You Tube presentation of media interview shows how anti-malaria drug damages the brain.

I would like to remind veterans that when Mike, Jeff or I ask for veteran volunteers to speak to the media, it is because we are looking for the truest and broadest information to be presented. Below is a comment made criticizing the CBC, but any media story has to rely on the information provided in the interviews. Veterans Affairs refused to comment for the story, and veterans, who did not have the same experience as the two interviewees described, did not speak up so the broadcaster could offer in this commentor’s view a more “balanced” report. When we get requests from the media with a reference to the topic to be discussed, we have to rely on you veterans to speak up from all points of views — before, not after the fact. The fact remains, the more research conducted, we only learn just how dangerous mefloquine (Lariam) is, and the U.S. Army has banned its use. BONNIE

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Comment posted Nov. 10, 2012:  I love how the 2 soldiers in this vid made it seem they had no choice and were not briefed on the medicine. I’ve been to Afghanistan twice and both times I was given a choice between Methloquin or Primaquin, and I had lots of time to decide and I was Briefed on the side effects of both, and I also went on the internet to get info as well, These soldiers may be suffering with the side effects of this drug but no doubt they were briefed on the side effects. CBC you need to do more investigating.

Wilfred Casey              1 day ago


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