have these benefits and yes they are nice to have and my peer coordinator has been huge, dealing with a government that is not much different then in my day.

    Not unlike the mess talk during a dark time in the military, there were thoughts that were expressed AND believed a very dangerous and potent mix don’t you think? I sure do.


    • Almost ate my gun have the tee shirt and all the dark thoughts and memories that fill the bucket of shit. All I have been trying to do is. As far as being a veteran I have nothing to prove to other vets its this Harper government that does not want to acknowledge the RCMP’s rightful place and close association to the military. Harper never bothered to mention on his web site the fact that the RCMP were also in Afghanistan and on other missions. He only takes time to mention the military.

      You have no idea when your own government makes an effort to suppress the history and the sacrifice RCMP have made in Afghanistan at the beginning,during and the end of the combat mission and other missions starting in 1998. You want to talk about disrespect. It is a sore issue with me. Next time in Ottawa go to the War Museum oh yes you get to get in free RCMP have to pay because thats the way they want it. Disrespect?

      I am so tired of this government, the games they play and the indifference hidden in their political agenda which is what got Greg Matters killed and for what, not taking care of righteous veterans that have also served this country here and abroad starting during the Boer War. What I wrote you earlier you never even commented on and I am not sure why? What I had said to you is the truth and the reason why Greg Matters was shot and killed by the RCMP and why, no education that OSISS would have provided if the OSISS program had been funded and the RCMP integrated into the program in 2006 when the RCMP themselves recommended doing so.

      Greg Matters should be alive today along with RCMP Cpl.Hinds who had diagnosed PTSD as well was alone, no peer support and committed suicide. Have I again disrespected you. You have no idea what disrespect is. Yes I am a Vet and all the rest of the 23,000 plus RCMP out there but get the Harper cement heads to say we are and the War Museum as well (all the exhibits involving the NWMP, RNWMP have been removed). There are still a few of the The Number One Provost Corps RCMP vets from WW11 and do you think they have been disrespected considering they left a good number of their own during the Italian Campaign???

      Harper avoids the subject because if he acknowledges the RCMP as veterans then that opens the door for being on the same level as the Military and that is what got Greg matters killed i.e. OSISS peer support for the military with education and OSISS peer support and education for the RCMP . The Harper Cement heads are allowing PTSD to fester and implode the RCMP as an organization and the cracks are showing in B.C. Harper continues to forsake the RCMP gut its budget which forces officers to do the work of three, which equates to negligence which is killing RCMP officer (Canadians) working for the wonderful Harper government cement heads that of course want the RCMP members to continue volunteering to go to shit holes like Afghanistan. I can hear Harper mumbling to himself on Parliament Hill – acceptable losses, use them up then get new ones…..

      The point of this thread is to give Greg a voice by asking some hard questions which I have been doing. It really is unbelievable to think that if the RCMP had been provided funding for the OSISS program and the education it provides along the close relationship with the OSISS organization would have in fact provided the RCMP officers in general incite, training and protocols in dealing with a person with PTSD. I repeat Greg Matters should be alive but the RCMP were not provided with an important asset called OSISS that would have prevented Greg’s Death. You and I and other issues such as who is a veteran and who is not is secondary but related in the big picture. which is what I am trying to bring out for all paying attention. I find it disrespectful when i take the time to write the truth about why Greg died and brother you do not even take the time to aknowledge it. This is about giving Greg a Brother a voice also RCMP Cpl Hinds and the many who have ended up the same way. That Hanger is the point of this. Broken Lance is the handle the describes me the best. Regards….

  12. Wayne DeHaan. says:

    From the voice of a Brother. Family, Country & Brotherhood before Government! What this means is my family, My Brothers & my country are my primary concern. The government is not. if they want to hire retards to see if I write something a lil’ to bold, give er shit but my opinion & my voice will never be silenced! We have some good cops around here & we have some idiots as well. You don’t want 7000 RCMP painted with the same brush but again I will remind you that when I put on my leathers & ride, I’m painted with the same brush. If you don’t like the feeling, quit dishing it out!
    Not knocking your attempts to get proper training for your fellow officers, It’s a great thing your pushing for but don’t lay all the blame on Ottawa because some of your members stepped on their dinks! The cop in Vancouver who hit & killed a biker while being impaired. He left the man on the road, still alive so he wouldn’t get caught! No osiss gona fix that because you can’t fix stupid! The child porn dude here on the Island, oops that one is hush hush isn’t it. The cop who was having a fling with the school girl, WTF? these cops are my front line defense? Don’t think so. After I lost a few thousand in stolen articles here at my home I made a few changes to my own front line defense. The courts don’t want to prosecute anyone unless it’s a slam dunk or political!
    I do not trust the cops at the moment. There are a few reasons. There is an obvious lack of smart top end control in place, The RCMP are paid shit wages which does nothing for their incentive & if they bust someone, the courts just fire up the revolving door. It’s a loosing battle that generates Apathy in the ranks. I can’t afford to put my families safety of Police with these underlying issues, I will do it myself!
    Pro Patria!!!

    • Well I understand being painted with the 1 % brush because I used to ride back when Harley Davidson was owned by AMF. Hanger you are missing the point again its not about you or me its about why Greg Matters got killed. I have been very clear why. Harper in his tunnel vision sees budget cuts, increased tax money in the federal coffers not Canadians veterans etc. You have issues about the RCMP searching the bags on your bikes deal with it but not here. I will repeat this once more most of the negative headlines in BC and again I say most not all are a result of the lack of support in providing programs and support to deal with critical incidents. Some cross the line to the dark side and end up riding the lightening but with PTSD and you should know that co morbidity is part of PTSD , alcohol addiction, drug addiction, sexual addiction, gambling addiction, violence, incarceration , suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts (Remember the Killer Colonel from Trenton we all have them ude) so lets not get a little to bias when the real issue with you is the RCMP searching your bags on your bike. Broken Lance
      MaintainThe Right!

  13. Wayne DeHaan. says:

    “You have issues about the RCMP searching the bags on your bikes deal with it but not here”

    Who are you, the media police now? tell ya what, If you have issues with the gooberment & their lack of funding, deal with it but not here! back to basic’s. This was about a decorated.veteran that was shot dead on his property. He was armed with an axe, the police had guns. Who won???
    you said you served in some combat zones so you have some insight to go on. Do you really think a group of guy’s really needed to shoot a guy with an axe? no one had the balls to tackle him from behind, anything other than shooting him?
    don’t blame this death on Harper. I think he’s a self serving goof but the facts are that the RCMP have a training program before they graduate. If shooting a suspect is their protocol than your training is garbage.
    It might be viewed differently if incidents were few & far between but sadly they are not. Even in the excited states the cops are turning into murderers. There is footage of an un armed homeless man being shot 41 times by several cops at the same time. FORTY ONE TIMES??? The man in New York who shot his fellow workers was gunned down outside of his place of employment but the cops shot 9 civilians because they couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a scoop shovel!
    In all honesty Eric, the leaders & the protectors have lost their ability to function properly because of their own self destructive laws, rules & political bullshit! Like I said, I am my first level of defense & now I feel safe!

    • Good for you Hatch like I said you had the Killer calculating sociopath The Killer Colonel. Being told to get back to basics form someone that refuses to see the very obvious connection form the negligent Harper Government in not funding a program that if implemented in 2006 as far as I am concerned would have saved Greg Matters life because AND I WILL REPEAT THIS AGAIN FOR YOU DUDE, THE EDUCATION ASPECT OF OSSIS THAT EDUCATES FROM THE RECRUIT LEVEL TO THE UPPER MANAGEMENT WOULD HAVE PROVIDED THE RCMP THE INCITE, TRAINING AND PROTOCOLS IN DEALING WITH A MENTALLY INJURED PERSON SUFFERING FROM PTSD . Hatch repeated this how many times and you malfunction is obvious you see what you want to see leaving out the fact that you of all people were not there so you of all people are not in a position to prejudge anything. Dr. Passe (if you pay attention to the news) said at Greg’s funeral that he was shocked when he heard that Greg had been killed which really hit him hard because if he had been given the chance to talk to Greg which brings up the question did Dr. Passe at some point in time talk to Greg? Don’t know cause you were not there Hatch old buddy. Get the connection you were not there but have a problem with the RCMP in your province and this is nothing but a place for you to voice the real issue. Remember when I said an old WISE DUDE once said ” A close mouth gathers no foot” in your case both of them. I am tired of trying to explain things to someone who can not give a rats ass to read and understand that bad things happen when tax payers money is not spent wisely like the mess with infected beef that was sold at costco in Alberta resulting in Canadians and Americans getting sick because Harper needed to cut meat inspectors. See how negligence all in the name of saving precious tax dollars (so Harper can play with it later) can hurt people and AGAIN PREVENT THE NEEDLESS PREVENTABLE SUICIDES IN THE RCMP AND THAT IF OSSIS HAD BEEN FUNDED IN 2006 AND 2010 AND THE RCMP HAD THE EDUCATION ABOUT PTSD AND HOW TO DEAL WITH VETERANS LIKE YOU AND I THAT HAVE IT SO THAT EVERYONE STAYS ALIVE. I have said this that one of these days a very capable soldier or veteran maybe a former RCMP tactical Team member will kill or seriously injure a police officer no matter what patch they wear. You see Hatch this is again not about your personal beef with the RCMP its about asking questions, hard question as to why Bosnian Veteran Greg Matters and RCMP Cpl. Hinds had to die which as far as I am concerned were preventable and Harper who has put saving tax money through budget cuts as a priority over Canadians lives be it military, RCMP, police in general, Fire, EMS and all the rest of the first responders if I missed any. Hatch buddy not sure why you need to paint the RCMP, all of the men an women who strap on that side arm every day for most of their 30 year careers for most of them and go out every day to face the unknown every fucking day picking up pieces of human beings on highways for 10 to 15 years, dealing with sudden deaths, suicides, some that happen right before their eyes, deal with violence of all kinds, kids that have been abused, women that have been abused and the list goes on. The combat mission was over in 2011. The men and women on the streets are the RCMP the present management who follow this commissioner are politically compromised tools for (A) following him and (B) not speaking up and about the wrong being done to these men and women working on the streets of this country. One other thing you have never thought about, did the triggering of Bosnian Veteran by the RCMP push Greg Matters to become suicidal and committed suicide by cop? Harper , Vic Toews and this and the last Commissioner have blood on their hands. Nothing more to be said dude.

  14. Wayne DeHaan. says:

    Eric, I do not disagree with your statements about under funding or lack of training. I think all Canadians agree that the Government has failed the RCMP. But you cant use that as the 100% cause of Greg’s death. Even if he was suicide by cop, , Why no tazer? Why couldn’t a group of RCMP disarm a man holding an axe without lethal force? This is the question. I know we have to wait for this investigation to run it’s course but with with a chain of command involved with a 30 hour stand off can’t come up with a better plan than lethal force, it’s my opinion that their basic defense & offence training is lacking as well as self control.. that falls under police training & discipline, not a program designed to educate a cop on PTSD.
    Some of this falls on those who were there that day & the choices they made as well as the ones they didn’t. It isn’t all on Harpers hands Although I would love to see our gooberment put at 100% fault!
    I am with you on the gooberments apathy on our countries funding, You are right! But don’t use that as the reason my brother died, The blame should be shared!
    Nothing more to be said…………..Dude.

    • Never said that the government was a 100 percent responsible say 90 percent. I do believe we are on the same page. The 10 percent will be relieved in the inquires findings and as I had said in the past Hatch let those ride the lightening ride it. Did an tacktical team member prematurely fire the shot, don’t know, did Greg start to surrender then go further triggered when the tactical team approached? Don’t know was not there, Was Greg very suicidal and this was the last straw and committed suicide by police? Don’t know was not there. Why did the TACK team not us a tazer, CS gas or pepper spray?? Don’t know was not there? Did Dr. Passe communicate with Greg over the phone at some phone who stated in a news release when he spoke at Gregs funeral that he was stunned to hear that Greg had been shot and killed? Don’t know was not there. Does the RCMP managment like the Harper Government have a measure of responsibility in not standing up for the men and women of the RCMP by demanding that the Government fund programs to deal with critical incidents and fund the OSISS program?? Yes the damb well do. I describe this Commissioner as a follower not a leader that has been politically compromised. To have been an unarmed Human Right monitor in the very violent southern Croatia (Serb area Okucani Station Sector West) and do what all Canadians do when they volunteer for this kind of work is take that extra mile to help hurting abused human beings get out of harms way and to know that needless suffering and death is happening in the outfit that asked me to volunteer in the first place is one fucking huge trigger for me like the needless Preventable death of Greg Matters. Nothing more to say and lets leave it at that. Broken Lance

  15. Rotog says:

    “What I wrote you earlier you never even commented on and I am not sure why? What I had said to you is the truth and the reason why Greg Matters was shot and killed by the RCMP and why, no education that OSISS would have provided if the OSISS program had been funded and the RCMP integrated into the program in 2006 when the RCMP themselves recommended doing so.”

    It is possible that I missed the question. To be honest, the Liberal Government was in power when I released, with NO support compared to the young kids today. I have given up blaming the Government for being exactly what they are.

    For me, and Greg deMatters all I know is a highly trained tac unit followed orders.

    There was history between the Police and Greg (yes I believe that the Doctor is a credible man and I believe his words) as well as correction officers new he had PTSD, a hunger strike is not something most people ignore no?

    For me, briefly, when I heard the news I slipped back into the victim consciousness and starting believing my thoughts. Hearing someone else ask some hard questions helped me to get back to a place where I do not paint everyone with the same brush. That does not change the fact that people do, civilians, soldiers, cops, and yes even broken down old vets who are now simply able to live as a civilian.

    As a result of Greg deMatters being killed there is a new investigation team busy trying to answer all the questions and will either give their recommendations to the Crown OR present a public explanation. Regardless of what happens Greg’s Death has done much, the Government will most likely be forced to do something. (hopefully) I do know that I have pealed a layer off my learned beliefs so his death is not in vain… this thread shows that people are asking hard questions.

  16. athletesfeet says:

    I understand that both party’s have issues and I don’t intend to go there but I fail to understand how there was no non lethal option here, especially if there are veterans here, they should know that overseas there are multiple armed party’s all the time, but you can’t shoot every potential attacker. I would never expect a police officer to wrestle an armed assailant as I have seen the damage a knife can do to to a man with a vest on, but surely gas, tazer, maybe they are not available but should have a been, perhaps a bean bag projectile, hell back in the day a rubber bullet, there is always risk of death with anything but at least the attempt was made to end it without death. To be honest I fail to see the relevance to the OSISS training or if he was a vet or not, the result would have been the same.

    • I agree with you why did it have to happen this way. The story be told we are all sad as to the outcome and let the responsibility behind this be made accountable. No more needs to be said. Broken Lance

  17. Helmar Prent says:

    Eric I respect a lot of your comments but you use your post to bash the Conservatives by constantly referring to the “Harper Government” as opposed to simply being critical of the “Government.” I admit I am a Conservative supporter so I am likely being defensive about Eric’s continous reference to the Harper Government but I think he could have made his point about the lack of funding coming from the Government without making it political statement. I have been hearing about PTSD since Vietnam. What have other Governments done in the past 50 years re PTSD. Eric also speaks favourably about Senator/ General Dallaire who, coincidentally or not, is a Liberal and is a General whose position that the mission always ranks in priority to the soldier has been questioned by General Lewis MacKenzie. Eric, if you are going to portray yourself as providing an objective viewpoint you should keep the politics out our your comments.

  18. J Stander says:

    Its not the Government its the leadership of the RCMP. As the above says you have to tone down your comments about Harper….its the RCMP who are at fault. Don’t also use Romeos name as any level of quality when talking soldier…he is a coward and deserves no respect from those that soldier. As for my poor unfortunate brother in arms don’t think for a second the RCMP did not ensure he was isolated and unable to connect with who he desired without there control. Also it was the BC RCMP…..nothing more needs to be said, they are incompetent at all ranks and levels. They are just lucky this soldier did not want to take them out and was just struggling with his PTSD. RCMP no matter how much tac training or tours over seas have no idea what it is like to fight in battle. Yes your service is important and valid and no doubt hard and you have suffered from it. But it is not the same. The fact this soldier did not take out all the RCMP at that location is an example he was peaceful cause if he wanted to…it would have been worse then that incident in Alberta.

    • It is the leadership of the RCMP that is responsible?? Its seems to me that I have ruffled your CONSERVATIVE FEATHERS. So lets get you sorted out. You were not there firstly like I was not. You seem to have missed the most important point I have made and that is the LACK OF EDUCATION about PTSD and other OSI’s which contributed greatly to the death of Bosnian Veteran Greg Matters. Do you understand PTSD? Do you have the T Shirt? Really makes me think you do not. To Generalize that all RCMP are incompetent at all levels is really an insult and further identifies your obvious bias.

      Before making these kind of stupid statements please allow the BC Coroners inquest to conclude its report and provide recommendations so this will not happen again. Police officers in general deal with death and carnage here in Canada and abroad on mission every day, I repeat every day no matter what patch they wear. You may as well call all police agencies incompetent. You have never walked in a Police officers shoes, a Fireman or even EMS for that matter who also deal with death and carnage everyday most for their entire careers. How long is a first responders career will that is a fair question. In my case PTSD ended mine in the RCMP at 24 years service. Do you think I am incompetent Mr. Stander? Really you have painted me and a lot of really good RCMP officers you never hear about in regards to the thankless job they do day in and day out.

      Do you have a handle on the big picture or are you more concerned about the incompetent Harper Government not getting elected in 2015? Rally what is the motive here. A Military General leads a Battle Group and when a bad decision is made who is has the ultimate responsibility for the stated bad decision? Its he who steers the ship and in this case the ship called the Conservative Government is steered by an autocratic Prime Minister who only sees saving tax dollars than Canadians. All the OSI clinics being closed at the detriment of both Military, RCMP and Veterans fall solely on the Minister of Veterans Affairs? Harper does not know about this? As for the RCMP its budget has been decimated and like the Canadian Military the RCMP is an operational animal that is responsible for the internal security of this country. Considering there has been no September 11 2001 events here in Canada should provide you a clue that the RCMP is very competent in what they do and your comments are insulting. Its a fact their are incompetent soldiers as well as policeman out there even evil minded criminal ones like the Killer Colonel base commander at Trenton for example. You sir are really out of line here and as far as what took place in regards to the shooting of Bosnian Veteran Greg Matters is concerned if that RCMP officer who has to live with it. If it was an unwarranted shooting then let those responsible like anyone in Canadian Society ride the lightening in the courts and suffer the legal consequences.

      You stated the following “Don’t also use Romeos name as any level of quality when talking soldier…he is a coward and deserves no respect from those that soldier”

      Well there you go again speaking for every soldier in the Canadian Military and retired veteran. You must be one respected dude to state this. Were you in Rawanda seeing first had what General Dallaire had to deal with not to mention the lack of support from the United Nations while the horrific genocide was taking place. I know a retired soldier that was there and I will pass your statements to him who will certainly get your malfunction sorted out. General Dallaire as far as I am concerned is one hell of a human being and I have heard him talk in front of a lot of soldiers both serving and retired, just last year as a matter of fact. Enough said and enough of you and your arm chair point of view.

      Eric Rebiere (Former Cst. RCMP 37515 and Military Veteran)

      • Helmar Prent says:

        Eric, my conservative feathers are not ruffled as I agree governments, including those I support, have not done nearly enough to support our vets, especially as it relates to PTSD. My feathers as a human being are ruffled because you are taking personal advantage of the tradegy of Greg Matters death and the fact our veterans are not receiving the treatment and support for PTSD that they so deserve to further your partisan political beleifs. Shame, shame on you.

  19. I take personal issue with Helmar Prent and J. Stander. I have interviewed General Lewis MacKenzie. He is one officer who rather “ask for forgiveness than permission.” Based on that philosophy, yes, he would have handled the situation in Rwanda quite differently from Gen. Dallaire, but I was in Rwanda in 1994. No one dares call Romeo Dallaire a coward on my watch. He correctly asked all the UN force in addition to the Canadians to volunteer to stay once the genocide began and even though his force was sadly depleted — the Belgians had already left — everyone remaining volunteered. His decision to disobey the UN’s order to abandon the Rwandans to their fate was the bravest decision any man could make, and he and all those to volunteer to stay with him are unrecognized heroes. Dalliare gave Canada a proud moment in a dark page of history, and he and every one on his staff have suffered immeasurely from the horrors they witnessed. When I returned from Rwanda, I was asked if I had gone there on a holiday. The ignorance of some people still appalls me. Bonnie

    • Helmar Prent says:

      My statement regarding Dallaire was that MacKenzie has questioned Dallaire’s belief that the mission always ranks in priority to the soldier (as per MacKenzie, not me). I have never commented negatively about Dallaire as I, admittedly, do not have sufficient knowledge or information about Dallaire to do so.

    • Eric Rebiere (Former Cst. RCMP 37515 and Military Veteran) says:

      Well said Bonnie I have no idea what rock these to came from under. Yes their conservative autocratic ffethes have been ruffled. Would not surprise me if posting this garbage pays well.
      HHellmar you sir have crossed the line with me to say I am taking advantage of the tragic death of a brother veteran? As a matter of fact the following week I was on Pariament Hill with another former RCMP officer protsting for a full day Greg Matters death also the PTSD rrelatd suicide of an RCMP Officer in Richmond BC while you sir sat in your comfie chair. You have not walked the walk in my books and reflect the ignorance of the Harper Government and his clowns you being the latest one to surface publicly. You have no idea of the emails I have recieved about the preventable suicides of RCMP Officers. Do yourself a favour and shut the hell up .

      • Helmar Prent says:

        Did you protest Greg Matters death without, at the same time, protest against the “Harper Government”? I highly doubt it but if you did your protest was honourable and I commend you for your efforts. If not, your protest is just another example of the point I have tried to explain to you which you seem to fail to grasp. You should not be using Greg Matters death to promote your personal political views. You refer to me as coming from under a rock, as being autocratic and ignorant and as a clown even though I fully support and respect your position that much more needs to be done for our vets and PTSD. On a final note, the use of derogatory references to others only diminishes the worthiness of your comments.

  20. J Stander says:

    I’m thinking he means me Helmer. Yes I’m a conservative…but Harper is a disappointment, there is no love there for me.
    I’m EX Special Forces, decorated for valor and WIA, no more needs said about my collection of T Shirts. There were only 5 soldiers that day in the Raw when he choose to leave 2 soldiers to die a horrible fate within 100 feet of himself. The guy you want to talk to Eric about what I said about that day is dead…he took his life several years ago. He was well known to me and so is Romeo dont lecture me on Suicide from PTSD, I’ve talked more guns out of peoples mouths then I care to count. The other 2 soldiers that day in the Raw died within an hour of his watching within 100 feet of their torture as Romeo did nothing in order to save his own skin. The other fellow was not of this country and wont be found to speak of this.
    I did not say all RCMP are incompetent just the BC RCMP. Read the investigations, AG report and coroners and political reports to see issues within the leadership of BC RCMP and the rank file issues in BC. Just look at who is appointed to run the RCMP…a civilian. Oh ya and I was a fire fighter once upon a time.
    Bonnie dont know what you did in the Raw but you missed all the real important combat decisions and choices poorly made by Romeo at the start of the Genocide when the Belgian Commandos were fighting and he refused them to continue. (thats what Mac is eluding to) Had he done what the Commandos told him he should do they could very well have stopped the genocide cold at the start or minimized its impact greatly. Bonnie you missed the entire reason the Commandos left and refused to fight for Romeo and the UN. They went with their own mission for the next week and told Romeo to pound salt because of his cowardly choices. There were extremely effective in halting fighting where every they went over those next days. They lost no more soldiers away from Romeos command and killed a fair number of rebels and militia starting the genocide. Guess you never covered the Belgium court and charges being drafted for Romeo due to his failure in the Raw. CNN never had issues with my interviews and candid view of poor leaders guess you wuld have had a difficulty interviewing me. So lets not digress from the point here and open a can of worms about the leadership failure in the Raw.
    Guess we will just look at how Robert Gergcanski was treated and died by the RCMP at the Vancouver airport in the same light as a soldier with PTSD. The leadership at all levels tried to brush it under the rug.

    Eric you say outside the wire in Yugo…….there was no wire to be behind in Bosnia that was a total all out war unlike anything that has occurred since Korea till today. Gen Mac put the UN there against orders but did the right thing.

    • J the simple fact is mental health issues within the RCMP have not been addressed and the RCMP have stated recently that they are 15 years behind the military in dealing with PTSD. I applaud you for stepping up and saving the lives of your comrades who wanted to check out. Done the same myself for both military and police. I am a trained volunteer for the OSISS program which helped me huge and know the value of the program which I have been in vain trying to impress upon this Government its importance for the RCMP. You mention the RCMP are incompetent in BC maybe the cracks of mental health is really starting to rear its ugly head. As for the death of Polish guy it was an embarrassment to me as well but I have seen the similar scenario take place which was handled properly and everyone walked home at the end of the day. Its those stories you never hear about.

      The question I have for you in defense of General Dallaire was the UN mission in Rawanda a combat mission or a peace keeping mission with strict rules of engagement? Was General Dallaire bound by these rules of engagement? Were the Belgian soldiers there strictly to combat the locals using deadly force? I do believe they may have stepped beyond their mandate as to why they were there and brought a lethal reaction upon themselves. Kinda puts General Dallaire between a rock and a hard place don’t you think? Peace Keeping mission or a combat mission J which was it? A fair question to ask. PTSD is causing the RCMP to implode and the cracks are really showing in BC. Don’t be to quick to judge. Eric

  21. OK, guys — time to step back. It would seem we all have different knowledge and experiences at different times, whether peacekeeping missions or combat. The fact and the issue that we are all representing and advocating for is better treatment of ALL our veterans who have served for Canada. The rate of PTSD and the increases in suicides as well as the way a veteran suffering from PTSD was shot by a police force of any description is NOT acceptable. If we argue with each other, we will never achieve better care for the ones we support and want to see helped. I’m using general terms here because that is the distance we need to regain a wholesome united front. Bottom line: we all want the same thing — veterans treated with respect and given the services they need to heal and live decent lives.

  22. J Stander says:

    Roger that Bonnie
    , PTSD and the poor support from the leadership of the RCMP, Military and DVA is the issue. Reducing the incidence of suicide among PTSD sufferers is the prime directive. If they can be shown a way out they will realize their is life at the end of the tunnel even if at that horrible moment they see no light.
    The key focus of a case happening right now is Cpl Francis in New Brunswick and how the RCMP leadership is messing up this RCMP officers life and battle with PTSD. Forceably removing his uniform and ordering his Red Serge turned in was a stupid choice by uninformed RCMP leaders. Then looking for him to check on his health….good excuse to piss someone off and when they could not find him send the next worst police force to look for him….They found him did not like what he told them to do and they tazered him jailed him and charged him with assaulting a police officer. Lucky it was an RCMP officer and not a soldier as the heavy presence of retired combat soldiers in the area would make quick work of the loser Fredericton city police officers.
    Those two actions will mentally destruy this RCMP officers life and worsen his PTSD. Eric there is just more proof it is the poor leadership in the RCMP that is causing the issue to escalate.
    I suggest if you have any power or friends in Fredericton someone go see this guy and take him under there wing so he can be guided through this mess created by the leadership of the RCMP at J Div.

    • Where does Sandy Brace live? Jim Lowther of VETS (Halifax) might also be able to recruit someone locally in Fredericton to visit this RCMP officer. Will one of you contact them to see if they can help? Bonnie

  23. J Stander says:

    Eric, I think we are arguing the same point on PTSD just from two different directions on who to blame. I dont accept that politicians really have much impact in things of this nature it is the rank and file and the leadership of those departments specially in para military and military outfits like the RCMP. No Prime minister is going to get into the weeds with a RCMP Div commander about what he is doing for his troops and how much he is spending on them. Its just too far down the chain. Even the RCMP commissioners and senior department heads are not on his radar. Yes get could step in and do some directing but he is the PM. He relies on the leadership to get on with doing the right thing ….they are not.
    So we can agree on the issue and importance of the PTSD problem but we part at who to beat over the head. Im a direct leadership guy and I go after the leadership from Sgt right up the chain. Id fire the J Div commander right now if I had the power for his stupid mindless action against Cpl Francis. And id fire every one unde him who did not tell him to not do this. The Sgt that arrived at Cpl Francis door should go right after Commander for not refusing to do what he was asked.
    Now on the RD issue and Rawanda. Answers to your questions.
    you asked:
    1 “The question I have for you in defense of General Dallaire was the UN mission in Rawanda a combat mission or a peace keeping mission with strict rules of engagement?” It was by convention of the UN a Peace Op with strict rules of engagement. So was Yugo but Gen Mac changed that on the fly in the war zone, he did the right thing against the UN leadership.
    2 “Was General Dallaire bound by these rules of engagement?” Yes but he is the leader he could have altered them and turned it into a combat mission to save lives and stop the genocide.
    3 “Were the Belgian soldiers there strictly to combat the locals using deadly force?” no they were there to support the UN mission…..they ended up fighting cause that was the right choice.
    4 “I do believe they may have stepped beyond their mandate as to why they were there and brought a lethal reaction upon themselves.” They followed what Romeo ordered and when they requested he change his orders to save the life of the Vice President and halt the start of the Geocide he ordered them to not fight and surender….they did they died horrible deaths for there stupid choice in folowing his idiotic order. The Vice President of Rawanda was also killed that day when the Belgians were over run . Romeo is directly responsible for her death and that was the last chance to stop the Genocide….his order basicly started the genocide on full throttle. He is no hero he is the one guy who had a chance to stop it starting and his idiotic order actually started it. 5 “Kinda puts General Dallaire between a rock and a hard place don’t you think?” No Mac was in same spot and went in to fight. Dallaire should have strapped on his gun and started to apply leathal force through the application of combat action. The world would be a different pace had he.
    6. “Peace Keeping mission or a combat mission J which was it?” Eric there are no peacekeeping missions this is a media word that everyone has grabbed as defining what we do on UN mission. The only truly peacekeeping mission is an un armed observer force. Dont confuse that with armed troops enforcing a peace agreement or forcing the stop of combat activities by the country they have been sent to. Every mission is a combat mission! the level of force applied differentiates the missions. Leaders make those calls as the days pass on mission. Yugo was a peacekeeping mission with strict rules of engagement. That went out the window within months as soldiers realized it was time to fight. Medac Pocket was the start and by 1995 Task Force A and B and NATO air strikes was the end and a violent summer it was. There were no peace keepers in YUGO just combat soldiers with a few un armed monitors getting in the way pretending it was a peace mission.
    7 ” PTSD is causing the RCMP to implode and the cracks are really showing in BC. Don’t be to quick to judge. Eric” On this we can agree very insightful of you and we can agree on this.

    • Eric Rebiere (Former Cst. RCMP 37515 and Military Veteran) says:

      J the main rule of engagement is to return fire in self defence which as you described has taken place. Did General Dallaire have the equipment, ammunition and soldiers to conduct an offensive combat mission in Rawanda? You where there and would know this. As for the Sgt who was in charge of the shift when the Polish national died commited suicide. We all bleed.

  24. Steve Button says:

    With the RCMP seemingly participating in a number of criminal matters in the last few years – recently the attack on Miq’Maq protestors for private business, comes to my mind – I think the Matters case deserves a full public inquiry…there is simply no good reason for the RCMP to deny Matters psychiatric counselling to try to defuse the situation…none..

    • Steve can I suggest you ask your local Police Service maybe its the RCMP to do a ride along for a night shift in some shitty area of town and see for yourself what a police officer has to deal with during a shift. It takes its toll in the form of PTSD and to make accusations in stating that the RCMP are participating in criminal acts well you as a concerned citizen can go and speak to a Justice of The Peace and a Crown Prosecutor and lay a charge in the form of an Information that you can swear personally and have the RCMP criminal suspects charged. If you have the evidence fill your boots because a citizen can lay a charge just like the police. Fill your boots if you are very certain about the fact. Balls in your court. As for me and a so called political agenda I could give a rats ass which political party steps up and deals with the sleeping giant called PTSD that is rampant within the Police Services across this country as well as the RCMP. You can pound salt on that comment. I am really tired of arm chair experts.

  25. J and Eric, from my interview with MacKenzie, he struck me he is a soldier’s soldier. I smiled when he said, “I ask for forgiveness rather than permission.” He also had extensive “combat” experience and had learned how to take risks and justify them. He also has a strong ego — not quite as manic as Patton but sufficient to distinguish him as a soldier’s leader and an excellent combat commander. One of his criticisms was of the higher command who chose Dallaire to command the Rwanda mission because he had no combat experience prior to heading up the peacekeeping mission in Rwanda. Dallaire was a soldier who went by the book and obeyed orders; MacKenzie went with his gut and was/is very independent-minded. I believe J that your independent-mindedness would also make you very effective in Special Forces. I came away with the highest respect for the Airborne for this very reason — their adaptability was amazing, and that’s another issue — they should never have been disbanded, in my opinion. Re: Dallaire — was he a coward or a victim of a system that taught him to obey orders absolutely? From a combat soldier’s point of view, I can see why you would see Dallaire’s decisions and actions as cowardly, J. In my experience the high command in our military discourage independent thinking amongst our officers while using it as one criteria to select special forces because they have to operate on their own quite often. Lewis MacKenzie was an exception from the get-go of his career. He has a personality and charm that allowed him to walk the edge and come up smelling like roses while other officers who were also independent thinkers but without his charm have been harassed and driven out of the forces or prevented from advancing. I think the whole story behind the Rwandan mission is very complex and quite political. Clearly Ottawa and the UN never saw Rwanda as a country worth saving or they would have chosen a commander with combat experience. Dallaire was set up to fail, in my opinion. When he finally woke up, then he did have the courage to stand up to his “commanders.” I’m convinced that all our veterans are victims of this “old boys’ club” mentality in Ottawa — on all fronts — military, CVA and the prime minister’s office. It sickens me to see how you all who have served so well and proudly are treated like expendable fodder.

    • Eric Rebiere (Former Cst. RCMP 37515 and Military Veteran) says:

      Thankyou for your incite and wisdom. Rawanda was a thankless mlssion which was seen in the wrong light and you are very correct about the complexity of that mission. Regards Eric

  26. J Stander says:

    “What is really behind the shooting of Greg Matters”
    as the title states….and inquest is finding out. It has nothing to do with suicide.
    He was shot in the back twice…not the chest front as stated or shall I say lied by police.
    He was shot on the ground….ya it does get mess guess it is not a suicide by cop.
    They had no warrant to enter property
    They had to cut a locked gate to enter
    and best of all RCMP knew he had no weapons.
    This is again is a clear murder in BC by the RCMP not the first.

    Sad end for a Honorable soldier.

  27. J Stander says:

    Supplement info from the Doctor of Gregg
    As a extra note it would also appear with latest testimony from inquest that the Military Doc was not allowed to talk with Gregg and Gregg was not given chance to contact Doc. In fact doctor was surprised when RCMP contacted him and he was not connected to Gregg to talk to him. Further the Doc advised the RCMP that they should not close in on him and give him no out as he would defend himself. Note wording “DEFEND”. Eric me thinks ya need to retract some of your earlier comments..

    • Eric Rebiere (Former Cst. RCMP 37515 and Military Veteran) says:

      J retract what??? I sugest you reread my original post and the following ones because it is apparent to me you have a personal issue with the RCMP or police in general that you need to deal with. Kindly get the fuck off my leg and wait for the Coroner’s report to be published. If the RCMP Officer in question is found to be responsible for the un warranted shooting of Bosnian Veteran Greg Matters that officer will face charges in a court of Law.

  28. J Stander says:

    Eric you wrote –
    “It makes no sense for the RCMP to prevent Greg Matters from reaching out to his doctor at the OSI clinic in Vancouver by cellular phone or land line if it would end the stand-off with the RCMP peacefully. The priority is to de-escalate situations like this.

    Did the RCMP cut Greg’s phone line or jamb his cell phone if he had one? Why? Did Greg have a cell phone, and if he did, what prevented him from calling the OSI clinic in Vancouver? Did he? Do people out there actually believe the RCMP cut Greg’s phone line or was jamming his cell phone and or shut down the cell tower in the area to isolate Greg? Why would the RCMP do this? So they could kill him? I personally do not think so.”

    Your view is wrong, Enough said?

    • brokenlance1917 says:

      Don’t know like you I was not there. I posed some very hard questions that needed to be asked and I did. Jamming cell phones? Dude I would honestly stop watching James Bond J because you are speculating and you were really not there. Is this Conservative fur that I have sensed is standing up cause you just a good old card carrying conservative sticking up for the autocratic clowns that are ultimately the cause of all this. Jam cell phones? I don’t think the RCMP have it in their budget to do that anyway your good buddy Harper seems to like decimating budgets. Nice try you good old Reform party card carrying loyal member. Ever wonder why your good buddy Vic Toews vaporized well its because the Greg Matters incident happened on his watch and guess who will be riding the lightening on that one good old Vic now a back bencher with nothing to say. Wonder why I call you a Reform Party member because when Harper sucked in the original Conservative Party it still and always will be the REFORM PARTY an autocratic dictatorship in the guise of a democratic party. I am sure Vic will have some hard question to answer when the coroners report comes out. Kinda convenient that he just left all of a sudden. Just Like Greg Thompson when he was the Minister of Veterans Affairs. Pray Tell why is my view wrong? You say lots but back up nothing which is very apparent. I do believe the politics of the Conservative Party has clouded your judgment and you sir have lost focus. What needs to be said is the Coroners report an not your obvious hatred of Police. Very apparent.

  29. Helmar Prent says:

    Bonnie, last Friday you tried to rein everyone in because, as you stated, “we are all representing and advocating for is better treatment of ALL our veterans.” Unfortunately, Eric has not respected your request and continues to hijack your forum to futher his political agenda of bashing the Conservatives and continues to try to riduclule those that object to him using this forum for his own personal gain. Bonnie, thanks for your efforts but I am unsubscribing to your forum as I find no value in reading a forum which has reverted into Eric’s personal, biased, political diatribe.

    Eric, even though I object to the manner in which you promote support for our Vets I wish you success in your over arching objective which is very honourable.

    Take care, Helmar.

    • brokenlance1917 says:

      Dear Helmar the whole issue of political agendas came from you and your buddy J. No where do I affiliate myself with any political party or agenda. The only thing Helmar is that the truth about what happened surrounding the shooting of Greg Matters comes to light and that the appropriate changes are made so that it DOES NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.

  30. brokenlance1917 says:

    Helmar I have a pretty good BS meter and for example trying to antagonize me when my position in all this is crystal clear in taking only one side and that is why I wanted to become a Mounted Policeman years ago and that is the truth. If you have taken the time to read my posts I come from both sides of the fence, I am a Military Veteran and a disabled RCMP Veteran. This crap about political agendas came from you and your buddy J. If you are a little sensitive these days in regards to the multiple scandals associated with the party you support and most probably belong to get off your ass and change things. Could care less what Party is in power as long as they treat Veterans with respect and stop playing with the lives of disabled veterans and honor the social contract that was voiced just prior to the attack on Vimy Ridge in 1917. It has been quoted a number of times. I let my consistence be my guide maybe its something you and J should try some time. Sorry to hear you took your balloons and left the party.

  31. OK, let’s all stand back and take a deep breath. Dr. Dee usually deletes comments that raise emotions but I also believe you need some place where you feel safe to voice your thoughts and feelings. Remember we all have different perceptions of our experiences and we need to respect our differences as well as share our agreements. Perhaps we have exhausted this discussion and need to move on to current developments in Ottawa. Did any of you watch the TV clip of the proceedings of the Senate Committee re: revising the Veterans Charter to benefit our veterans more fairly? Bonnie

  32. J Stander says:

    There might be different perceptions but there is only one reality. I do not need to stand back as I never portrayed a political view or even a conservative. Eric needs to re read and clear his mind me thinks.

    I watched the committee and it was all slow and painful wanderings down the feel good garden path. The only point of ant clarity and the most important comment and words that need to be put into action was the statement by Conservative member that he wondered he said – at what point is the current charter so confusing and complicated that we need to start from scratch and maybe incorporate all the vets into one new one – . The ombudsman agreed and said we are at that point right now. The rest pf the talk was just as usual on vet charter foolish, lost, uninformed or nice idea but ya dont know why.
    The vets charter from my perspective needs to be scrapped and go back to the old one (which Im under) and thats all that is need except to ensure SISIP does what it was originally designed to do. Id add one more thing better enforcement of claims for injuries. and when I say old charter I mean pre 99 before they changed criteria for combat wounded to any one who is in military thats hurt.

    J Stander

  33. rotog says:

    wow… Brother shot Brother in the back… nuff said… really getting tired of this thread Dudes and dude ess

    • brokenlance1917 says:

      Wow Mr. rotog to state ” Wow Brother shot Brother in the Back … nuff said” Well no your comment which intimates a very damning picture so I am going to ask you a question You made the comment so I ask you to explain WHY did brother shoot brother in the back? You were never there and that is a fact so you must have some extraordinary incite to make a statement like this so back it up and answer the question WHY did it happen? I am really getting tired of those that have a problem with putting brain into gear before engaging mouth. How many Military Veterans became police officers and vise versa. I know of Police officers who were in the Reserves and volunteered to go to Afghanistan just like the RCMP and Police Service Volunteered. Where there any former Military among the RCMP officers who were at the 30 hour stand off. This us and them theme promotes division and in that regard rotog your comment is irresponsible. I will say this again I wait for the Coroners findings and report to be made public then only then can any judgement of wrong doing be made. I an not on any side here, I am on the side of THE TRUTH. If it was an unjustified shooting then charges will be laid and due process will happen. nuff said.

  34. rotog says:

    Let us know how this search for the TRUTH works for you.

  35. Eric Rebiere says:

    Who is us? I think i have been pretty clear about all this from the get go. As for the truth working
    for me its not about me its about justice, responsibility and consequences so that this does not happen again.

  36. J Stander says:

    Well there it is clear as the light of day “HOMICIDE” not suicide not death by cop. Now with the oversight agency getting there wings clipped maybe we will see proper investigation and second degree murder charges brought against the RCMP officer. At least the TO police were smart enough to just charge that cop right away…street car killing. Not like BC where the RCMP are out of control.
    Statement from the media on key issue of the inquest report.
    “On Thursday, the inquest classified Matters’ death a homicide, caused by two gunshot wounds to the back. Along with that finding, which does not suggest criminal responsibility, the jury made nine recommendations.”

    What a bunch of cowards they are and bozos.

    All vets need to learn from this and be very heavily armed and the very strong defense next time this occurs. Maybe then the RCMP will learn a soldier can defend himself and remove an entire SWAT team if need be. RCMP read and watch too many movies, if they really understood combat they would never go up against a well trained soldier as they would lose. They are just lucky in this case Gregg did not want any altercation.

  37. Well Standler I suggest you look up the definition of homicide and stop relying on cop shows which I personally hate to base your conclusions on. “Its a Homicide Danno!” Next question Standler what kind of homicide? You seem to only post the portions supporting your police hate mongering. There is no doubt you are a cop hater which you express very clearly in your rant. RCMP cowards well I suggest you get off your ass and go do a ride along with an RCMP officer on a midnight shift in a very crappy part of town and see for yourself what they have to deal with if you really want a taste of reality in your own back yard. You are a cop hater and not only a cop hater a Conservative Hack so just say it and stop using the Greg Matters tragedy to do so. You are the coward and you need to deal with your own issues. So standler I am sure you have the Rambo sires down there in your bunker to watch while waiting for the big one to happen. Wonder if you got cable……..

  38. Hanger says:

    So it seems that the results of the inquest are out:
    “On Thursday, the inquest classified Matters’ death a homicide, caused by two gunshot wounds to the back. Along with that finding, which does not suggest criminal responsibility, the jury made nine recommendations.”

    As the story goes Greg was in fear for his safety, he believed that the RCMP would try to harm him.. after all the evidence has been presented I can only agree with the findings and recommendations but would have preferred a call to disband the RCMP much like the government did to a proud regiment over inappropriate behavior. (adjective
    1. not suitable or proper in the circumstances.)

    I would highly doubt that a hatchet would have caused the RCMP ERT to fear for their safety…. I know from personal experience that I would not fear for my personal safety, in this situation.

    Wow!!! and the way that they abused Gregs mother… In my personal opinion that was disgraceful, disgusting, and goes way beyond any reasonable action.

    Lash back, and threaten me all you want Mr. BrokenLance but My personal brush has gone from pencil thin to today making very broad strokes. Do not underestimate the power of a martyr!.

    In the Great US of A one pissed off Military Veteran declared a personal war against the L.A. Police Dept and is viewed as a crazy nut and the police came out on top in public opinion. in Canada … well the BC RCMP really dropped the ball now didn’t they.

    • Hanger I agree the RCMP really dropped the ball in regards to what I have stated as a “preventable death” He should be alive and so should Cpl. Hinds from the RCMP Richmond Det. who committed suicide because of PTSD and Isolation. Look I was pretty clear in what I posted and was in no way in a position to lay blame or responsibility. Simply had to ask some hard questions. I was really pissed when I heard about Greg’s Death. They knew he was a Veteran dealing with PTSD and yet know one thought to contact OSISS which I personally am a trained volunteer and have helped military and an RCMP officer that went suicidal. OSISS works Peer Support Works, Education about PTSD works. What the hell have I been doing since 2006 but bring out the need for the RCMP to deal with PTSD in the RCMP as well as educate all in the RCMP in order to diminish the stigma that still is alive and well in the Canadian Military as well as in the RCMP and all police agencies. They the RCMP did not approach the situation the right way especially by not getting Dr. Passe who was treating Greg for his PTSD. I am actually repeating myself here but no problem. Hanger like I said I agree with you and my handle is Broken Lance because I am broken with PTSD. I understand the animal almost ate my gun one day. Greg should be alive as far as I am concerned because this 30 hour stand off should have been 30 minutes because I a very confident Dr. Passes who as you know is a very competent psychiatrist working at the OSI clinic. He is former military as you probably know has studied PTSD within the military and has and is studying the reality of PTSD with in the RCMP. I have taken an objective approach in all this even demonstrated on Parliament Hill the first Monday after Greg’s shooting. I reached out to the Military Veteran’s community and not one military vet showed while I stood on Parliament Hill the whole day with a former RCMP Sgt. whose son came back from Afghanistan with PTSD. Not one Canadian Military Vet showed except for one the Colonel then a Major that created OSISS. General Dallare sent his regards as well. My sign said the following

      Did 3 Tours
      Got PTSD
      Best Friend is My Shrink
      If Triggered call Vic (Toews) at 613……

      I am tired of being attacked and accused of bias. I have said that if charges are warranted they will be filed if the shooting was considered unlawful. Far as I am concern it was negligence on the part of the RCMP to not have dealt with a very triggered Bosnian Veteran dealing with PTSD properly by getting someone involved especially Dr. Passe. Yes the RCMP fucked up and if OSISS and the education it provides would have made the difference. So get off my back.

  39. The testimony of Cst. Merriman stating that Greg Matters was walking away from the RCMP ERT with the closest ERT member 5 METERS AWAY approx 30 feet says it that is was in fact a homicide. At that distance Greg Matters was not a threat to anyone even with a hatchet in hand. He was walking back to his cabin. To make the situation worse is the fact that contact was made to Greg’s Psychiatrist who offered to help and the RCMP officer in charge was negligent in not taking Dr. Passe up on his offer. Unbelievable!!!! What was a 30 hour stand off should have been a 3 hour stand off if Dr. Passe was allowed to speak with Greg and defuse the situation which he would have done and Greg would be alive today. Charges need to be laid because this is a homicide now that the facts have been published as to what happened. The lack of common sense here makes me ashamed of what has happened to the RCMP and again if the RCMP had adopted OSISS when it was recommended in 2006 and 2010 by the RCMP Occupational Health and Safety the change of attitude towards PTSD universally would mean the Greg Matters stand off would have been dealt with properly. I wrote to then Commissioner Elliot in 2008 stating that if the issue of PTSD is not addressed sooner then latter the RCMP’s image would suffer from deluge of negative media. That has come to light.
    Charges have to be laid and due process done in this homicide. Commissioner Paulson has to step down because this happened under his watch. I am ashamed and the Matters family and the veterans community have every right to be angry.

    “After three weeks of testimony the jury concluded that Greg Matters died at the hand of the RCMP at about 7:15 p.m. on September 10, 2012. RCMP Constable Brian Merriman testified that Matters was walking back towards his cabin and away from police officers, closest to Constable Reddeman, who was approximately five meters way. At that moment Corporal Colin Warwick fired two bullets from his M-16 AR, killing Greg instantly.”

    Eric Rebiere (Former Cst. RCMP 37515 and Military Veteran)

  40. George Jones says:

    the RCMP should have been held accountable for this basic murder of greg I lost a lot of respect for the rcmp involved in this despicable situation all involved in this fuck up should have been fired

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