A Veteran’s Hope for 2013

Kenneth H. Young CD has written many times for Homecoming Vets and I am reposting his New Year’s Message for all to read. Thank you, Ken, for your steadfast love and support of your brothers and sisters, and your stalwart representation of Canada in the battle to recognize and seek justice for the victims of Agent Orange worldwide as well as nationally. BONNIE

Message to all Canadian Active Military, RCMP and all Veterans from both of these groups.

Ken faceA hearty welcome to 2013, with the hope that some of what has been going on will somehow turn around, back to where our forefathers meant it to be. I wish all people of the world for this year Health, Peace, Prosperity and Happiness, in that order, and I wish a very special hope for Active Members and Veterans from both the Military and RCMP. I would also like to include within my special wish all Police, Firefighters and all of the civilians who work with the Canadian Forces during deployment across this great world.

Many of my Brothers and Sisters have not bothered to join Veterans upon the Parliament Hill in regards to Veterans issues, some stating that many of the veterans were dressed like clowns and were somehow disgracing all Veterans nationwide. Others have come out stating that for some reason Veterans on the Hill in Ottawa, at VAC and their MPs’ offices, standing up and speaking out for what is right, is somehow disloyal, disrespectful and un-Canadian, even suggesting treasonous.

Because I was a soldier who truly believes that everybody is entitled to their own opinion, I also believe that in order for their opinion to be honored and/or respected that they must do as I do – listen to all sides of the story. I am not in any way suggesting that they would have to change their opinion, just that they if they wish their opinion to be respected that they first have to afford other opinions the same respect they are demanding from their fellow Veterans.

Having said this and to start the New Year off correctly or maybe just to let everyone know where I stand and possibly why I do stand there, I would like to explain my thoughts on the subject. While I was in the Military I was taught to, “NEVER PASS A FAULT,” and I do not believe that I should start to pass what I believe is a fault now just because I have retired from the Military.

Ottawa, VAC, DND and VRAB have systematically been changing the benefits for Veterans for near on 60 years and not for the better. Better said bureaucrats within all of these departments have over the past 60 or so years conspired to claw back, steal, remove, change and diminish any and all benefits, compensations, pensions and allowances given to both active and retired members of the RCMP and Canadian Military, for no better reason than to assure finances for their own increases in pay, expense accounts, bonuses and yes, their own benefit packages.

We have come to the point where, in my opinion, our elected officials no longer run the country and even though I target the Ministers of these departments and the Prime Minister for the oh-so-many issues Veterans and our serving Military face today, I believe that, unless something drastic happens, our way of life and our understanding of freedom within Canada may well be coming to an end.

I do not believe that I am being unpatriotic when I stand up and point this out to the public. I do not believe I am being disloyal when I speak out against what I find is wrong and I do not believe that I am being disrespectful when I wear a vest, coat or jacket full of Military or Veterans patches to draw the attention of the General public to the issues at hand.

We, as Canadian Military, once marched for Canadian values and the freedom of this county and what we believed in. To me to discontinue marching for what we believe to be right and just is in my opinion being unpatriotic to Canada, disloyal to our Brothers and Sisters and disrespectful to our own beliefs.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2013 be the year Canada returns to the path set out by our forefathers.


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